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INCE the founding of this house it has been our constant

and successful endeavor to place in the hands of the men

who represent us a line of Wall Papers containing everything of merit in the season's output. Prices that sell the goods. Quality the highest for price named. Liberal treatment. Correct filling of orders and Quick shipments.

The result is an annual distribution of Wall Paper overshadowing that of any other concern in point of volume and constant growth.

It is OUR ambition to maintain this increase; and larger sales are also YOUR objective, therefore, if you have not already handled out books, why not give us an opportunity to convince you that we can put you in line for more business, easier sales and better profits.

We exact no promise from you; our goods and service will prove to you that we work entirely upon a basis of mutual profit.

To the man who is familiar with our goods and methods we need only say that 1918 will produce a Thoroughly Representative "Bosch" Line, with Sterling Values from cover to cover.

The sample books for 1918 will be priced so that you can make your own selling figures and the discount will be FIFTY per cent.

The attached coupon, filled in and mailed to us will bring to you, early in January, the complete set of Wall Paper Sample books. The early application means an earlier delivery and every hour counts.

We shall welcome you into our ranks for 1918, and with best wishes for your success throughout the coming year, we are,

Yours truly,

Henry Bosch Co. Gentlemen:

Please send me prepaid your complete Wall Paper Sample outfit for 1918, It located west of Den

ver a deposit of $1.00 is required, which is refunded on $25.00 wallpaper sales. Books now ready.


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