Decisions of the Department of the Interior, 66. sējums

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1960

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324. lappuse - Subsurface or latent physical conditions at the site differing materially from those indicated in this contract, or (2) unknown physical conditions at the site, of an unusual nature, differing materially from those ordinarily encountered and generally recognized as inhering in work of the character provided for in this contract.
378. lappuse - States and are not within any known geological structure of a producing oil or gas field...
198. lappuse - He shall be similarly responsible for all damages to persons or property that occur as a result of his fault or negligence.
230. lappuse - The filing of such request for publication shall also be accompanied by the certificate of a title or abstract company, or of a title abstractor, or of an attorney, based upon such company's abstractor's or attorney's examination of those instruments which are shown by the tract indexes in the county office of record as...
118. lappuse - ... due to unforeseeable causes beyond the control and without the fault or negligence of the contractor, including, but not restricted to, acts of God, or of the public enemy, acts of the Government, acts of another contractor in the performance of a contract with the Government, fires, floods, epidemics, quarantine restrictions, strikes, freight embargoes, and unusually severe weather or delays of subcontractors due to such causes...
293. lappuse - That all unappropriated deposits of oil or gas situated within the known geologic structure of a producing oil or gas field and the unentered lands containing the same, not subject to preferential lease...
18. lappuse - ... (2) that minerals have not been found within the limits of the claim in sufficient quantities to constitute a valid discovery...
282. lappuse - ... any candidate for the office of President, Vice President, Presidential elector, Member of the Senate, or Member of the House of Representatives...
282. lappuse - No person In the executive civil service shall use his official authority or Influence for the purpose of interfering with an election or affecting the result thereof.
137. lappuse - That section numbered sixteen in every township of the public lands, and where such section has been sold or otherwise disposed of, other lands equivalent thereto, and as contiguous as may be, shall be granted to the state for the use of schools.

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