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This volume of Decisions of the Department of the Interior covers the period from January 1, 1959, to December 31, 1959. It includes the most important administrative decisions and legal opinions that were rendered by officials of the Department during the period.

The Honorable Fred A. Seaton served as Secretary of the Interior during the period covered by this volume; Mr. Elmer F. Bennett served as Under Secretary; Messrs. Fred G. Aandahl, Roger C. Ernst, Royce A. Hardy, and Ross L. Leffler served as Assistant Secretaries of the Interior; Mr. D. Otis Beasley served as Administrative Assistant Secretary; and Mr. George W. Abbott served as Solicitor of the Department of the Interior.

This volume will be cited within the Department of the Interior as “66 I.D.”


a Secretary of the Interior.



Page 46—Footnote 8, last line, ASBCOA should read ASBCA.
Page 52—Last paragraph, line 8, sec. 251.14 should read sec. 257.14.
Page 151–Fourth paragraph, line 12, Columbia Carbon Co., Liss, should

read Columbian Carbon Co., Liss. Page 260—Third paragraph, line 5, Henry W. Morgan, et al., should read

Henry 8. Morgan, et al.


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