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ho Published semi-annually by the Office of the Judge Advocate General of the Navy as a professional legal forum for the Navy judge advocate, the Journal encourages frank discussion of relevant legislative, administrative and judicial developments in military and related law fields. Views expressed in published articles must be considered the view of the individual author and do not purport to promulgate or voice the views of the Judge Advocate General, the Department of the Navy, or any other Agency or Department of the United States.

Submissions should be submitted to the Editor, JAG Journal. The Journal will return unpublished manuscripts if so requested; but responsibility for safe return cannot be assumed. No compensation can be paid for articles published. Prospective authors are urged to discuss proposed article ideas with the editor.

Cite this Journal as 32 JAG J. [page number] (1982) The JAG Journal is published from appropriated funds by authority of the Judge Advocate General in accordance with Navy Publications and Printing Regulation P-35. Controlled circulation postage paid at Washington and additional mailing offices. Articles, letters and address changes may be forwarded to Editor, JAG Journal.

Rear Admiral John S. Jenkins, JAGC, USN

Judge Advocate General of the Navy

Rear Admiral James J. McHugh, JAGC, USN
Deputy Judge Advocate General of the Navy

Lieutenant Commander Stephen A. Rose, JAGC, USN


Lieutenant Commander Steven B. Kantrowitz, JAGC, USN

Associate Editor



Office of the Judge Advocate General

Department of the Navy

200 Stovall Street Alexandria, VA 22332



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