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Importations of fish from the British North American provinces into the customs district of

Boston and Charlestown, January 1, 1885, to September 30, 1886.

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Custom-Hou'SE, PORTLAND, ME.,

Collector's Office, October 9, 1886. Sir: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your communication of the 6th instant requesting information on matters having reference to the “Fisheries question, &c.

Herewith I respectfully submit answers to your inquiries in the order and number in which you propound them, viz:

First. “The whole number of vessels licensed at this port since January 1, 1285, to this date for the fishing trade."

Answer. One hundred forty-nine.
Second. “The aggregate tonnage of the same."

Answer. Seven thousand five hundred and sixty-nine and ninety-sev hundredths gross, 6,989.62 net.

Third. “Whether any of them are propelled by steam." Answer. Three propelled by steam; 478.21 gross tons, 2990.81 net tons. Fourth. “The whole number of vessels cleared from this port for any of the ports of the British North American provinces since the same date.”

Answer. Forty-eight American and 293 British vessels.

Fifth. “The character of said vessels, respectively, whether steam or sail; as to the sailing vessels, the kind of craft and the total tonnage.'

Answer. The American vessels cleared were engaged in the foreign carrying trade, and were sailing vessels; total tonnage, 12,341. The British vessels, part of them engaged in bringing fish to this market, fresh and salt, and returning with ballast only, and part of them bringing lumber, plaster, and coal, and returning in ballast. These were all sailing vessels, schooner rigged; tonnage, 36,059.

Sixth. "Whether any such fishing vessels had also trading papers of any kind, either regular clearances or other, and whether any of such merchant vessels had fishing licenses."

Answer. Seven vessels licensed for the fisheries took a permit to "touch and trade," but no clearance or other papers, except usual enrollment and license of vessel. The date and names of the vessels taking permits to touch and trade" within the period named are as follows, viz: January 1, 1885, schooner Rocella; August 7, 1885, schooner J. W. Bickford: January 11, 1886, schooner Forest Vaid; May 15, schooners George W. Pierre and Gertie May; May 27, schooner Annie Surgent; June 7, 1886, schooner Lilla B. Fernald.

Seventh. “The total number of pounds of fresh fish imported into this port during the same time, with the total amount of duties paid thereon."

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Eighth. “The total number of pounds of salt fish imported from the same pror inces, with the total amount of duty thereon, together with a statement, so iar as practicable, of the various kinds of tish of each class.”

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I am, very respectfully,


Collector. Hon. GEORGE F. EDMUNDS, l'. S. Senate, Chairman Subcommittee to Investigate Fisheries, &c.,

Burlington, 12.




"The act 45, chapter 18, authorizes the payment of a sum of $150,000 as an aid to develop the sea fisheries, to encourage the building and fitting out of improved fishing craft, as well as to ameliorate the condition of the fishermen. This grant is to be expended under regulations of the governor and council, and in such installments as may be directed in each year.

"An oriler in council, adopted 11th of December, 1882, provides that (1) Canadian fishing vessels of 10 tons and upwards, which have been engaged in the sea fisheries during a period of three months, shall be entitled to a bounty of $2 per ton up to so tons, one-half of said bounty being payable to the owner and one-half to the crew. (2) Canadian fishing boats which have been engaged in the sea fisheries during a period of three months and caught not less than 2,500 of sea fish per man, exclusive

shall be entitled to receive a bounty at the rate of $2.50 per man, one-tiith being payable to the owner or owners of the boat, and four-fifths to be divided equally between the men."

The above order relating to boats was superseded by another order in council, passed May 2, 1883, doubling the payments to boats, i. e., making the bounty $5 per man, boat fisherman, and that, so far as I am informed, is the amount now paid. The boat must have not less than 14 feet keel to entitle her to the bounty.

Under foregoing provisions there was paid in 1873— On tonnage of vessels, 27,611 tons, 786 vessels

$54, 975. 50 On tonnage of 11,225 boats...




117, 309.97

172, 285. 47

Total annual value of Dominion fisheries and amount of same imported into lnited States.

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$17,852, 721 Deduct 1872

7,532, 200 Leaving......

10, 320, 521 Increase of product, and a gain of $4,613,566 in importations of fish into the United States.

Above is compiled from United States reports on Commerce and Navigation and írom Canadian Government reports on tisheries.

List of fishing vessels to which were granted permits to touch and tradein the district of

Barnstable, Mass., during the year 1886.

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List of vessels in the district of Barnstable engaged in the "whale fishery,1885.

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D. A. Small
Ellen Rigpath.

81.00 92.22 100. 60 84.26 73, 82 119.82 66.77

Gage H. Phillips ..
Mary G. Curran.
Rising Sun.
William A. Grozier.

106.71 102. 14 93.95 66. 46 116.94




1, 107.69 Gross tonnage.

List of vessels (under 20 tons) licensed in the district of Barnstable since January 1, 1883,

for the fishing trade."

(48 vessels.)

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List of ressels licensed in the district of Barnstable since January 1, 1885, for the "fishing


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[178 vessels.)

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Alice Raymond Oliver Cromwell Phelonina Manta Flying Cloud Colorado Willie L. Swift Ann Eliza Mertie and Delmar, Willie Irving Hattie and Lottie Clara S. Cameron. C. A. Saniori.. Nautilus. Charlotte Brown Anna M. Vash. Isaac Somes Rebecca J. Evans. Nellie T. Campbell Kate Florence Lula E. Wilbur Geo. A. Upton. Lelin Linwood Tookalitu... Flora Temple. M. & L. Chase Jas. A. Stetson.. Asa H. Pervere Gertrude Summers Mary Chapin Eddie Davidson Abbie Frankford Ninnie E. Waterman. Walter L. Rich Lizzie Smith.. France B. Hiller Frank G. Rich... Withan Cleaves Flora A. Newcomb Georgie D. t'aine Pearl Nelson.. Nellie Swift Ellen A. Swift .do .do




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69. 37 Carrie C. Miles

69. 32 Wenonah.
59.59 William Matheson.
58. 20 John M. Ball..
100.68 Bucephalus.
58. 13 Emma A. Higgins
78. 12 Carrie W. Clark.
74.59 Elith MoIntyre
101. 11 Hattie D. Linnell
101. 16 | Emma F. Chase..
83.69 Lettie S. Hawes
19.58 Geneva Mertis.
83.51 l. Florine F. Nickerson
80.61 Leander F. Gould
68.31 Prince Leboa.
78.29 | Edwin A. Grozier
57.58 D. W. Hammond.
102.04 A.S. & R. Hammond
103. 25 Willie Lincoln..
56. 29 | Lettie Linwood.
65.90 Geo. A. Leland.
61. 83 Eunice P. Newcomb.
52. 59 · Edward H. Vorton..
41.67 Lizzie D. Burker
65. 18 Nil Desperandum
98. 31 Mary E. Whori
64. 41 Addie F. Cole.
36.92 Alice P. Higgins
82. OS Newel B. Hawes
70.50 Benjamin Oliver
79.75 Lizzie Williams.

Lucie M. Jenkins
77.21 Pleindes
104. 44 Chas. F. Atwood.
105.30 Maria Webster,
79.93 Tidal Wave.
69. 19 Willie Jewell
168. 19 Crystal Wave
123. 16 Stowel Shrin.
131.29 Joseph A. Vona.
131.92 Emma J. Gitt...

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List of vessels licensed in the district of Barnstable since January 1, 1885, for the "fishing


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Minnie F. Paine... Lucknow Freddie Walter.... Arequippa Winged Arrow.. Louisa A. Grout. H. W. Pierce Carrie G. Crosby Highland Light. Nellie M. Snow Effie T. Kemp.: Chas. R. Washington Cora Morrison Edward Rich Ocenu Ranger Waldron Holmes... A. Lincoln Gen. Scott Vandalia.. John M. Fiske Millie Washburn. East Wind Ellie B. Dyer.. Bell Bartlett Freddie W. Allton Lottie Bell Lizzie Colby Starr King Mary E. Mason Gertrude.. Chanticleer Ada K. Damon Teresi D. Baker Israe Keene Freeman Benj. F. Rich Arthur Clifford Spring Bird GW Bentley Charley F. Mayo.... Lending Breeze Ella May. Gracie M. Parker Willie A. Mckay. Ethel Swiit Chas. H. Hodgdon Sarah R. Smith.. Willie Erdix .do

Minnesota. J. E. Bowly. Saml. Ober Edith Linwood Jessie T. Matheson John Simmons. Franklin Woodruff Clara L. Sparks.. Lottie Byrnes Benj. F. Crocker Cora May Richard S. Newcomb. Maud B. Witherell Leon S. Swift. Emma 0. Curtis.. Blondell Rebecca R. Nickerson. Alice. Ella F. Long. G. M. Hopkins. Longwood Alice.. Gracie H. Benson John A. Matheson A. Paine Anna R. Kemp. Frank Butler William H. West Lizzie W. Matheson. John Somes. Mary Eva.. Mary Snow Gruce F. Littleton. Carrie D. Allen. Mary Steele. Maggie Mitchell Fred and Elmer Chas, McDonald Zephyr.. Grenada Clyde. Daniel Webster Maria Webster L. O. Foster. Adeline Angelia B. Nickerson

29.49 56.53 82. 40 71. 75 58. 85 155.77 73. 91 58.81 92.34 61.56 62.94 75.01 88.89 74.10 57. 20 59. 08 46.76 65.56 52.76 80.76 74. 23 97.20 90.48 75. 62 86.21 66. 10 150.43

63.95 108.31 72.27 60.84 94. 22 87.23 77.76 93.55 68. $14 84. 55 80.02 113. 13 82.31 69.51 96. 44 81.58 169. 63 141.15 112. 32 69. 80 35. 27

62. 76 70.16 67. 66 170.74 137.74

70.20 136.33 101.47 97.03 73.51 165. 75

69. 66 107.90 155.00 64.72 65. 10 136. 55 88.81 97.95 73. 61 65.74 89.54 93. 19 154. 42

55.37 163. 90 74. 55 67.80 193. 52 65. 65 61.11 70.80 169. 12 151, 65 69. 96 39. 70 32.04 67.71 48. 90 59.75 28.08 24. 15 58. 15 35. 28 43. 56 46. 27

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List of vessels cleared for the British North American Provinces from the district of Barn

stable, since January 1, 1885, to October 1, 1886.

[4 vessels.]


Gross tonnage.

United States Schooner Ellen A. Swift.........
United States Schooner Lotta Bell
United States Schooner Louisa A. Grout.
United States Schooner Willie A. McKay.



96. 10 155.77 169. 63

553. 42

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