A History of California: The American Period

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Macmillan, 1922 - 512 lappuses
"This volume ... aims to complement the work of Dr. Charles E. Chapman, whose History of California : the Spanish period, has already been published."--Preface.

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228. lappuse - Husband and wife were both packing up; the blacksmith dropped his hammer, the carpenter his plane, the mason his trowel, the farmer his sickle, the baker his loaf, and the tapster his bottle. All were off for the mines, some on horses, some on carts, and some on crutches, and one went in a litter.
404. lappuse - I have heard in highest places the shameless doctrine avowed by men grown old in public office that the true way by which power should be gained in the republic is to bribe the people with the offices created for their service, and the true end for which it should be used when gained is the promotion of selfish ambition and the gratification of personal revenge. I have heard that suspicion haunts the footsteps of the trusted companions of the President.
227. lappuse - Our town was startled out of its quiet dreams to-day, by the announcement that gold had been discovered on the American Fork. The men wondered and talked, and the women too ; but neither believed. The sibyls were less skeptical ; they said the moon had, for several nights, appeared not more than a cable's length from the earth ; that a white raven had been seen playing with an infant ; and that an owl had rung the church bells.
404. lappuse - State in the Union foremost in power and wealth four judges of her courts impeached for corruption, and the political administration of her chief city become a disgrace and a by-word throughout the world. I have seen the chairman of the Committee on Military Affairs in the House, now a distinguished member of this court...
404. lappuse - My own public life has been a very brief and insignificant one, extending little beyond the duration of a single term of senatorial office ; but in that brief period I have seen five judges of a high court of the United States driven from office by threats of impeachment for corruption or maladministration. I have heard the taunt, from friendliest lips, that when the United States presented herself in the East to take part with the civilized world in generous competition in the arts of life, the...
100. lappuse - there never was but one man in California who had the chills. He was from Missouri and carried the disease in his system. It was such a curiosity to see a man shake with the chills that the people of Monterey went eighteen miles into the country to see him.
366. lappuse - Personally, he will make short work, and probably be back in a day ; but by proxy he will put the West behind his heels like a very Puck, and be in at New York in thirteen days from this writing.
241. lappuse - Still as death and not a move for a moment, and then as if by magic a man came out from under a wagon and stood up looking all around, for he did not see us. Then he threw up his arms high over his head and shouted —"The boys have come
64. lappuse - At about 11 o'clock this night, they poured upon us a shower of arrows, by which they killed two men, and wounded two more; and what was most provoking, fled so rapidly that we could not even give them a round. One of the slain was in bed with me. My own hunting shirt had two arrows in it, and my blanket was pinned fast to the ground by arrows. There were sixteen arrows discharged into my bed. We extinguished our fires, and it may easily be imagined, slept no more that night.
228. lappuse - Threefourths of the houses in the town on the bay of San Francisco are deserted. Houses are sold at the price of the ground lots. The effects are this week showing themselves in Monterey. Almost every house I had hired out is given up. Every blacksmith, carpenter and lawyer is leaving; brick yards, saw mills, and ranches are left perfectly alone.

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