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HEARINGS: 68th.-76th. Congresses.

68th. Congress:
Garabed A Means of Utilizing Free Energy

H. J. Res. 190
Patents. H. R. 3267 and H% R. 111103

69th. Congress:
Subscilber to and Member of Union for

Protection of Industrial Property. H. R. 4065
TO Amend Section 52 of Judicial Code and Other

Statutes Affecting Procedure in Patent Office

H. R. 6252 and H. R. 7087.
TO Authorize the Licensing of Patents Owned by

the United States. H. Ř. 12412.

70th. Congress:

Government Employees' Patents. H. R. 6103

71st. Congress:

Plant Patents.

H. R. 11372.

74th. Congress :

Patent Bills. (1935)

75th. Congress:

Hubbell Patents.

H. J. Res. 401.

76th. Congbess:
Amendments to Patent Laws.

84442, 9385, 9386, 9388. Elbert R. Robinson Patents.

H. R. 8441, 8414,
H. R. 7685, 9341.

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Friday, April 11, 1924. The committee met at 10 o'clock a. m., Hon. Florian Lampert (chairman) presiding.

Mr. LANHAM. This committee meeting was called gentlemen, to have hearings on House Joint Resolution 190, and Mr. Giragossian is here with reference to this resolution, and there are some others who also wish to have a word to say concerning it, and we will start out with you, Mr. Crosser.

The resolution is as follows:

(H. J. Res. 190, Sixty-eighth Congress, first session] JOINT RESOLUTION To amend section 3 of the joint resolution entitled “ Joint resolu

tion for the purpose of promoting efficiency, for the utilization of the resources and industries of the United States, etc,” approved February 8, 1918.

Whereas Garabed T. K. Giragossian claims to have discovered or invented a method whereby unlimited energy can be utilized with practically no expense or labor; and

Whereas a source of illimitable costless energy can be an incalculable blessing to the public, by enchancing the productivity of industry and land, and by furthering the advancement of art and science, as it can provide freely an inexhaustible source of nitrate and furnish water from rivers, wells, and so forth, for irrigation, as well as creating the highest efficiency in travel and transportation through the elimination of the expense or labor for motive power; and

Whereas the United States will have the right and privilege, free of charge or expense, to utilize for the Government's own use the pers stently claimed discovery or invention to be known as the Garabed" free energy generator; and

Whereas Public Resolution Numbered 21, Sixty-fifth Congress, contained a clause which long before had entirely fulfilled its function as it became the source of many obstructions and d'fficulties as set out in the claimant's two memoranda dated February 11, 1918, and May 23, 1921, printed in the Congressional Record of those dates, and same clause made it impossible to secure such a commission who would agree to bring in a report in accordance with the provision of sa'd resolution, thereby making the demonstration of the discovery impossible under the resolution: Therefore be it

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress Assembled, That section 3 of Public Resolution Numbered 21, Sixty-fifth Congress (H. J. Res. 174), approved February 8, 1918, ent tled “Joint resolution for the purpose of promoting efficiency, for the utilization of the resources and industries of the United States, and so forth," be, and the same is hereby, amended by striking out the words “and that he is the first and original discoverer or inventor thereof," and the words " and that he is the original discoverer or inventor thereof,” and the following be inserted after the word “resolution": "and that any invention or discovery similar to the claim of Garabed T. K. Giragossian shall not have come into actual and general public use and demonstrated in a substantial manner to be feas ble and practical prior to the demonstration of the ‘Garabed,' as it is prescribed and authorized in the resolution, and provided also that the 'Garabed' is not electricity”; so that the section will read as follows:



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