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SECTION 4.- Articles paying 25 per cent.

Art. 17. The following articles shall pay 25 per cent. on their appraisement:

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Steel in bars or plates, un worked, gross weight

..cwt.. Harmoniums..

..each.. Ilarness: For two horses, with silver ornaments.

..pair.. For one horse, with silver ornaments..

..(1).. For two horses, with or without ornaments of ordinary metal. ..pair.. For one horse, with or without ornaments of ordinary metal..

.: l.. For wagons, carts and plows

do... Closed carriages with four wheels, elevated seat for driver, and lined with silk in. side Same, not lined with silk

do.... Open carriages : Four wheels, silk lining.

.do.. Four wheels, not lined with silk.

.do.. Two wheels, all classes ...

ulo. Four wheels, ordinary, wooden bed, for passengers

.do. Varnished leather for shoes, holsters, carriage ornaments, and other uses, with paper packings..

-pound.. Call skin leather for shoes or carriage awnings, paper packings. Leather of sheepskin, goat, chamois, morocco, buttalo, sole leather, upper leather,

and other hides, without hair and without varnislı, not specitied in this code, with paper packing.

.... pound.. Carriage axles and springs, net weight..

.do. Elastic of all kinds, for shoes

...yard. Tin, in bars or plates, gross weight

...wt. Thread of wool, for embroidery or wearing, including weight of packinus.. poud.. Thread, yarn, or wicking of cotton, crudo or bleached, for wearing, gross weight...

- pound.. Thread, yarn, of red cotton, gross weight. Thread, yarn, of other colors, gross weight

.do. Sheet tin, gross weight.. Pianos: Grand.

.each.. Half grand...

do.. Upright, all classes..

.do Square, triple stringed

.do.. Sonare, double stringed

do... Square, single stringed or monochord.

do. Empty sacks, for exporting fruits of the country.


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SECTION 5.- Articles paying 70 per cent.


Art. 18. The following articles shall pay 70 per cent. on their principal value according to original invoices: Empty boxes, work-boxes, anel card-cases of all classes; music-boxes; belts of classes not specitied; pencil drawings and prints of all classes, with or without frames; small statues, of whatever material, for ornaments; flasks, or liquor-cases of all kinds; musical instruments, not specified in the second part of this section; llat tombstones; picture frames of all sizes; false jewelry, not specified in the second part of this section; clocks, for wall or table, or watches of metal or of false gold or silver.


Art. 19. The following articles shall pay 70 per cent. on their appraisement:

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Peads, bngles, garnets, &c., of glass or metal, including weight of packing.. pound..
Fans :



.do. Other materials Comforters of knit wool, pure or mixed, with or without ornaments for women and children, with weight of packings (card board)

-pound Olive oil: In bottles, gross weight..

...cwt.. In any other packing.

- gallon..)

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Whale oil.

-gallon.. Linseed oil

do... Animal oils, for machinery Naphtha, petroleum, gasoline, and kerosene, gross weight.

..cwt.. Accordions : Of more than ten keys, with bells or other accessories

each.. The same, without bells

do.. Up to len keys, with bells or other accessories

do... The same, without accessories. Cotton ornaments for clothes, with weight of packing.

-pound.. Woolen or mixed goods for clothes

.do... Puro or mixed silk for clothes.

do.. Brandy of all classes and in whatever packing, up to 20° Beaumo

.bottle.. Straight or curved needles for sacks, & c..

M.. Cloak neodles

do... Steel needles of all numbers and classes for dressmakers and tailors. Alembics (stills) of all kinds, net weight...

pound.. Wire: Bronze or copper, of all sizes, gross weight.

cwt.. Iron, ordinary, for lattice work, gross weight.....

.do... Iron, finer, for sieves, cards, and other uses, gross weight

do.. Iron, for flowers. Iron, steel, all sizes.

do.. Gilt or platei, in small boxes or reels, for cords and other uses, gross weight,

pound Cotton covered, for dressmakers or florists, gross weight

.. pound.. Silk covered.

do.. Priests' white gowns, worked or embroidered

.each.. Priests' whito gowns, of muslin or cotton lawn, or linen, with or without ornaments,

each Pins, gross weight..

.pound.. Brussels carpets, rough or felted, gross weight.

.do. Imitation Brussels carpets, stamped, gross weight.

.do.. Imitation Brussels carpets, rough or woven, gross weight..

.do.. Cotton prepared for lining of clothes or other uses...

do.... Almonds : With shell, gross weight.

do.... Without, gross weight.....

.do. Mortars of marblo, stone, or glass, up to 15 inches diameter

.each.. The same, of larger diameter. Pillows: Feathers

.. pound.. Hair or wool.

..o... Curry.combs, iron...

..dozen.. Alpacas:

Of wool, or mixed with cotton, plain, worked, black or colored, ordinary up to 36 inches wide

- yard.. Same, medium and fino

.do. Of wool and silk, black or colorod, up to 36 inches wide.

.do... Canary seed, gross weight...

......cwt.. Cruet stands :

Of German silver, copper, bronze, or other metals, plain, of from four to seven cruets..

......cach.. Same, worked Of wood or papier-maché, of from two to four cruets

.do.... Same, from five to seven cruets..

.do.... Rings: Metal or composition, with or without stones..

..gross.. Of double, plaqué, or other kind, medium tine..

do... Of wood, bone, or gutta-percha, for napkins

.dozen.. Of metal or ivory, for napkins... Spectacles: Withont mountings or springs, most ordinary kind

do.... Without mountings, with or without springs, with handles of deer hori or buf. falo

..dozen.. The same, with handles of tortoise-shell, pearl, or metal, gilt or plated Or little mirrors, with mountings of iron, white or yellow ructal, deer or buffalo horn, or steel, of two glasses, ordinary

..dozen.. Same, tine

.do.... Same, of four glasses, ordinary Same, of four glasses, fine

.do. Of wire gauze, for the road

do. Or monocular lenses, with handles of buffalo horn
Same, with handles of ivory, pearl, tortvise-shell, gilt, or plated
Opera glasses:
Monocular, of pearl, tortoise-shell, ivory, or gilt or plated metal

each.. Double, ordinary Double, tine Field and marine glasses, all sizes.

do... Fish-hooks, all sizes, gross weight.

- pound.. Candle extinguishers : With springs ...

..dozen.. Without...

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Chandeliers :
Metal, gross weight

-pound.. Glass or crystal Aerometers or alcoholometers: Of glass...

dozen.. Of metal.

.do... Stirrup leathers

-- pair.. Ear drops :

Of metal, paste, glass, rubber, or other materials, ordinary. gross of pairs..
Same, medium tino.. Of double or other metal, medium

do.. Packing cloth, ordinary, for bales up to 40 inches wide.

- yard.. Razor-straps: Of one or two faces.

dozen.. Up to four faces ...

.do... Mats : Of oilcloth, for decanters or other uses, assorted sizes

.o., Same, stamped or printed..

do.. Of wood, tin, carul-board, or matting, painted, assorted sizes, for decanters or bottles

dozen. Waitera or trays of papier-maché, wood, or other materials except metals and por. celain, gross weight.

- pound.. Satfron, dry or in oil, with weight of packing

.do... Sugar: Refined, gross weight.

....cwt.. Other classes, inferior Or Pancla (crude sugar).


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Balances of one plate:
With spring and dial, weighing up to 50 pounds

.each.. Same, weighing more than 50 pounds Or platform scales, weighing to 500 pounds..

.do... Same, weighing up to 1,000 pounds

.do.... Same, weighing up to 2,000 pounds.

.do.. Same, weighing up to 3.000 pounds

.do. Same, weighing up to 5,000 pounds.

lo.... Common, of two plates, all sizes, gross weight

pound.. Or steel yards....

..each.. Buckets: Of painted wood

dozen.. Of tin or zinc.

.do... Iron, of all classes..

.do. Bandanas of cotton, gross weight..

-pound.. Bathing tubs: Of tin or zinc, painted or varnished.

.each.. Hip baths.

.do. Whalebone, or imitation

-ponnd.. Varnish, all kinds, gross weight.. Cancs: Wooden....

dozen.. Other materials With sword

do.... Dressing gowns: Of any kind of cotton

.cich.. Wool, or mixed with silk or cotton

Whatever kind of silk....
Wood, not covered with leather or zinc (tin), all sizes

do.... Same, covered with leather or zinc

.do... Or valises of leather, up to 24 inches long

do.. Same, larger... Of other materials, up to 24 inches long.

Same, larger.....
Baize :
All colors, up to 70 inches wide...

.. yard.. Coarse (coating), all colors, to 70 inches wide

.do. Wax ("Betun"), paste or liquid for shoes, gross weight

pound.. Street door keys, not of iron, brass, or copper....

kr088.. Balls : Marlile, billiard.

pound.. (Marbles), of stone, wood, glass, or composition, small, for children's games. M.. Pumps or piping of iron, zinc, or tin, for pipes or barrels

..each.. Same, ot wood.

dozen.. Same, of glass, grogs weight

pound.. Tassels, fringe, cords, and braid of silk, pareor mixed with weight of Same, of wool, pure or mixed, with weight of packing Same, of cotton, with weight of packing Boots : For men, calf or patent leather..

. pair.. Riding, of all classes...

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3 00
5 00

10 3 50

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All kinds, with elastic, for men

-pair.. Same, without elastic.

.do. Of silk, with or without elastic, for women..

.do.. Of cloth or leather, for women

do... And shoes, low, all kinds, for childreu, 1p to 17 centimeters inside .do. Same, for inisses, to 22 centimeters inside

Samne, for boys, to 23 centimeters long inside
Earthenware or pewter ...

dozen.. Glass or metal, covered or not, for travelers

.do.. Glass, ordinary, for wines or liquors..

.do.. Demijohns, glass, all sizes, covered or not..

.do. Buttons: Porcelain, including weight of cards.

pound.. Glass

lo.. Bone...

do.. Pearl shell.

do.. Metal..

.do. Silk.

.do. Wool

do.. Cotton

do.. Other materials.

.do. Pitch or tar, common, gross weight..

.cwt.. Brushes, all kinds, painting, gross weight..

-pound.. Brooches (hooks), assorted, for clocks.

gross. Brooches, hooks and oyes, all kinds, with weight of cards.

pound.. Crape (Burato), of silk, up to 26 inches wide.

-- yard..

Human, not manufactured...

..pound.. Same, or imitation, manufactured with weight of packings

.do.... Bridles : Of ordinary leather, single reins

(lozen. Same, double roing..

do. Same, with bosses or other ornaments of metal, single reins Sanie, with donble reins.

.do. Cacao (cocoa), gross weight

.cwt.. Chains : Bronze, gross weight..

. pound.. Iron, gross weight...

. (wt. Chests or coflers, iron, strong, all kinds, gross weight

pomnd.. Socks: Cotton, ordinary, for men.

dozen.. Same, medium and tine.

do.. Cotton, for children, to 5 incies foot

lo. Cotton, youths, to 8 inches in the foot..

do.. Wool, for children, to 5 inches foot

do.. Wool, boys, to 8 inches in the foot.

.co. Wool or linen, puro or mixed, ordinary, for men.

.co. Same, medium and tine....

do. Silk, pure or mixed, for men..

do.. Same, for children, to 5 inches foot Same, for youths, to 8 inches foot.. Calico, cotton, gross weight ....

pouvai.. Shoe horng, of deer horn, bone, or metal.

..duzen.. Drawers: Cloth or cotton, knit.

.do.... Cloth or half wool, knit

rlo. Linen, pure or mixed..

.do. Silk, pure or mixed

For youths, half the duties specified, according to the class.
Shirts :
Cotton, colored..

do... Linen.

.co. Cotton, white, with or without linen bosom.

do. Same, of ordinary linen

lo.. Same, superior.

lo. Flaunel or other woolen stufl.

For youths, half the duties specitiod, according to the class.
Undershirts :
Cotton, knit.

do.... Woolen, knit, pure or cotton mixed

.do.... Flanel....

.do. Silk, pure or mixed

do. For youths, half the duties specified, according to the class. Bells, gross weight.......

..pound.. Candlesticks :

Of gilt or plated metal, or plaqué, plain or worked, up to 8 inches high, ordinary, for one light.....

10 00


28 11 20


[blocks in formation]

..dozeu.. Same, up to 12 inches high.

do.. Same, up to 18 inches high..


5 00 10 00 20 00

3 50 7 00 14 00

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[blocks in formation]

[blocks in formation]

Candleticks :
Same, up to 8 inches for two lights

dozen. Sanie, up to 12 inches for two lights.

co.... Same, up to 18 inches for two lights

.lo... Same materials, fine class, for one light, up to 8 inches high.

do... Same, up to 12 inches high

... Samne, up to 18 inches high

.do.. Same, up to 8 inches for two lights

.do... Same, aj to 12 inches for two lights Same, up to 18 inches for two lights

.do.. Same material for more than two lights. These will be appraised, adding one

third of the preceding appraisement for each light more than two, according

to class. More than 18 inches high for one light..

--pair. More than 18 inches for two lights More than 18 inches for three or five lights. With porcelain, crystal, stone, or metal bottoms, two lights..

..lo. Same, for three or five lights

co.... Same, for more than five lights... Cinnamon : With weight of bag,

-pound.. Ordinary, with weight of bag

.do... Spangles, embroidery, &c., false, gilt or plated, with weight of packing. .do.... Canvas of cotton or linen for embroidery, up to 36 inches wide.

.yard.. Cloaks:

Cloth, with or without capes, with or without woolen or cotton lining....each..
Same, with silk lining.

.do.. Or ponchos, waterproof, with or without hoods or leggins, ordinary quality,

each Same, superior quality

..each.. Of any silk stuff, for women..

.do.. Crayons, black or of colors, for painting.

gross.. Masks, wire, for fencers

dozen.. Tortoise shell, in shell or leaf

.. pound.. Tablecloths: Of damask or other silk..

.square yard.. Of woolen stuff, shag or felt

.do... Of any kind of cotton.. Cardboard: Ordinary

.cwt.. Varnished, or parchment, for visiting cards, diplomas, &c.

-pound.. Coats : Cloth or cassimere, without embroidery, for military

..each.. Same, embroidery, with gold or silver.. Cassimere:

Of wool, pure or mixed with cotton, ordinary, up to 30 inches wide. ..yard..
Same, ordinary, up to 70 inches wide Sarne, medium fine, up to 30 inches wide

.do... Same, medium fine, up to 70 inches wide

co... Of wool, fine, up to 30 inches wide..

do... Of wool, fine, up to 70 inches wide.. Of wool, supertino, up to 30 inches wide. Of wool, supertine, up to 70 inches wide.

do.... Cassinette and inixtures: Of wool aud cotton, simple, up to 30 inches wide

do.... Same, up to 70 inches wide

.do. Covers of lead, for bottle corks Chasubles :

of any silk stuff, puro or mixed, without embroidery or jewels, with ordinary lace (galones)

..ench.. Of lasting or brocade, without embroidery or jewels, with false Same, with embroidery, jewels, fine or false, and fine laco.. Beilsteads: Bronze, gross weight.

-pound.. Iron, with metal or bronze ornaments. Iron, ordinary, gross weight.

..cwt.... Brushes: Tooth, bone handle, ordinary

dozen.. Tooth, ivory or pearl handles Shoo.

.do.... Clothes

.do.... Ilair. Nail

.do. Shaving

.do. Scrubbing

do... Currying Planes, for carpenters

-pound.. White wax : Pure or mixed, not manufactured, gross weight... In candles.. In flowers, images, &c., gross weight..

lo Beer, all classes, in any kind of package.


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.. lo....

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