The Code of Federal Regulations of the United States of America

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1957
The Code of Federal Regulations is the codification of the general and permanent rules published in the Federal Register by the executive departments and agencies of the Federal Government.

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136. lappuse - Bonds or notes of the United States, or other obligations which are unconditionally guaranteed as to both interest and principal by the United States, may be pledged and deposited by principals as collateral security in lieu of corporate sureties in accordance with the provisions of Department Circular No.
400. lappuse - Only surety companies holding certificates of authority from the Secretary of the Treasury' as acceptable sureties on Federal bonds will be approved as sureties. The application should be executed in triplicate, so that the Commissioner, the applicant, and the surety or depositary may each have a copy.
151. lappuse - This notice may not be given by an agent of the surety unless it is accompanied by a power of attorney duly executed by the surety authorizing him to give such notice or by a verified statement that such power of attorney is on file with the Department.
438. lappuse - Secretary, no tax under this title shall be imposed upon any article sold for use as fuel supplies, ships' stores, sea stores, or legitimate equipment on vessels of war of the United States or of any foreign nation, vessels employed in the fisheries or in the whaling business, or actually engaged in foreign trade or trade between the Atlantic and Pacific ports of the United States or between the United States and any of its possessions.
346. lappuse - ... nor to blends made exclusively of two or more pure straight whiskies aged in wood for a period not less than four years and without the addition of coloring or flavoring matter or any other substance than pure water and if not reduced below...
543. lappuse - ... on each proof gallon, or wine gallon when below proof, and a proportionate tax at a like rate on all fractional parts of such proof or wine gallon, to be paid by the distiller or importer when withdrawn, and collected under the provisions of existing law.
559. lappuse - That on the exportation of flavoring extracts, medicinal or toilet preparations (including perfumery) hereafter manufactured or produced in the United States in part from domestic alcohol on which an internal-revenue tax has been paid, there shall be allowed a drawback equal in amount to the tax found to have been paid on the alcohol so used...
489. lappuse - The dimensions of plat and plan sheets shall be 15 by 20 inches, outside measurement, with a clear margin of at least 1 inch on each side of the drawing, lettering, and writing: Provided, That the...
55. lappuse - Every person who rectifies, purifies, or refines distilled spirits or wines by any process other than by original and continuous distillation from mash, wort, or wash, through continuous closed vessels and pipes, until the manufacture thereof is complete...
488. lappuse - Bonds required by this part may be secured by collateral in the form of bonds or notes of the United States, or other obligations which are unconditionally guaranteed as to both interest and principal by the United States, in place of corporate surety, in accordance with the provisions of 31 CFR Part 225. Bonds and notes of the United States...

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