General Anatomy

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CRC Press, 1997. gada 1. nov. - 334 lappuses
The field of general anatomy has been revolutionized by powerful new computational techniques in image processing and modalities such as computer-aided tomography (CAT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). It is, therefore, an appropriate topic to be included in this series that studies the marriage of computer capabilities and medical imaging, exemplifying a significant illustration of relatively recent, valuable technologies known as the second industrial revolution.
Among the issues studied in this book are boundary detection and the applications of image segmentation; functional imaging; the registration of scans of patients undergoing cranio-maxillo-facial surgery; image processing techniques for the classification of liver images; knowledge-based diagnosis support for mammogram image analysis; and input function monitors.
This book clearly reveals the effectiveness and great significance of general anatomy techniques available, and, with further development, the essential role they will play in the future.

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Stoecker Zhao Zhang Randy H Moss
Dagan Feng Dino Ho Hidehiro lida and Kewei Chen
W Richard Fright and Alf D Linney
Knowledge Based Mammogram Image Analysis
Monitoring the Arterial Radioactivity Input Function

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Cornelius T. Leondes is currently Professor Emeritus of Engineering at the University of California.