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Budget of the United States Government, 1988 contains the Budget Message of the President and presents an overview of the President's budget proposals. It includes summary information on goals of the 1988 Budget, economic assumptions, receipts and outlays, defense and international programs, social security benefits, other programmatic changes, financing changes, reductions and terminations, a listing of the budget by agency and account, and various summary data tables. Budget of the United States Government, 1988-Supplement repeats the Budget Message of the President and the summary information. In addition it includes sections on the Federal program by function, perspectives on the budget, the budget system and concepts, reform of the Federal credit system, and summary tables (both the tables included in the Budget and additional tables).

United States Budget in Brief, 1988 is designed for use by the general public. It provides a more concise, less technical overview of the 1988 budget than the above volumes, including summary and historical tables on the Federal budget and debt, together with graphic displays.

Budget of the United States Government, 1988-Appendix contains detailed information on the various appropriations and funds that constitute the budget. The Appendix contains more detailed information than any of the other budget documents. It includes for each agency: the proposed text of appropriation language, budget schedules for each account, new legislative proposals, explanations of the work to be performed and the funds needed, and proposed general provisions applicable to the appropriations of entire agencies or groups of agencies. Supplementals and rescission proposals for the current year are presented separately. Information is also provided on certain activities whose outlays are not part of the budget totals.

Special Analyses, Budget of the United States Government, 1988 contains analyses that are designed to high

light specified program areas or provide other significant presentations of budget data. This document includes information about alternative views of the budget; i.e., current services and national income accounts; economic and financial analyses of the budget covering Government finances and operations as a whole; and Government-wide program and financial information for Federal research and development programs. Data on Federal civilian employment are also included in this volume.

Historical Tables, Budget of the United States Government, 1988 provides data on budget receipts, outlays, surpluses or deficits, and Federal debt covering extended time periods-in many cases from 1940-1992. These are much longer time periods than those covered by similar tables in other budget documents. The data in this volume and all other historical data in the budget documents are consistent with the concepts and presentation used in the 1988 Budget, so the data series are comparable over time.

Management of the United States Government, 1988 includes the President's Management Message and provides the goals and strategies of the President's Management Improvement Program. It reports on the nine point credit management program, the program to improve financial management in executive branch agencies, the President's Productivity Program, the activities of the President's Council on Integrity and Efficiency, and the President's Council on Management Improvement. This document also describes the status of Grace Commission recommendations, the status of debt collection and prompt payment efforts, and a report on the motor vehicle cost reductions required by the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA)

of 1985.

Instructions for purchasing copies of any of these documents are on the last two pages of this volume.


1. All years referred to are fiscal years, unless otherwise noted.

2. Detail in the tables, text and charts of this volume may not add to the totals because of rounding.



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