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Silk, pure or mixed

dozen pairs.. Same, small, for children

.do. Of wool or cotton.. Same, small, for children

.do.... Toothpicks: Ivory, pearl, or tortoise-shell

grons.... Bone

.do. Quill Lawă, cambric, tarleton, &c., plain and ordinary, to 40 inches wide ..yard.. Same, medium and tine

.do.. Same, worked or embroidered in weaving, ordinary, to 40 inches Lanterns, gross weight...

..pound.. Canvas, liven or cotton, gross weight

..cwt.. Delf: Ordinary, gross weight..

.do.... Medium fine....

.do. Fine, or imitation of porcelain, gross weight..

.do... Or porcelain.

do.... Hops, gross weight...

.do... Lustring of cotton, with threads of metal, ordinary, to 26 inches wide. ..yard.. Same, with threads of fine gold or silver, to 26 inches wide.


M. Matches, gross weight....

.cwt.. Calico, jeans, germanic, irlanda, white brilliantine, damask, bogatana, imperial,

creas, royal, irlanda of cotton or other similar stutis, gross weight. ....pound.. Sleeves, with or without embroidery, for women...

....dozen pairs.. Penstalks: Of wood, bone, tin, gutta-percha, or glass

gross.. Tortoise shell, pearl, ivory, or metal. Handles, of delf, glass, or porcelain, for doors, truks, &c

.dozen.. Same, copper or bronze, gross weight.

-pound.. Cotton shirting, crude or bleached, bed.ticking, linen petticoats, creas for mattresses, of cotton and other similar stuffs, gross weight

· pound.. Lard, gross weight

do... Butter, gross weight Saddle-blankets, of cloth, linen, or felt..

..dozen.. Ivory: Crude

pound.. In leaves. Rushlights for kitchen or stable, in boxes.

.dozen boxes.. Marble, polished, in slabo

.....cwt.. Masks: Wire

dozen.. Cardboard

Or half-masky of silk.
Of paper or cotton, for smokers, gross weight..

do.... For lamps.:

Medals. (See Crosses, letter C.)
Cotton, ordinary and medium

.dozen pair.. Same, tino

.do.. Linen

Wool, ordinary or fine..
Silk, pure or mixed

For children, to 5 by 8 inches in the foot. (See Socks, letter C.)
Wool, or cotton mixed, ordinary, to 36 inches wide

yard.. Same, modium and time

lo.. All wool, double quality, to 36 inches wide

do Molasses, sirups, gross weight

cwt.. Moldings of wood, stuccoeil, gilt, or veenerell, gross weight

-pound.. &c., of brass, for curtains, gross weight. Mills, coffee, gross weight.

...wt.. Mustard, prepared or in powder, gross weight...

.. pound.. Furniture: Upholstered with silk or hair cloth, gross weight...

lo.... Upholstered with wool or cotton ..

Without upholstering of stuff, set up or in pieces, gross weight.
Ammunition :
Of lead, all classes, gross weight Punches or tasks, of leather, horn, or metal.

dozen.. Muslin or cambric: Of cotton, stamped, gross weight...

-pound.. Of wool or mixed, to 30 inches wide


Playing cards:
Ordinary paper, double..

..grogg.. Fine, single linen .. Small, for children, balf of the foregoing rates, according to class.

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.o. do.

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4 00
8 00

5 60

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... ...dozen.. Fine ..

do.. Same, in dressing cases or boxes, with weight of case or box.

.pound.. Penknives or pocket-knives, of one or two blades, ordinary.

dozen.. Same, medium fine...... Fine ....... Ordinary, of more than two blades, with or without other appendages. .do.... Same, medium tine Fine...

do.. Nuts, gross weight


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Wafers for letters, with weight of packings...

pound.. Ocher, gross weight..

...cwt. Eyelets for clothing or shoes, with weight of packings.

pound.. Batisto, or linen lawn, pure or cotton-mixed to 40 inches wide

.yard.. Same, of cotton, 40 inches wide.

.do. Tinsel, gold and silver.....

.poud.. Oysters and clams, in vessels of wood or earthenware, gross weight. Same, in other packings, gross weight


P. Candlesticks : of tin

dozen.. Of brass or bronze, gross weight.

. pound.. White metal

Corduroy. (See Velvet, letter T.)
Cloth or cassímere

-pair.. Liden or cotton...

.do.. Cloth, or cassimere, of wool or cloth for ladies, to 52 inches wille

.yard.. Wool or cotton, mixed, ordinary, to 52 inches wide

.do.. Same, medium fine..

.do.... Woolen, fine ...

.do... Same, superfine

.do.. Same, to 72 inches wide

.do.. Summer, or grain of gold, to 36 inches wide.. Beaver, for overcoats, to 52 inches wide.

.do... Towels, linen or cotton mixed, to 45 inches long.

..dozen.. Same, to 54 inches long..

do... Same, of linen, grained or raised Same, cotton, to 45 inches long

.do.. Same, cotton, to 54 inches long.: Same, larger, will be appraised in proportion. Shawls, cotton, plain or stamped, up to 6 quarters square

.dozen.. Samne, larger Cotton, felted, to 6 quarters Same, larger. Merino or swan-skin, ordinary quality, to 6 quarters square

.do. Same, larger Linen or cotton mixed, difforent texture and of superior quality to those men. tioned, to 6 quarters squaro...

...dozen.. Same, larger Silk and hemp, or silk and cotton, to 6 quarters Same, larger Silk crape, plain, damasked, or embroidered, with weight of paper ......ounce..

or any other stuff of pure silk not specified, with weight of paper. Handkerchiefs : of muslin, or lawn of cotton, gross weight..

.pound.. Of cotton bandana, twilled in imitation of silk, or other similar stuff, gross weight...

-pound.. Of madapolan or coquillo.

.do... Linen, white or colored, ordinary, to 30 inches long..

..dozen.. Same, tine

do... Same, mixed, will be appraised at half the foregoing, according to class, of cani.

bric, or batiste, of pure linen, plain or embroidered, with or without

Same, mixed, half the duties of the foregoing class.
Silk, pure, to 40 inchus, with weight of packings

.pornd.. Silk, mixed, to 40 inchos, with weight of packings

.do... Paper: Letter, all kinds, gross weight..

. pound.. Cotton, all kinds, gross weight..

.do. Linen, pure or mixed, gross weight

do.. Linen, for cigarettes, gross weight.

.do. Colored, for posters, gross weight.

...cwt.. Of china, gross weight.

..pound.. Colored, for flowers, gross weight.

.do. Gilt or silver, gross weight

.do.. Thick card (marquilla) .

.do.... Straw, brown, filter, or manila, gross weight..

..cwt.. Blotting, gross weight... S. Doc. 231, pt 5--24

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Ruled for accounts, gross weight..

-pound.. Glass or parchupont. gross weight

.cwt.. Small, smooth, perforated, worked or stamped, ite or colored,

notes gross weight

. pound.. Ruled for music

.do... For binding, colored, lustrous, and marbled, gross weight.

..cwt.. Colored, without luster or gilt, for tapestry, gross weight.

do.... Same, fine

-pound.. Same, with luster, gilt, silver, or with figures, felt, or velvet, gross Visiting cards.

Parafline :
In cakes, gross weight.

. pound..
In candles, gross weight.
Umbrellas :

..dozen.. Or parasols of cotton Of taffety or silk, puro or mixed, simple Same, double quality

do... Or parasols of any stuff, of silk, simple, plain, and without ornaments..... Same, ornamented

do.. Flour paste, in vermicelli, macaroni, maizena, &c., gross weight

pouvd.. Lozenges, of sugar, and comfits of all kinds, except medicinal, gross weight do. Combs, wood, horn, or gutta-percha, coarse

gross. Same, of tortoise-shell or ivory. Wigs. (See Hair, letter P, other list.) Hair robes for saddles ..

do.... Perfumery, ordinary, not specified in the third part of this section, gross weight

. pound.. Same, tine

.do... Parchment in sheets, common size..

dozen. Pearls, false, of wax, paste, or composition, polished, gross weight ..pound.. Blinds, Venetian and transparent, all kinds, gross weight.

.do... Shirts, bosoms, cotton

.do.. Mats for floors (petates), to 3 varas long, small ordinary

..dozen.. Stoels for corsets

lo.. Pitch and fine rosin, gross weight

. pound.. Hones for razors.

.dozen. Flints, all sizes, gross weight

.cwt. Grindstones, round, with or without cranks, for sharpening tools, gross weight

..pound.. Popper, black: In grain, gross weight

cwt. Ground, gross weight

.pound.. Brushes, for painters, all sizes.

In oil, gross weight.

Powder, not specified in the third part of this section, gross weight
Piqué, or dimity, of cotton, with or without quilting, gross weight.. ...pound..
Piqué, or dimity, of silk. (See Gro.)
Pistols :
Pocket, single-barreled

do... Pocket, double-barreled..

..) Or revolvers of 5 to 6 shots, up to 9 inches long, including handle

.pach.. Same, of 5 to 7 shots, longer

do.. Horse, single barreled

Horse, double-barreled
Leather, for saddles.

.do.... For revolvers and pistols, belt.

.dozen. Pens: Quill.

M.. Netal or steel

gross.. Gold, points only

chozen.. Gold, with stalks.

.do... Feather dusters, to 18 inches long, including the handle.

.do... Same, to 24 inches Same, larger....

do... Spatterdashes, leather or stupp, without soles.

.. par.. Powder-tasks, of horn, motal, or leather

.dozen.. Poplins, cotton, with or without hemp woof, to 30 inches wide.

..yard.. Wool, mixed with hemp, to 30 inches wide...

do.... Silk. (See Gro.) Ponchos, wool..

.each.. Porcelain. (See Delf, letter L.) Portmonnaies, of leather or gutta-percha ..

.dozen.. Pearl, tortoise shell, ivory, bone, or metal.

co.. Presses, for copying letters

each. Tips for billiard cues, leather

Cotton, plain, to 36 inches wide

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.... do...

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-yard.. Same, fancy woven, to 36 inches wide

do. Samo, embroidered, to 36 inches wide

do. Same, of silk, with weight of packing.



8 00

104 14

21 5 60

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Daggers, blade to 9 inches long, with or without leather scabbard.. .dozen..
Same, more than 9 inches..

do.. Same, to 9 inches, with scabbards of metal or ornamental leather.. .do.. Same, large.

do. Cuffs, cotton or linen, for men's shirts

.dozen pairs..

Q. Cheese, gross weight

-pound.. Lamps, all kinds, with their accessories, gross weight..


R. Rappee snuff

..pond.. Rebozos: Cotton

dozen.. Silk. (See Shawls, letter P.) Reps, or colored cotton stuffs for furniture, to 70 inches wide.

yard.. Resin, ordinary, gross weight

cwt. Springs, iron, for seats of furniture, gross weight..

pound.. Rosaries : Wood or nut-shell, ordinary

.. gross.. Glass or porcelain beads

.lo.... Other classes, superior

do.. Russia, linen, or cotton mixed, to 36 inches wide.


S. Sheets, cotton, to 3 varas long..

dozen.. Sago and tapioca, gross weight.....

....cwt.. Salt: Commou, rock, or grain, gross weight...

do... Refined, ground, in pockets or earthen vessels. gross weight

..o.. Sausages, gross weight, in wooden or earthed packages

. pod.. Salmon, gross weight, in wooden or earthern packages.

..o.. Sauces, gross weight, in wooden or earthen packages... Same three articles in other packages, gross weight.

.do.... Sandalina, of cotton, plain or twillod, gross weight

lo.. Sarapes, or ponchos, wool...

ench. Sardines, tin boxes, gross weight ..

pound.. Serye: Silk, simple, to 36 inehes wide.

.yard.. Same quality, double to 36 inches wide Wool or cotton mixed, lastin, chine, and zanela, to 36 inches wide, ordinary do.. Same stuff's, medium and tine....

.do.... Tallow: In cakes or molded, not purified, gross weight

.cwt.. Purified, gross weight.

Untwisted, all colors, with weight of papers

Twisted, all colors, with weight of papers.
Cotton, gross weight..

do.... Linen or mixed, to 20 inches long

..dozen.. Same, to 36 inches long. Saddles : Ordinary, with or without accessories.

.each. Mediam fine Fine....

do.. Envelopes, for letters, gross weight...

-pouud.. Solder:

Of tin. (See third section of this chapter.)
Of copper or bronze, gross weight... Hats:

Imitation of straw or rush, without ornaments, to 22 inches circumference in the interior of the crown..

....dozen.. Same, with ornaments Same, of straw or any other stuff or material, without ornaments Same, with ornaments.

.do.. Straw or imitation, without ornaments, of more than 22 inches circumference in the interior of the crown ....

.dozen.. Same, of whatever material, ornamented Of plush, of cotton, of vicogno or beaver, of more than 22 inches circumference in the interior of the crown

.dozen.. High-crowned, cylindrical, lined with silk or imitation. Felt or wool, ordinary, of more than 22 inches circumference in the interior of the crown.

dozen.. Same, modium fine..... Same, fine

.do. Of plush, of cotton, vicogne, beaver, felt, wool, or high-crowned, cylindrical, to 22

inches circumference in the interior of the orown, half the foregoing duties,

according to the class. Rush or jihijapa (panama), ordinary

.dozen.. Same, medium fino..... Same, fine and superfine.

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Tobacco, chewing or cut for smoking..

.. pound.. Tea, gross weight Waterproof, for cloaks

.square yard.. Cruppers, for saddles or pack-saddles.

dozen.. Forks: Of turned iron or pewter...

gros8. White or galvanized metal, with weight of packings

-pound.. Velvet or shag, of wool or cotton mixed, to 30 inches wide

- yard.. Silk, pure or mixed, plain or worked, to 30 inches wide

lo... Cotton, ordinary, to 26 iuches wide

.do. Same, tine

do. Shears, scissors of iron, cast, wrought, or steel, gross weight

-pound.. Ink: Writing, gross weight

do.... China, in paste..

Indelible, for marking, gross weight
Iron, folding...

..dozen.. Common, handles of wood, iron, bone, horn, or any other material

do.. With springs

.do.... Suspenders : Cotton or thread.

.dozen pair.. Any fabric of wool.

.do.. Silk..

do... Towels. (See letter P.)

Fresh, gross weight

...pound.. Dried raisins....


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Table service of white metal, plated or gilt, excepting fine silver of 4856 fine, with weight of packings.

.. pound.. Candles: Of common tallow, gross weight

do.. Purified tallow, with weight of boxes.

do. Sperm, gross weight

do. Parafline, gross weight....

.do... Wax, gross weight..

.do.... Dresses, ready-made:

For cbildren of two years and for infants, with weight of packing.. do....
Of any cotton fabric, with or without ornaments, for women

.each. Of any woolen stuff, with or without ornaments, for women

do. Of any silk fabric, with or without ornaments ....

.do. Same for misses up to twelve years, half the foregoing duties, according to class. Of any cotton or linen fabric, with or without ornaments, for children (boys) up to eight years.

..dozen.. Same of woolen fabric, pure or mixed, ordinary (Suits) of cloth, cassimere, or other woolen fabric, fine, for children, up to eight years

...dozen.. Same for boys up to sixteen years, double the foregoing duties, according to the

class. Glasses:

Hollow, ordinary, in domestic utensils, as cups, tumblers, demijohns, &c., gloss weight...

..cit. Medium and fine.

.do.. Flat, of all colors and sizes.

do... Crystals for watches..

..dozen.. Vinegar, gross weight......

.. pouud.. Wine: Red, in any kind of packing:

bottle.. Generous, or wbite, in any kind of packing..

.do.... Foaming and vermouth

Medicinal. (See third part of this section.)
Violinettes or harmonicas, flat or in clarinet form, gross weight... .. pound..
Vizers, of leather, for caps, kepis, &o.......


For smokers

..pound.. Boxes of white or yellow metal.

..dozen.. Anvils, of iron, gross weight


Shoes :
Low, calf or patent leather, for men..

Same, or of any other fabric, for women....
Same, silk, for women ...

do.. Or slippers, of cotton or linen thread, without embroidery or ornaments, all sizes


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