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. 19




Kr.öre, Imitation --Continued. All other kinds

1 kilog....
Set in gold or silver; to be weighed with and pay same duty as the

Set in any other material than gold or silver; to be classed with Jewelry

Nore.-The last section applies to bracelets of glass beads provided

with plates or fasteners of glass. Peach pits..

1 kilog.... Wigs and parts thereof.

1 kilog. Pumice stone

Pipe-bowls, mounted or unmounted (includes cigar-holders and pipes):
Of meerschaum, genuine or imitation

1 kilog. All other kinds.

1 kilog...
NOTE.-No deduction for weight of étuis, boxes, paper or similar wrapping.
Pistachios; to be classed with Fruits, dried.
Pistols. (See Gung.)

Platinum, worked or unworked..

Free. Prunes, dried

1 kilog.

. 20 Plumes, all kinds, includes ostrich feathers

i kilog

7.00 Pomades, weight of pots included

1 kilog. Orange-flower water, weight of bottles included

1 kilog

. 10 Bitter oranges..

1 kilog.

.25 Bitter orange buds and peel, dried..

1 kilog....

25 Porcelain : Not real, stone-china or faience: White or of uniform color, but unpainted: Plates

1 kilog. All other pieces.

1 kilog..

.12 Painted or printed: Plates.

1 kilog

.14 All other pieces..

1 kilog.... Genuine: White, or of uniform color.

1 kilog.... Gilded, silvered, or printed with designs or flowers.

1 kilog.

47 Portfolios, money: purses, reticules, pouches, and cigar cases : Of silk or hair silk

1 kilog.

2.00 All other kinds ....

1 kilog. NOTE.- No deduction allowed for weight of boxes, paper, or other wrap.

ping, or for inlaying (of paper in portfolios). Potatoes, whole, cut, or grated

Free. Potato-tour and starch material derived from potatoes. (See Starch.) Potash. (See Ashes.) Pozzolana (volcanic ashes).

Free. Tarpaulins; classed with Textilo manufactures, waxed. Poudre de riz; to be classed with Flour, of vegetable origin, not specified. Quicksilver..

1 kilog.... 31 Implements or parts thereof; classed with Machinery, implements, and tools,

not specified. Traveling blankets, double sewed together or bordered; to be classed as manu. ,

factures of the textile which is their chief component part. Sounding boards, planed. (See Wood manufactures.) Rice, unshelled or paddy.

Free. Rico; classed with Grits. Rice flour.

Free. Rosmarin.

Free. Raisins.

1 kilog. Raisin stems..

Free. Nux vomica: clasged with Apothecaries' stock. Incense. (See Perfumes.) Rattans, reels, &c.: Bamboo and Spanish reed..

1 kilog.. Common rattans and reeds..

1 kilog Manufactures thereof that cannot be classed with basket work.

1 kilog. When coming as base-layers for a ship's cargo...

Free. Roots: Edible, n. e. s. ...

Free. For druugists' use; classed with Apothecaries' stock. Sabers and saber-blades; classed with Iron manufactures. Saddlery, 1. e. s., all kinds..

1 kilog.... Morocco; classed with Hides and skins. Satiron...

1 kilog.... 5. Sago; classed with Grits. Salep root

Free. Salmiac...

Free. Saltpeter, raw or refined; also Chilian saltpeter, or nitrate of soda

Free. Nitric acid and aquafortis.


Free. Salts, raw or retined, all kinds, n. 8. 8.

. 50

The tariff of Sweden-Continued.








Kr. öre.

Free. Hydrochloric acid.. Sand.

Freo. Sandarac; classed with Gums, not specified. Sassafras; classed with Apothecarios' stock. Scissors : For tailors' and gardeners' use, shearing-scissors; also shears for clipping

plates or sheet metal; to be classed with Machinery, implements, and tools,

not specitied. Other kinde: Unpolished

1 kilog Polished

1 kilog...

.60 Shellac; to be classed with Gums. Sails; duty to be assessed according to the material of which they are made.

Saved from stranded or wrecked foreign vessels. (See Ship tittings.)
Sail duck. (See Textile manufactures.)
Sail thread. (See Yarns.)
Mustard :

1 kilog.... Ground or prepared..

1 kilog...

..60 Senna leaves; classed with Apothecaries' stock. Shawls, neck.cloths, and fichus; to be classed with Textile manufactures.

Free. Shoddy. Sieves and collanders

1 kilog... .60 Straining cloth:

Composed of more than one metal. (See Metals, worked.)
Of iron or steel. (See Iron manufactures.)
Of copper. (See Copper, completed manufactures of.)

Of other material. (See Textile manufactures.)

Free. Worked; plain or gildei..

1 kilog.


Free. Silver leat (foil) genuine or imitation In the shape of dust or powder for painters' use

Free. Silk, raw: Uncolored

Free. Colored

1 kilog.. Sirups, all kinds

1 kilog...

. 10 Sea-charts. (See Maps.) Shave-grass

Free. Boots and shoes: Of silk.

1 kilog

2. 40 of cloth, morocco, Cordova leather, colored, pressed or printed leather. 1 kilog

1. 40

Free. Pitch-gewed boots and s. c. "sea boots " With wooden soles

Free. All other kinds ..

1 kilog.

.94 Felt shoes :

With leather soles; to be classed with Boots and shoes, all other kinds.
Without leather soles; to be classed with Textiles, woolen blankets ard

Writing tablets :
Set between covers, with or without hinges, ad valorem..

100 kroner. 10.00 All other kinds ..

Free. Scrubbing mops; to be classed with Machinery, implements, and tools, not

specified. Shovels, spades, and reaping-hooks of iron; to be classed with Machinery, im

plements, and tools, not specified. Tortoise shell:


1 kilog....

5. 00 Industrial productions of every kind, not specially mentioned and provided for

in this tariff, are to be classed as manufactures of the material which is their chief component part, or in case the chief component part cannot be determined, then ad valorem

100 kroner. 10.00 Emery.

Free. Emery cloth; to be classed with Machinery, implements, and tools, not specified. Rouge powders and rouging cloths

Free. Butter

Cabinet-makers' productions. (Soo Wood manufactures.)
Sunff. (See Tobacco.)
Snails. (See Natural curiosities.)
Lacings and cords. (See Military haberdashery or passementerie.)

When made out of gut. (See Strings.)
Passementerio, such as fringes, galloons, aiguilletes, lacings, cords, n. 0. 8.:
Of silk or half silk...

1 kilog.... 3.50 All other kinds, therein included articles partly of silk, of which caoutchouc, india rubber, or similar substances are a component part

1 kilog.... 1.10 NOTE.-No deduction for paper wrapping or paper-inlaying. Sugar:

Refined; all kinds, such as loaf-sugar, rock candy, crushed or powdered sugar.) 1 kilog.... .83


The tariff of Sweden-Continued.





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a When not darker in color than No. 18 Dutch standard, of which normal

samples shall be supplied to each custom-houso by the general cus.
toms department
o When darker than the above-named standard; also, if the sugar arrives

in a dissolved or liquid stato
NOTE.--Any package found to contain different grades of sugar, subject

to different duties, will be considered as if it contained the highest

duty bearing grade and will be assessed accordingly.
Carbonate of soda and caustic soda
Sauces and soyer; weight of bottles included.
Grain and breadstuffs; all kinds, ground or unground
Spanish tlies; classed with Apothecaries' stock.
Verdigris; classed with Colors and dye-stuffs.
Mirrors and sconces....
Playing cards.
Laves and blondes:

Silk laces, with or without admixturo of another material
All other kinds

NOTE.-No deduction for weight of paper wrapping or inlaying.
Fire-engines, with belongings, ad valorem
Stocks with buckles and other stiff neck-cloths; to be classed with Clothing,
Stone, all kinds, worked or unworked, n. e. s.
Coal, broken or whole; also, coke, or desulphurized coal..
Articles of jet, uneet or set in any other material than gold or silver, are to be

classed with Jowelry goods. Set in gold or silver; to be weighed with and

pay same duty as the setting.
Dust or powder, colored or uncolored, for use in the manufacture of wall-papers.
Stockings and other hand or machine kuit articles, n. 8. H.:

Of silk or
All other kinds

Knitting needles..

Of metal

Of any other material..
Stucco articles; to be classed with Stone.
Steel, all kinds
Steel manufactures, n. e. s.; to be classed with Iron manufactnres.
Starch, of wheat, potatoes, or other vegetable substances
Sulphur, all kinds.
Flowers of sulphur
Sulphuric acid.
Mushrooms, all kinds not otherwise provided for...,
Sewing machines; to be classed with Machinery, implements, and tools, not speci.

Saws, saw blades, and saw materials (untoothed saws); to be classed with Ma.

chinery, implements, and tools not specified.

.09 Free. Free.

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Soft soap...

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New, empty; classed with the materials of which they are made.

Showing previous use...
Bedding is to pay the duty provided for the textile material of which its outer

covering consists.
When stuited with horse hair or any other dutiable substance, but covered

with a material free of duty, it is to be classed with Industrial productions of every kind, not specially mentioned in this tariff. When belonging to travelers or seafaring men, when showing evident

marks of previons nse, or when carried by the owner and judgod not to

exceed his personal needs..... Picture frames; to be classed with mannfactures of the material which is their chief component part, without deduction for weight of pictures, glass, &c. Photograph frames, of pasteboard or of pasteboard and glass. (Soo Pastoboard manufactures.)

Made of bronzed pasteboard. (See Pasteboard manufacturos, japanned.) NOTE.- When picture frames under the above provision are to pay duty ad

valorom, the picture or drawing therein framed is to be excluded from the

Substitutes for horse-hair, and moss prepared as a stuffing material; to be classed

with Grasses, 11. 8. 8.
Tooth-powder; classed with Merchandise, manufactured, not provided for.
Bricks and roof tiles, all kinds..

* See 5, appended instructions.

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The tariff of Sweden-Continued.





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Brags stads or nails

Unworked, also worked, if old or broken
Worked new :

Gilded, silvered, lacquered, or painted.

All other kinds.
Tin and lead ashes .....
Tin salts and chlorides of tin
Turpentine, native or raw
Turpentine oil or spirits of turpentine.
Newspapers and reviews
Tar and tar-water (the latter is a residual product of tar, used in tanning)

Unmanufactured; leaf or stems

Cigars and cigarettes

All other kinds
Clay pipes and porcelain pipes. (See Pipe bowls.)
Train oil, of all kinds (includes fish-oils)
Trufiles, weight of glass or jar included

Gold and silver wire.
Iron and steel wire
Articles made of iron and steel wire; to be classed with "All other factory

or hand made iron goods."
Copper wire or wire of any other metal not here mentioned:

When gilded, silvered, or plated..

All other kinds ..
Iron, copper, brass, and steel wire for musical instruments. (See Strings.)
Metal wire, woven over or covered with silk or yarn. (See Bonnet-frames

and similar wire and tape frames.) Threads and twines:

Of cotton, all kinds ..
Of linen, unbleached...
Of linen, bleached or coloredl.
Of silk, cotton, or linen, when covered with gold, silver, or any other metal;

to be classed with Military baberdashery.
Trees, all kinds..
Timber and lumber:

Rough timber, all kinds
Beams and rafters, all kinds..
Boards and planks, sawn, all kinds.
Juniper boards and staves..
Gun-stocks, in the rough
Handspikes, finished and in the rough
Moldings and laths, all kinds..
Maste, booms, and spars; also hollowed.
Logs for pumps..
Scantling, all kinds..
Staves and barrel-heads, all kinds
Fire-wood, all kinds

Dars in the rough..
Wood manufactures:
Veneers of 7 millimeters or less in thickness pay half tho duty imposed upon

cabinet-makers' work of the same wood. Thin boards, intended for the
manufacture of cigar-boxes, if within the above-mentioned dimensions, are
to be classed as Veneers.
Laminæ of ebony for piano keys..
Turners' work, n. e. s., with or without staining, painting, or japanning:

When articles weigh less than one kilogram apiece...
When articles weigh 1 kilogram or over each; to be classed with Cabinet-

makers' work.
Wooden articles in a more or less advanced stage of manufacture, n. 0. 8.,
therein included cabinet-makers' and chair-makers' work:

Of fir or spruce, with or without paint, staining, or japanning
Of elm, ash, birch, beech, oak, walnut, and otlior domestio woods, with

or without paint, staining, or japanning, or with veneering of above

mentioned woods....
Of mahogany, jack-wood, or any other exotic wood, massive or only with

veneers thereof; also cabinet-work, gilt or imitation gilt....
NOTE.-Wood manufactures composed of several kinds of woods pay

duty as if entirely made of the kind paying the highest duty.
Furniture when already stuffed, but not covered, pays duty under the
above provisions, without addition. Furnituro when stuffed and
covered pays duty under the above provisions with the addition of 20
per cont.

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Foot-rules. (See Instruments, industrial.)
Heavy-spar (sulph of baryta). Unground; to be classed with Stone.

Ground; classed with Colors and dye stuffs.
India ink; classed with Colors and dye-stuffs.
Soaps :

Perfumed soaps.

All other kinds
Soap wort...
Cordage, new
Artificial teeth; classed with Merchandise, manufactured, not mentioned in this

Matches, made of wood or of other material; also tinder, weight of boxes or

wrapping immediately surrounding them to be included
Wool, all kinds
Watches and clocks:

Watches, with gold case
Watches, with case of any other material..
Watch.cases, separate, are to be classed with manufactures of the substance

of which they are made.
Ships' chronometers
Wall and mantle piece clocks in cases :

Of bronze or other metal; also of alabaster or porcelain .

Of wood or other material
Clock-cases, separate, clock-weights; also steeple-clocks and parts thereof

pay same duty as the manufactures of the material of which such articles
are composed.
Unmounted watch or clock works, or parts of clocks and watches, n. e. s.....

Watch-glasses. (See Glass.) Wadding:

Of silk

All other kinds.
Carriages and vehicles, including railway cars:

Carts and trucks, for hauling
Two.wheel carriages and sleighis.

Gigs, half-torped.
All other kinds
NOTE.-If any doubt arises as to the class in which a carriage properly

belongs, such carriage is to pay 10 per cent. ad valorem, total duty

however not in any case to exceed 100 kroner. Carriage-makers' productions, 11. 8. 8., are to be classed with industrial produc.

tions of every kind not specially mentioned in this tariff.

Silk or half silk.
All other kinds.

When covered with leather or fur; to be classed with Gloves.
Mineral waters
Water glass or a solution of silicic acid in kalium or natron, ad valorem..
Wax, all kinds..; classed Merchandise, manufactured, not specified.
Wicks, for lamps or candles..

NOTE.--No deduction for weight of boxes or paper wrapping.
Tools, or parts thereof, n. 0. 8.; classed with Machinery, implements, and tools

not specified.
Tool.chiests for children, containing tools that cannot be used for work; to be

classed with Toys. Wines, all kinds: Containing 21 per cent. or less of alcohol:

In barrels.....

In bottles ......
Containing from over 21 per cent. to 25 per cent. of puro alcobol:

In barrels..

In bottles..
Containing more than 25 per cent. alcohol; to be classed with Liqueurs.
Grapes, fresh
Cream of tartar:

Raw or retined.

In crystals.
Tartaric acid; to be classed with Chemico-technical preparations.
Orris root...
Orris sirup; to be classed with Sirupg.
Visiting and business cards..
Vitriol, all kinds
Oil or spirits of vitriol. (See Sulphuric acid.)
Textile manufactures:
Of pure silk:

Velvet and plush....

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