Lapas attēli


E. E. U. U.: United States; Spanish.
Exd. : Examined; English.
E. & 0. E.: Errors and omissions excepted; English.
Ex.: Out of; English.
F. 0. B.: Free on board ; English.
F. a. b.: Free on board; French.
f. a. b.: Free on board; German.
f. a. b.: Free on board; Spanish.
F. A. S.: Free alongside; English.
F. f. a.: Free foreign agency; English.
F. a. a.: Free of all average; English.
F. C. 8.: Free of capture and seizure; English.
F/d: Free docks; English.
F. g. a.: Free general average; English.
F. i. b.: Free in bunker; English.
F. 0.: Free overside; English.
F. 0.: For orders; English.
F. 0. C.: Free of charge(s) ; English.
F. 0. r.: Free on rails at point of destination; English.
F. 0. 8.: Free on steamer; English.
F. o. t.: Free on trucks; English.
F. 0. W.: Free on wagons; English.
f. p. a.: Free of particular average; English.
F. P. A. A. C.: Free of particular average (American conditions) ; English.
F. P. A. E. C.: Free of particular average (English conditions) ; English.
Fakt: Invoice; German.
f. a. h.: Free at factory; German.
f. a. m.: Free at mill; English.
f. a. h.: Free from here; German.
Freibl. : Optional; German.
F. b. h.: Free on board, harbor ; English.
F. f. a.: Free from alongside; English.
F. o. d.: Free of damage; English.
F. 0. r.: Free on rail; English.
f./d.: Free docks; English.
F. a. q.: Fair average; English.
Fwd.: Forward; English.
Frt.: Freight; English.
fact. : Bill, invoice; Spanish.
facta : Bill, invoice; Spanish.
F. c. : Railroad; Spanish.
fha. (fecha): Date; Spanish.
F. o. d.: Free of damage; English.
G/A: General average; English.
Gr. v.: High speed, express; French.
G. li. : General; Italian.
Gr.: Gross; German.
Grs. T.: Gross ton; English.
H. M. C.: His Majesty's Customs; English.
Inv.: Invoice; English.
Ins. : Insurance; English.
In trans. : In transit; English.
I. p. a.: Including particular average; English.
i. A. (im Auftrag): By order of; German.
J/A: Joint account; English.
K. M.: Next month; German.
Kd.: Knocked down; English.
1. t.: Long ton; English.
1. tn: Long ton; English.
Loco.: On the spot; English.
Lfg. : Delivery; German.
M. I. P.: Marine insurance policy; English.
M/C (mi cuenta): My account, or My debit; Spanish.

M/de.: My account; French. Mdat.: Order; French. M/0: My order; Spanish. Mdse.: Merchandise; English. Mise. : Merchandise; French. m. c.: Current month; Spanish. M/m: Made merchandise; English. M. pdo. : Last month; Spanish. m/r: My shipment; Spanish. n. e.: Not elsewhere specified ; Spanish. n. 0. p.: Not otherwise provided for; English. n. 0. p. f.: Not otherwise provided for; English. n. s.: Not specified; English. n. s. p. f.: Not specially provided for; English. N/A: No account; English. N/A: Nonacceptance; English. N/E: No effects; English. N/F: No funds; English. n. e. m.: Not elsewhere mentioned ; English. N/m: No mark; English. N/0: No orders; English. n. e. i.: Not elsewhere included ; English. n/o: Our order; Spanish. N/B (nota bene) : Mark well ; English. n: Net; German. n. J.: Next year; German. n/M: Next month; German. n: Our; French. n/c: Our account; Spanish. n/cta : Our account; Spanish. n/r: Our shipment; Spanish. n/v: Our city; French. 0/0: Order of; English. O/T: Old terms; English. 0/c: Open charter ; English. 0, r. b.: Owner's risk of breakage; English. 0/R: Owner's risk; English. 0/: Order; German. 0/K: Without cost; German. o/W: Without value; German. P/A: Private account; English. P/a: Particular average; English. P. P. I, F. I. A.: Policy proof of interest, full interest admitted; English. P. L.: Partial loss ; English. p. f.: Pro forma ; English. pm: Premium; English. p: Per ; English. pes. : Pieces ; English. pd.: Paid ; English. per ann.: Per annum; English. p. a.: Per annum ; English. Pkgs.: Packages; English. p. p.: By proxy; English. p. p. pa.: By proxy ; German. pr. Adv.: Care of; German. Prov.: Commission ; German. p. T.: With full title ; German. P. A.: By authority ; French, P. D.: Post Dated ; English. P. 0.: By Order; Spanish. p. c.: Percent; Spanish. P. P.: By power; Spanish. p: Paid; French. pble. : Payable: French. pet. vit. (petite vitesse): Regular freight (service) ; French. Q. m.: Square meter; German. Q. al: Quintal; French.

R. O. G.: Receipt of goods ; English. R/P: Reply paid ; English. Regs.: Registered tonnage; English. R. 1.: Reinsurance; English. R. (Rechnung): Bill or invoice; German. R. A. B. (Rabatt): Discount or rebate; German. Rem (Remesse): Remittance; German. r.: Remittance; Spanish. Rem.: Remittance; French. R. bi. : Receipt; Spanish. Rbi. (Recibe) : Receipt; Spanish. Rembt. : Reimbursement; French. S/D: Sight Draft; English. S. D. B. L.: Sight draft, bill of lading attached ; English. S/A: Without date; English. s. 0.: Seller's option; English. S. 0. S.: Suspend other service; English. S. P. A.: Subject to particular average; English. S. T.: Short ton; English. S. tn : Short ton; English. S/D: Sea damage; English. S/N: Shipping note; English. S. E. ú 0.: Errors and omissions excepted ; Spanish. S. E. ou 0.: Errors and omissions excepted; French. SHIPT.: Shipment; English. S. S. or S/S: Steamship; English. Stg.: Sterling; German. st. : Pieces; Spanish. s/: On your; Spanish. s/c: Your debt; Spanish. s/c: Your account; Spanish. S/n: On us; Spanish. S. g. d. G.: Without government guarantee; French. S. n. g.: Without our guarantee; French. S/o (son ordre) : Their or your order; French. Suiv.: Following; French. S/cta : Your account; Spanish. s/f: Your favor; Spanish. s/g: Your draft; Spanish. s/o: Your order; Spanish. s/n: Your remittance; Spanish. T. f.: Till forbidden; English. T. L. 0.: Total loss only; English. T. q. (tale quale) : Of condition on arrival; French. T. T.: Telegraphic Transfer; English. T. C.: Telegram to be repeated; English. T. r.: Draft; German. Trsp. : Transport; German. trim. (trimestre): Quarterly payment; Spanish. t. p. 0. (tiempo): Time; Spanish. T. R.: Tons register; English. U/A: Underwriting account; English. U/w: Underwriters; English. u: Our; German: Ult. (ultimo): Last month ; English. Va.: Sight; German. vgl. : Compare; German. V.J.: Last Year; German. v.M.: Last Month; German. Vra., Vro.: Your; Spanish. V.V.: You; Spanish. Vta. Vto. (vuelta): Return; Spanish. v. en C. (valor en cuenta): Value accounted for; Spanish. v/cte.: Your account; French. verif.: Verification; French. val. (valeur) : Value; French.

W.A.: With average; English.
W.B.: Way bill; English.
W/M: Weight or measurement; English.
W.O.G.: With other goods; English.
W.P.A.: With particular average; English,
W/W: Warehouse warrant; English.
W/R: Warehouse receipt; English.
Y/A: York-Antwerp Rules; English.
Z (Zoll): Customs duty; German.
z.V.: At disposal; German.


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A/C: Account current; English.
A/D: After date; English.
A/S: Account sales; English.
A/S: After sight; English.
A/S: At sight; English.
A/V (a la vista): At sight; Spanish.
A/T: American terms; English.
a/c (a cargo) : Charged to; Spanish.
a/c (a cargo): Drawn on; Spanish.
A. Cta. (a cuenta): Debit of; Spanish.
a/f (a favor): In favor of; Spanish.
a. f. (à favor): In favor of; French.
Affr. (affranchi): Paid as used; French.
a. p. (à protester): For protest; French.
A.O.: Account of; English.
Apo (apoderado): Empowered attorney ; Spanish.
Avce. (Advance): Advance; French.
A/(abono, abonamus): I credit, we credit; Spanish.
a.d.: From today; German.
B/P: Bills payable; English.
B'PAY: Bills payable; English.
B/R: Bills receivable; English.
BÄREC: Bills receivable; English.
B. 0.: Buyer's option; English.
B/E: Bill of Exchange; English.
b. (billet, bon): Bill, good for; French.
C. W. 0.: Cash with order; English.
C/A: Capital account; English.
C/a. (cuentà abierta): Open account; Spanish.
C.B.D.: Cash before delivery ; English.
C/r. (cuenta y riesgo): For account and risk of; Spanish.
C.r. (compte vieux) : Old account; French.
Cta. (cuenta): Account; Spanish,
CTA. CRRTE. (cuenta corrienta): Account current; Spanish,
C.n (compte nouveau): New account; French.
C/ (cuenta): Account; Spanish.
c/c (cuenta corriente): Current account; Spanish.
C/cta. (cuya cuenta): Whose Account; Spanish.
Corrte. (corriente): Current; Spanish.
Cta. (cuenta): Account; Spanish.
D/A: Documents after acceptance; English.
D/A: Deposit account; English.
D/a: Days after acceptance; English.
D/D: Demand draft; English.
D/d.: Days after date; English.
dd. (de dato): From date; German.
Dft. : Draft; English.
Debs.: Debentures; English.
D/N: Debit note; English.
D/P: Documents against payment; English.
D/S: Days (after) sight; English.
d/f (días fecha): Days from date; Spanish.
DEC. (decort): Deduct; German.

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d/v (días vista): Days sight; Spanish. d/c (dinero contante): Cash; Spanish. desc. (descuento): Discount; Spanish. descto. (descuento): Discount; Spanish. D. A. D.: Documents against discretion of collecting bank; English. EX. INT.: Not including interest; English. Eff. a'P (effets à payer) : Bills payable; French. escte. (escompter): Discount; French. e/c (en cuenta): On account; Spanish. E. O. M.: End of month following date of sale; English. Fakt. (Faktura): Invoice; German. Fhdo. (fechado): Dated; Spanish. fha. (fecha): Date; Spanish. F. 0. C. : Free of charge; English. fact. (factura) : Bill, invoice; Spanish. Facta (factura) : Bill, invoice; Spanish. Ginko: Bank; Japanese. g/. (giro) : Cheque; Spanish. Inv.: Invoice; English. Int. : Interest; English. J/A: Joint account; English. k. S. (kurze Sicht): Short sight; German. Kap. (Kapital) : Capital; German. 1/ (letra): Draft; Spanish. L/C: Letter of credit; English. L/A: Letter of authority ; English. 1. J. (Laufen Jahre) : Current year; German. 1. R. (Laufen Rechnung) : Current account; German, 1. S. (lange Sicht): Long sight; German. it. (laut) : In accordance with ; German. 1/ (leur) : Their order; French. 1/0 (leur ordre) : Their order; French. let. (lettre) : Letter or draft; French. M. P.; Months after payment; English. M. D.: Months after date; English. M. S.: Months after sight; English. M/C (mi cuenta): My account, or My debit; Spanish. M. A. (Mangels Annahme); For nonacceptance; German. M/cte. (mon compte) ; My account; French. Mdat. (mandat): Draft; French. M/0 (mon ordre): My order; French. m/o (mi orden): My order; Spanish. Mdse.: Merchandise; English. Mise. (Marchandise) : Merchandise; French. Mt. (Montant) : Amount; French. M. Z. (Mangels Zahlung): For nonpayment; German M. C. (moneda corriente): Current money; Spanish. M/L (moneda legal) : Legal tender; Spanish. M/n (moneda nacional): National money; Spanish. m/f (meses fecha): Months from date; Spanish. m/f (mi favor): My favor; Spanish. m/r (mi remesa): My remittance; Spanish. m/r (mi remesa) : My shipment; Spanish. N/A: No account; English. N/A: Nonacceptable; English. n/d: Not dated; English. N/F: No funds; English. n/o (nuestra orden): Our order; Spanish. n. (netto): Net; German. n. (notre): Our; French. n/c (nuestra cuenta): Our account; Spanish. n/cta (nuestra cuenta): Our account; Spanish. n/r (nuestra remesa) : Our remittance; Spanish. n/r (nuestra remesa) : Our shipment; Spanish.

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