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SEC. 2493. Purity of oil. Only pure animal or vegetable oil, paraffine or electric lights shall be used for illuminating purposes in any mine in this state, and for the purpose of determining the purity of oils the state board of health shall fix a standard of purity and establish regulations for testing said oil, and said standard and regulations, when so determined, shall be recognized by all the courts of the state. [26 G. A., ch. 92, § 1; 26 G. A., ch 93.]

SEC. 2491. Penalty. Any person, firm or corporation, either by themselves, agents or employes, selling or offering to sell for illuminating purposes in any mine in this state any adulterated or impure oil, or oil not recognized by the state board of health as suitable for illuminating purposes as contemplated in this chapter, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and, upon conviction thereof, shall be fined not less than twentyfive dollars nor more than one hundred dollars for each offense; and any mine owner or operator or employe of such owner or operator who shall knowingly use, or any mine operator who shall knowingly permit to be used for illuminating purpɔses in any mine in this state any impure or adulterated oil, or any oil the use of which is forbidden by this chapter, shall, upon conviction thereof, be fined not less than five dollars nor more than twenty-five dollars. [26 G. A, ch. 92, ? 2.]

SEC. 2495. Testing oil. It shall be the duty of the state mine inspector, whenever he has reason to believe that oil is being used or sold, or offered for sale, in violation of the provisions of this chapter, to take samples of the same and have them tested or analyzed, and if they are found to be impure he shall make complaint to the county attorney of the county wherein the offense is committed, who shall forthwith commence proceedings against the offender in any court of competent jurisdiction. All reasonable expenses incurred in testing or analyzing oil under the provisions of this section shall be paid by the owner of the oil whenever it shall be found that he is selling or offering to sell impure oil in violation of the provisions of this chapter. Such costs may be recovered in a civil action, and in criminal prosecutions such expense shall be taxed as part of the costs. [Same, 22 3, 4.]

SEC. 2496. Provisions applicable. The provisions of this chapter shall apply only to coal mines. [Same, % 5.]

SECTION 1. Air currents. That section 2488 of the code be and the same is hereby amended by inserting in line 7, after the words "working parts of the same," the following: "But in no case shall the air current be a greater distance than sixty feet from the working face, except when making cross cuts in entries for an air-course; then, in that case, the distance shall not be greater than seventy feet, provided, however, that the district mine inspector may, in writing, grant permission to go beyond the limit herein mentioned, when the conditions are such in a special case as to require it." When the air current is carried to the working face of the rooms, in double-room mining, such air current shall be treated as that contemplated in this act.

Approved March 28, 1898.

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