Studies in the Social Sciences, 18. izdevums

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The University, 1925
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137. lappuse - The mercantile, industrial, and financial connections existing in each district and the relations between the various portions of the district and the city selected for the location of the Federal reserve bank. Third. The probable ability of the Federal reserve bank in each district...
186. lappuse - Menoinonie the drainage is crossed by the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul, the Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis and Omaha, the Wisconsin Central, and the Minneapolis, St.
176. lappuse - See the Report of the Federal Trade Commission on the Grain Trade, Summary.
185. lappuse - The railroads that enter the city are the Chicago, Milwaukee, and St. Paul, the Chicago and Northwestern, the Chicago, St.
27. lappuse - Of the above, all, except about a dozen, were probably less than six months old. They included three hotels, one of which is very large, and is now open for the accommodation of travelers : a State house, four warehouses, ten stores, several groceries, three boarding houses, two printing offices, two drug stores, one fruit and tobacco store, one or two blacksmith's shops, one wagon shop, one tin shop, one or two baker's shops, one furniture room, a billiard and bowling saloon, one school house, in...
109. lappuse - Discrimination in rates on butter, cheese, and eggs, from points on the Hastings and Dakota Division of the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railway, to St.
104. lappuse - First class, second class, third class, fourth class, fifth class, sixth class, seventh class, eighth class, ninth class, tenth class, eleventh class and twelfth class.
137. lappuse - Committee in determining the respective districts and the selection of the cities which have been chosen were: First. — The ability of the member banks within the district to provide the minimum capital of $4,000,000 required for the Federal Reserve Bank. on the basis of 6 per cent of the capital stock and surplus of member banks within the district. Second. — The mercantile, industrial, and financial connections...
95. lappuse - Does not section 15a interfere with the application of that section of the interstate commerce act known as the "long and short haul" section, section 4, which provides that railroads shall not charge more for a short haul than for a long haul in the same direction and between the same points?
11. lappuse - Pittsburg and Buffalo to Chicago, Chicago to Kansas City, Omaha, St. Paul, and Minneapolis, Kansas City and Omaha to Denver, Denver to Ogden, Ogden to Helena, each equi-distant about five hundred miles. The single exception is St. Paul and Minneapolis to Helena.

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