The Works of Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher: The maids tragedy. Philaster. A king, and no king. The scornful lady. The custom of the country

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12. lappuse - Lay a garland on my hearse, Of the dismal yew; Maidens, willow branches bear; Say I died true: My love was false, but I was firm From my hour of birth. Upon my buried body lie Lightly, gentle earth!
141. lappuse - In presence of you, I had had my end. For this I did delude my noble father With a feigned pilgrimage, and dressed myself In habit of a boy ; and, for I knew My birth no match for you, I was past hope Of having you ; and, understanding well That when I made discovery of my sex I...
84. lappuse - em he would weep As if he meant to make 'em grow again. Seeing such pretty helpless innocence Dwell in his face, I ask'd him all his story. He told me that his parents gentle, died, Leaving him to the mercy of the fields Which gave him roots ; and of the crystal springs, Which did not stop their courses; and the sun, Which still, he thank'd him, yielded him his light.
129. lappuse - Your memory shall be as foul behind you, As you are living ; all your better deeds Shall be in water writ, but this in marble ; No chronicle shall speak you, though your own, But for the shame of men. No monument, Though high and big as Pelion, shall be able To cover this base murder : make it rich With brass, with purest gold and shining jasper, Like the...
90. lappuse - Oh, delicate sweet prince ! She that hath snow enough about her heart To take the wanton spring of ten such lines off, May be a nun without probation. \Aside.~\ — Sir, You have in such neat poetry gathered a kiss, That if I had but five lines of that number, Such pretty begging blanks, I should commend Your forehead or your cheeks, and kiss you too.
110. lappuse - ARE. I am in tune to hunt ! Diana, if thou canst rage with a maid As with a man," let me discover thee Bathing, and turn me to a fearful hind. That I may die pursued by cruel hounds, And have my story written in my wounds! Exeunt.
23. lappuse - Tis true.— But she, [Aside. As if she had drank Lethe, or had made Even with Heaven, did fetch so still a sleep, So sweet and sound Diph. What's that? Amin. Your sister frets This morning; and does turn her eyes upon me, As people on their headsman. She does chafe, And kiss, and chafe again, and clap my cheeks ; She's in another world. Diph. Then I had lost: I was about to lay You had not got her maidenhead to-night. Amin.
77. lappuse - Gal. Ladies, This would have been a pattern of succession ", Had he ne'er met this mischief. By my life, He is the worthiest the true name of man This day within my knowledge.
46. lappuse - ... innocent, A soul as white as heaven ; let not my sins Perish your noble youth : I do not fall here To shadow by dissembling with my tears, As all say women can...
103. lappuse - He walks still ; and the face you let him wear When he was innocent is still the same, Not blasted! Is this justice? Do you mean To intrap mortality, that you allow Treason so smooth a brow?

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