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.each.. Linen or woolen

.do.... Silk, any kind, pure or mixed

.do. Voncering, all kinds of wood, superficial foot.

..square foot.. Jackets or sacks: Linen or cotton, pure or mixed

each. Of alpaca ...

.do. Other kinds of wool, pure or mixed..

.do.. Of any stuff, with ornaments, for women

.do.... Whips: Ordinary

..dozen.. Fine

.do.. Coachmen's..

do.. Cap nipples for pistols or guns

gross.. Chocolate in paste, with weight of packing.

-pound.. Cigar cases: Rush (Panama), ordinary

.dozen.. kush, medium Rush, fine..

.do. Leather...

do.. Materials not mentioned.

do.. Mother of pearl, tortoise shell, or metal.

do... Cigarettes, with weight of packing..

pound.. Cigars, with weight of packing.. Cinches: Cotton, for saddles.

-gross pair.. Wool or flax

do. Belts, cotton, white or colored. gross weight

pound.. Belts or ribbons of pure silk, with weight of cardboard, paper, &c., for pack. ing

-pound.. Same, mixed, with weight of cardboard, paper, &c., for packing Sword belts:

Of leather or patent leather, with metal garnitures, ordinary, for sabers..dozen..
With gold embroidery on silk,with gilt garnitures, for sabers and
Leather, for pistol or revolver Leather or other materials for other uses.. Cambric....

.. yari.. Of silk sieves 7 to 40 inches wide..

.do.... Cloves, spices, gross weight..

-pound.. Same, ground, gross weight..

.do.... Nails: Iron, gross weight..

..cwt.. Iron, horseshoe, gross weight.. Or tacks, up to 1 inch, gross weight. Or tacks of bronze, copper, or iron, with copper beads.

· pound.. Copper: In bars or plates, gross weight

do.... In nails, candlesticks, chandeliers, rings, chains, cow bells, and domestic utensils, not elsewhere given, gross weight.

-pound.. Sky rockets, and all artificial tires, gross weight. Coverlets and blankets :

Wool or cotton, up to 2 varas (66 inches English) wide, ordinary ..each..
Same, medium fine Same, fine...

.do... Same, more than 2 varas wide, common.

.co... Same, more than 2 varas wide, medium tine..

.. lo.. Same, fine

do.. Network, cotton, with weight of packing.

-pound.. Network, wood, with weight of packing

do... Network, silk, with weight of packing...

...ounce.. Nankin: Of linen, pure or mixed, up to 36 inches in width...

... yard.. Of cotton, gross weight..

. pound.. Collars: Leather, for dogs...

.dozen.. Metal, for dogs.. Necklaces: Coral, with weight of packing..

-pound.. Glass, composition, or other ordinary material, with weight of packing Canin seed, gross weight

...cwt.. Compasses: Iron, gross weight.

· pound.. Copper or bronze, gross weight.

.do.. Mother-of-pearl, unmanufactured, gross weight.

do.. Canped or preserved goods, meat, tish, vegetables, soups, sauces, pickles, sausage,

bam, pork, olives, capers, &c., with packings of earthenware or wood, gross

pound.. Same, in other packings

.do... Coral: Unmanufactured, gross weight

.do.. Worked, polished, or cut, in beads, &c., necklaces, with weight of

4 00

5 00


2 80 3 50 5 60


8 00




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4 00 10 00

2 80 7 00

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[blocks in formation]

Necklaces :
Pure silk, with weight of packing.

pound.. Mixed, with weight of packing.. Wool, pure or mixed, with weight of packing. Linen, pure or mixed, with weight of packiny.

.do.... Cotton, pure or mixed, with weight of packing.

lo... Corks, all kinds, gross weight

do... Cords, hemp or pita, gross weight.

ilo.... Corsets, all kinds and sizes

dozen.. Glass cutters, steel

do.. Cuts of leather for shoey, with weight of packing

do.. Cuts of cotton for clothes, embroidered or ornamented, with weight of cards and paper ..

.dozcu.. Cuts of woolen, same, with weight of cards and paper.. Cuts of silk, same, with weight of cards and paper..

.do.... Linen:

Pure or cotton mixed, crude or listed, ordinary, and medium fine, up to 80 inches wide.

.. yard.. Same, up to 36 inches wide Same, tine and superline, up to 80 inches wide. Same, tine and superfine, up to 36 inches wide.

.do.... Crape: Silk, all colors

do.... Cotton, black, narrow for mourning.

..o.... Crosses or medals of brass, tin, or composition, up to 1 inch long.

gros8.. Same, up to 14 inches long...

do... Samė, larger...

do.... Knives and forks: Ordinary, handles of wood, deer-horn, iron or bone

dozen.. Fine, handles of ivory, pearl, or plaqué

lo... Carving Wood, for salads, Of ivory

.do.... Spoons: Iron, tin, or pewter, common size..

gross.. Iron, tea...

.do. White metal or German silver, with weight of packing

-pound.. Wood, small, for sauces...

AT089.. Ivory, same......

do... Knives : Table, ordinary and medium, handles of wood, whalebone, deor horn, or bono

dozen.. Table, tine, ivory, pearl, or plaqué handles.. Dessert, half the foregoing duties according to the class.. Pointed, cast-blade, ordinary, bone, deer-horn, or whalebono handles, gross weight

-pounel.. For the woods, ordinary, without sheath..

dozen. Same, with leather sheath. Same, with metal sheath and tip.

..10... Same, five

do... Metal, wood, or deer-horn, for cutting paper.

.do... Same, of pearl, ivory, or bone..

.do.... Collars: Cotton or linen,

.do.... Same, embroidered, for women

Strings, for guitar or violin, up to one yard long, in bundles of 30 strings..bundle..
Tanned, with hair, for caps and other uses, gross weight..

.pound.. Tanned, sheepsking, whito or colored, gross weight..

.do... D.

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Daggers, two edges:
Without sheath.

each.. With sheath.....

lo.... Demijohns.

...dozen.. Damask, of wool and silk, or mixed with cotton, for furniture coverings or other usch, up to 36 inches wide.

..yard.. Same, double width ...

do.... Or brocatel of silk and cotton, ground or visible pictures, of silk, for curtains or other uses, up to 36 inches wide

.. yard.. Or brocade, of silk only, for same uses as the following, to 36 inches Of silk only, for clothes or other uses, up to 36 inches wide..

do.... Or brocade, cloth, or tissue of cotton, embroidered or woven with thread of falso metal, to 36 inches wide..

yard.. Same of silk, embroidered or woven with thread of false metal, to 36 inches wide

-yard.. Same of silk, embroidered or woven with thread of fine metal, to 36 inches wide

.. yard.. Of wool, or mixed with cotton, all colors, to 28 inches wide Same, double.. White or genuine, linen or mixed with cotton, to 36 inches wide. .do...

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Thimbles :
Brass, tin, bone, or iron, for women

gros8.. Steel, ivory, gilt, or plated, for women

do.... Iron, stoel, or other metals, for tailors

do.... Snuffers: Iron or brass, with or without springs

.do.... Same, with ash receivers...

dlo. Steel or white metal, with or without springs

.dozen.. Same, with ash receiver..

.do. Metal, gilt, or plated, or of plaqué, with or without springs

.do. Same, with ash receivers...

do. Diamonds, mounted for cutting glass. Drill: Ordinary, for trimming clothes, up to 36 inches wide..

-- yard.. Of linen, or mixed with cotton or hemp, white or colored, up to 36 inches wide, ordinary.

..yard.. Same, cotton mixed, medium

do... Same, fine...

do. Cotton, white or colored, gross weight

--pound. Lasting wool, or cotton mixed, plain or worked, up to 36 inches wide....yard..


Cotton or linen, including weight of card-board and papers... . pound.
Silk, with weight of cards and paper..

do.. Oilcloth or rubber, printed, ordinary and medium fine, up to 72 inches wide.. yard.. Same, fine

.do... Printed, ordinary and medium fine, up to 36 inches wide Same, tine

do.... Strings, wire-covered, for guitar or violin.

gros8.. Same, for piano...

.do.. Socks, knit wool or cotton mixed, with or without soles, for infants. .dozen.. Brooms, with or without handles, straw...

.do.... Shotguns, percussion-locks, ordinary and medium fine, one barrel.

.each.. Same, double-barreled.

.do... Single-barreled, fine..

do. Same, double-barreled..

.do.. Single-bartoled, breech-loading, with or without accessories

do.... Double-barreled, samo Steels, ordinary, for smokers.

dozen.. Enamel, in leaves, with weight of packing

-powd.. Cut in figures for embroidery and other uses, with weight of Emery, in powder, for silversmith..

do.. Swords or sabers, or linary, with scabbards of leather or metal, without belts each..

Same, with scabbard of leather or German silver, with metal tips or ornaments, or small swords, fine blade..

...each.. Mirrors, all classes and sizes, with or without frames, gross weight. pound.. Spermaceti, unmanufactured, gross weight

.do.. Same, in candles, gross weight Sponges of all kinds... Tin, in domestic utensils, gross weight.

.do... Spurs, brass, steel, or iron, with or without straps, by pairs

dozen.. Shoe pegs, gross weight....

.....cwt. Stearine: In cakes, gross weight

pound.. In candles, with weight of box

do.. Mats, rush or straw, for floors, 36 inches wide.

.yard.. Stirrups: Iron

dozen pair.. White or yellow metal Labels for bottles or other uses.

Cotton or texture, with weight of packings..

-pound.. Wool, with weight of packings..

dlo. Silk, pure or mixed, plain or damask-like, with or without fringe. ..dozen.. Silk, knit, twisted or netted, simple, with or without tassels

do... Same, double or superior Felt: Woolen, up to 18 inches wide..

.yard.. Cotton, up to 36 inches wido.

do... Silk, up to 30 inches wide.

.do... Filters, charcoal, for water

..dozen.. Flannel, thin woolen, to 30 inches wide

.. yard.. Flowers, artificial, mounted or unmounted, with weight of packing .. pound.. Foils, iron, for fencing.

dozen. Matches of all kinds, gross weight

-pound.. Flannel, woolen or mixed, up to 30 inches wide

[blocks in formation]

- yard.. Same, to 70 inches wide

do... Bits for bridles ...


10 25

50 1 00

07 17 35 70

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Fruits :
Canned, &o., with weight of packings, gross weight

-- pound.. Fresh Dried, raising, plums, &o., gross weight.

.do.. Bellows, hand

dozen.. Caps : For guns or pistols..

M.. Or cartridges, breech loading...

..C.. Cigarette-holders, of metal or any material.

..dozen.. Covers for shotgun, leather...

.do.. Same, for revolvers or pistols

do.. Petticoats, in cuts of cotton cloth, embroidered or worked, up to 8 yards long..piece.. Same, plain or with tucks..

.do... Incots of linen or mixed stuff, embroidered or worked, up to 8 yards Same, plain or with tnchs...

.do... Made of woolen stuff.

.do.... Saddle-trees : Wood ...

..cach.. Iron...


60 1 00

80 6 00

5 00

1 50 1 00 2 00 1 50 3 00

4 20 3 50 1 05

70 1 40 1 65 2 10

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Saddles, men's, ordinary, without trappings

do.... Same, medium and fine

do... Men's ordinary, with trappings... Same, medium and fine. Women's, ordinary, without trappings

Alo.. Same, medium and fine.

.. lo. Saine, ordinary, with trappings.

do.. Same, medium and fine

.do. Lace or thread, of false silver or gold, witlı weight of packing.

Same, fine.

Ordinary, gross weight
Fine or sweet

.do. Gause or percala of silk, plain or embroidered, to 30 inches wide

.yard.. Same, of cotton, worked, up to 36 inches wide

do.. Same, cotton, plain, ordinary, white, up to 10 inches wido

.do... Same, medium and fine ..

.do.... Cotton, embroidered, up to 30 inches wide. Globes, glass, for lamps, gross weight

..cwt.. Gum, or rubber erasers

-pound.. Gro, levantine, satin, taffety, and other mixed silk stuff, not specified, up to 30 inches wide, simple quality.

- Jard.. &c., same stuffs, double class

.do... Same, pure silk, simple class, to 30 inches wide. Same, double class superior

.do.... Gloves : Leather, ordinary

.dozen pairs.. Leather, ordinary, or gauntlets Kid or other fine skin

do... Buckskin, stuffed with hair, for fencing or boxing

.do... Sik knit..

.do. Woolen

do.. Cotton For children, half of the foregoing duties, according to class. Guards, lists, &c., cotton or linen, embroidered, with weight of cards and papers

... pound..

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Hatchets, gross weight Flour, of wheat, gross weight

..cwt.. Buckles: Iron, for straps

ross.. Steel or galvanized iron, copper, or other galvanized metal, for pantaloons, veste, &c....

g1089.. Horseshoes, gross weight..

.(wt.. Iron work, for doors, windows, furniture, &c., gross weight....

.do.... Hardware:

Ordinary, as hoes, machetes, sickles, shovels, pikes, picks, anvils, pruning

hooks, large screws, and other instruments for workmen and agriculturista, not mentioned in this section, gross weight...

..wt. Fine, as tluting.irons, steels for sharpening, nippers, augers, burino,carpenters'

tool-chests, planes, chisels, compasses, coopeis' knives,screw drivers, squares, rasps, punches, hatchets, knives for planes, saws, bammers, tiles, gimlets, tweezers, forceps, trowels, and other instruments for artisans not mentioned in this section, gross weight.

...pound.. Iron: Forged in brass, plates, &c., gross weight......

...cwt.. Manufactured, in domestic implements, or for other usos, not specified in this section, gross weight ...

... pound.. Same, in implements, tinned or lined with porcelain or china, gross!

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Thread cotton, in clews, balls, or skoins, for sewing, embroidery, and crocheting,
including weight of cardboard and papers

Cotton on spools, to 100 yards.

.. gross.. Hemp, for shoes and sacks, gross weight.

pound.. Same, fine, in balls, or wound on cardboard, for tailors, including weight of cards and paper ...

- pound.. Linen, for sewing or embroidery, spools, to 100 yarıls.

gross.. Same, in skeins or balls, for embroidering, with weight of packings....pound.. Silk, for sewing or embroidering. on spools, to 100 yaris..

..gross. Blades of swords or sabers, without sheathis or handles...

dozen. Tin, sheet, manufactured, in domestic uteusils or for other uses, gross weight

. pound.. Holland, of linen, to 36 inches wide, ordinary.

..yard.. Same, medium and fine


[blocks in formation]


Chintz, cotton, gross weight....
* Irlanda" linen, pure or mixed, with cotton, to 36 inches wide, ordinary

Same, medium and fine

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Ordinary, in balls or bars, gross weight.

In cakes, scented or not, ordinary and tina

do... Headstalls, for halters, all kinds

..dozen.. Sirups or sherbets, all classes...

.. bottle.. Rigging tackle, not intended for the use of the ports, gross weight.. .. pound.. Jars and basins :

Of delf. (See Delf, letter L.) of glass. (See Glass, letter V.) Iron, tin, or

pewter. (pee Iron, manufactured, letter H.) Sheet tin. (See Tin, leiter H.)

Galvanized or of white or yellow metal. (See Table service, letter V.) Frieze, coarso, imitation of that made in this country, wool or cotton, inixed, to 36 inches wide

.. yard.. Syringes, glass, any shape, large

.dozen.. Same, small..

.do... Metal, any shape, large

.do. Same, small.

do. Rubber, any shape or size, with tube

Same, withont tube.

In sets, made of bone and wood.
In sets, made of bone and ivory Lottery, game, in card-board boxes..

.dozen.. Same, in wooden boxes Chequers (checkers, draughts), board of card

.do... Same, board of wood ....

.do.... Chess: Pieces of wood, bone, papier maché, or any other material

set. Pieces of ivory, board to 8 inches Same, board larger than 8 incles... Toys, all kinds, for children, gross weight..

-pound.. L.

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[blocks in formation]

Colored, with weight of packings..

Orilinary, for scaling bottles, with weight of packings Bricks, clay or delf, glazed or unglazed, gross weight

..cwt. Lamps of all kinds, with necessaries, gross weight..

pound.. Bunting; Pure, or cotton mixed, of all colors, to 36 inches wide

yard.. Mixed with silk...

.do... Pencils : Ordinary, encased in wood.

gross.. Same, tine ...

.do. Stone, for drawing.
Slate, for drawing.

Pencil cases:
Wood, bone, or gutta-percha

Metal, ordinary

Precious metals. (See Fine jewelry.)
Brass. (See Copper, letter C.)
Letters, receipts, or invoices, lithographed in blank, gross weight... .. pound..
Coats :
Of cloth, cassimere, or other woolen stuff

Of any cotton or linen stuff Books: Of cigarette-paper.

1.000 leaves.. Of gold or silver, false or gilding, with weight of paper..

pound.. Same, tine quality

do... Same, memorandums, blank, gross weight Liqueurs, sweet, as Cominillo, Curaçoa, Chartreuse, Anisette, bitters, 40.... bottlo..

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