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lational Commission in Libraries nd nformation Science


REPORT 1977-1978


Library Science

7/31 153 1977/76

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National Commission on Libraries and Information Science

Commission Members

Frederick Burkhardt, Chairman
Bessie Boehm Moore, Vice Chairman*
Joseph Becker

Frances H. Naftalin **
Daniel J. Boorstin

Horace E. Tate** Robert W. Burns, Jr.

John E. Velde, Jr. Daniel W. Casey*

Julia Li Wu*
Carlos A. Cuadra

Mildred E. Younger
Joan H. Gross**
Clara S. Jones**
Marian P. Leith

*Term Expired July 19, 1978 **Appointed May 17, 1978

Commission Staff

Alphonse F. Trezza, Executive Director
Douglas S. Price, Deputy Director
Mary Alice Hedge Reszetar, Associate Director
William D. Mathews, Staff Associate for Information Technology
Barbara K. Cranwell
Carl C. Thompson
Dorothy S. Burgess
Martha D. Quigley

White House Conference Staff

Ruth Liepmann Tighe, Program Coordinator
Mary R. Power, Associate Program Coordinator
Richard G. Akeroyd, Jr., Program Planning Consultant
Kevin C. Flaherty, Program Planning Consultant
Ronald Linehan, Program Planning Consultant
L. Heather Nicoll, Program Planning Consultant
Jean-Anne South, Program Planning Consultant


The logotype on the cover is an abstract representation of the Commission's goal of “equal access to information" for all citizens through interconnecting services and a central core of information.

National Commission on Libraries and Information Science



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Washington, D.C. 20402

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I have the honor of transmitting to you the seventh Annual Report of the National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS). This report is submitted in accordance with Section 5(a)7 of the National Commission on Libraries and Information Science Act (Public Law 91-345 as amended by Public Law 93-29, Section 802), and covers the twelve month period from October 1, 1977, through September 30, 1978.

One of the most important tasks for the Commission during the past year has been the coordination and management of the White House Conference on Library and Information Services. This Conference is vitally important to our nation at this time, and it will bring needed focus to bear on matters of public policy regarding improved library and information services for our citizens. The Conference process began with a series of pre-conferences in the states and territories. By the end of the Fiscal Year, eighteen of these pre-conferences had been held, and most of the planning for the Conference itself, which will be held late in 1979, is well underway. The Commission intends to continue its diligent efforts to insure that the Conference is a complete success. We feel sure that important new opportunities and initiatives will be identified as a result of the Conference, and the Commission must be responsive to these.

The White House Conference is only one of several Commission activities. During the year, the Commission continued its activities under the general guidelines established in its National Program. In doing this, the Commission addressed itself to a number of pressing problems facing the library and information service communities. The ongoing business of the Commission included the completion of three Commission Task Force assignments. One of these task forces examined the role of the school libraries in a national network. Another developed technical specifications for computerized information exchange. And a third task force evaluated and made recommendations regarding the structure and organization of standardization efforts for library services.

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