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Part I.-Import duties—Continued.

Paragraph in the Russian.


English equivalent.

III.-MANUFACTURES–Continued. 2. Furniture of lath wood, straw, &c., shoes of

reed, shave.grass, and other similar

plants worked up. 3. Door-mats: sack and matting of reed, shave

grass, and other plants, free. 31-34 Canceled. 35 Agricultural machinery, and other implements, with.

out steam-engines, not specially men.

tioned, free. OBS.-Duplicate parts of the above, and also the indispensable fittings thereof, imported together with them, are admitted froe. If imported sepa. rately, from machinery, &c., they pay under $ 175,

Article 1. 36 Sea and river going vessels of every description,

with or without their rigging: 1. Iron built, under 200 lasts, per last displace

ment. 2. Iron built, above 200 lasts 3. Wooden vessels... (N. B.-The last = 4,000 lbs. = about 14 tons.) OBS.-Vessels imported in parts, with or without steam-engines, pay duty on each part according to

various sections. 37-38 Canceled. 39 Books, drawings, &c. 1. Pictures, drawings, hand-painted and drawn,

and without frames, also

scripts, free. 2. Engravings, lithographs, prints, music, &c.,

reproducible prints, photographis,

&c., free.
3. Books printed in foreign languages, free.
4. Books in Russian, printed abroad:

a. Without binding.

b. Bound.. NOTE 1.-The above articles are subject to the rules of the censorship.

NOTE 2.- In the case of pictures boing framed,

the frames are subject to $181. 40 Articles for collections, museums, &c., and all curi.

osities (coins, weapons, &e.) not hay. ing the character of merchandise,

free. 41 Canceled. 42 Patterns of stuffs of all kinds, measuring less than

an arshin, free.


43 | Flour, malt, and grits (except potato flour).....


Potato flour ....


20 kopecks per


18. 11 d. per cwt.

20 roubles per last. £1 168. 2d. per ton.
10 roubles per last. 188. 1d. per ton.
5 roubles per last.. 98. per ton.

3 roubles per pood. £1 98. 6d. per cwt.
4 roubles 50 ko. £2 48. 5d. per cwt.

pecks per pood.

45 Starch, in lumps and powder.... 46 Rice:

1. Ordinary

2. Rice in the husk

47 | Vermicelli and macaroni, sago, and arrowroot... 48 Yeast of beer:

1. Liquid....

2. Dried and pressed 49 Salt, culinary, of every description : 1. Imported to any parts, except those mentioned

below. 2. To the ports of the White Sea ...... OBS.- In the ports of the Government of Archangel 21,000 pounds of salt may be imported annually free of duty for the purpose of curing fish, and any quan. tity may be brought free to the Murman coast of the White Sea.

10 kopecks per 18. per cwt., g.

pood, gr. 60* kopecks per 58. 11d. per cwt.

pood. 1 rouble per pood.. 98. 9d. per cwt. 70 kopecks per 6s. 10d. per cwt.

pood. 40° kopecks per Bs. 11d. per cwt.

pood. 1 rouble 10 ko. 108. 9d. per cwt.

pecks per pood. 90 kopecks per 88. 10d. per cwt.

pood. 2 roubles per pood. 198. 8d. per cwt. 20 kopecks per

18. 11 d. per cwt. pood. 10% kopecks per 18. per cwt.


[blocks in formation]

$ 62.


3. To the Polish frontier and to the ports on the

Black and Azof Seas, prohibited.
Ops.--Salt imported at the custom-houses in Poland
is admitted free of duty if for Government use; also

salt for ihe manufacture of soda is admitted free. 50 Vegetables and fruit: i. Vegetables, salted, soaked, dried, and pressed.. 55 kopecks per 58.5d. per cwt., g.

pood, gr.
2. Fruits and berries, fresh, salted, soaked, &c., 1 rouble per pood. 98.9d. per cwt.

except those named below.
OBS.-Fruits and vegetables in hermetically-closed
vessels pay duty under $ 62.
3. Oranges, lemons, bitter oranges.

50 kopecks per 4s. 11d. per cwt.

pood. 4. Grapes, fresh...

1 rouble 10 kopecks 138. 8d. per cwt.

per pood. 51 Capers and olives, dried, pickled, and in oil; imported 2 roubles per pood. 195. 8d. per cwt.

in casks, baskets, &c., not in bermet

ically-closed vessels. In oil or vinegar, in hermetically closed vessels, under 52 Carob beans.

40 kopecks


38. 11d. per cwt.

pood. 53 Nuts: 1. Of all kinds, forest and garden, except those 80 kopecks

78. 10d. per cwt. specially mentioned, peach kernels,

pood. chestnuts, and cocoanuts. 2. Almonds, with and without huske, also pis. 2 roubles per pood.! 198. 8d. per cwt.

tachio nuts. 54 Fruits and berries, dried, of all kinds, pluma, prunes, 1 rouble per pood. 148. 8d. per cwt.

figs, raisius, dates, &c., pot in sugar;
also Turkish confectionery (Rahat.

Lukum and Alva).
OBS.-- The duty is leviable on the above inclusive

of the weight of the boxes in which they are packed.
55 Beef, salted, smoked, and dried, and sausages.. 80 kopecks per

78. 10d. per cwt.

pood. 56 Cheese

5 roubles per pood. £2 98. 20. per cwt. Obs.--Cheese imported in lead or tin wrappers

pays duty on the weight, inclusive of such wrappers. 57 Butter ..

50 kopecks per

48. 11d. per cwt.

pood 58 Honey and honey treacle....

trouble 20 kopecks 118. 9d. per cwt., g.

per pood, gr. 59 Treacle of cane sugar, of beet-root sugar, of fecula,

Do. &c., except of honey; also sugar of

milk. 60 Confectionery (sweetmeats), except Turkish, $ 54: 1. Preserves, assia in pots and jars, fruit in 8 roubles per pood, £3 188. 6d.percwt.,g.

liqueurs, in rum, in brandy, in sirup, gr.
in juice; fruit sirups, pastilla, and

2. Fruits boiled thick without sugar, with which 5roubles 50 kopecks £2 138. 8d.percwt.,g.

are included preserves of pears and per pood, gr.
grapes, i. e., bekmess; cocoa prepared

without sugar. 61 Ginger-bread, pâtes, English and American biscuits, 3 roubles 50 kopecks £1 148. 2d.percwt.,g. with or without sugar.

per pool, gr. 62 Condiments of every kind, such as prepared mus- 4 roubles per pood, £1 198 per cwt., g.

soy, pickles, also capers, olives, gr.
and all fruits and vegetables in oil,
vinegar, &c. (except those specially
mentioned), imported in glass, pots,
tin, and other hermetically-sealed

vessels. 63 Truffles, mousserons, champignons, and other mush. 6 roubles per pood, £2 198. per cwt., g.

rooms, in vinegar, oil, or salt; also gr.

dried and fresh truflies. 64 | Mushrooms, dried (except such as are only used for 44 kopecks per 48. 4d. per cwt., g. medicinal purposes), $ 22.

pood, gr. 65

Fish: 1. Marinated, prepared in oil and stuffed, and 4 roubles per pood, £1 198. 2d.per cwt., caviar.

gr. 2. Salted and smoked (except herrings).

1 rouble 20 kopecks 113. 9d. per cwt., g.

per pood, gr. 66 | Herrings and fish, dried and undried :


Part I.-Import duties-Continued.

Paragraph in the Russian.



English equivalents.

IV.-ARTICLES OF Food-Continued. 1. Smoked herrings

22 kopecks por

2s. 2d. per cwt., g.

pood, gr. 2. Salt herring, cod, and other fish.

15 kopecks per 18. 6d. per cwt., g. OBS. TO $ 65 AND 66.-All fish, fresh or otherwise, pood, gr. imported in Russian vessels in the government of

Archangel, free. 67 Oysters, lobsters, crabs, mussels, cuttlefish, snails, 2 roubles per pood, 198. 8d. per owt., 8.

&c., fresh, dried, salted, or marinated. gr. OBS.-In hermetically closed vessels under $ 62. 68 Chicory and acorns roasted, and other substitutes 40 kopecks per

38. 11d. per cwt., 8.
for coffee, in lumps or pressed, but pood.
without admixture or coffee (vide Obs.

to $ 70).
OBS.–Chicory in its raw state (in plants and roots)
and acorns pot roasted are admitted free of duty

under $2 and $ 17.
69 Laurel leaves and berries, and galangal..

1 ronble 20 ko. 113. 9d. por owt.

pecks per pood. V.--COLONIAL PRODUCE. 70 Coffee in beans..

2 roubles 50 ko. £1 48. 6d. per owt. OBS.- Coffee, roasted and ground, as well as any pocks per pood. substitute (e.g., chicory), in the condition of flour, or with admixture of coffee, pays duty under this

paragraph. 71 Cocoa, in beans, and cocoa shells..

Do. OBS.–Cocoa, ground, vide $ 60. 72 Spices: 1. Vanilla and saffron....

12 ronbles per pood £5 178. 6d. por cwt. 2. Cardamon, mace, and nutmegs

Aroubles per pood. £1 198. 2d. per cwt. 3. Cloves, clove-heids, pepper, ginger, and all 2 roubles per pood. 198. 6d. per cwt.

other spices not specially mentioned. 73 Sugar: 1. Raw and crushed or pounded, without admix. 2 roubles 20 ko. £1 18. 6d. per cwt. ture of lumps.

pecks per pood. 2. Refined, lumps, and sugar candy, in loaves and 3 ronbles 30 ko. £1 128. 6d. per cwt. pieces.

pecks per pood. 74 Tobacco: 1. In the leaf and in bundles, with or without 15 roubles 40 ko. £7 118. 3d. per cwt. stalks, and tobacco-stalks.

pecks per pood.
2. Tobacco, for smoking and for snuil, cut, of every | 1 rouble per pood. | 38. 6d. per pound.

kind, twisted, in rolls, cakes, &c.
3. Cigars, and cut tobacco wrapped in leaves.

2 roubles 40 ko- 38. 5d. per pound. 75 Tea :

pecks per pood. 1. Flower, green and yellow

24 roubles 20 ko. £11 178. 9d. per cwt.

pecks per pood. 2. Ordinary black tea (the tea of commerce), tea 17 roubles

per £8 58. 9d. per cwt. in stalks, and brick tea.


76 Arrack, rum, French brandy (cognac), and spirit dis- 11 roubles

per £5 88. 9d. per cwt., g. tilled from plums, imported in casks

pood, gr. or barrels. 77 Spirits distilled from corn, in bottles, liqneurs, 75 kopecks per 28. 41d. per bottle.

Kirchwasser, gin, whisky, spirituous bottlo.
infusions; also ruim, arrack, French
brandy, and spirits distilled from

plums, in bottles.
OBS.– The importation in casks of spirituous liq.

uors distilled from corn is prohibited.
78 Wine:
1. Imported in casks or barrels

2 roubles 55 ko- £158. per cwt., g.

pecks per pood,

gr. 2. Wine imported in bottles, not sparkling.... 40° kopecks per 18. 3d. per bottle.

bottle. 3. Wine imported in bottles, sparkling, all kinds. rouble 10 ko- 38. 6d. per bottle.

pecks per bottle. 79 Mead, Linden honey, cherry wine, ale, and porter: 1. In casky...

17 kopecks per 6fd. per bottle.

bottle. 2. In bottles.

1 rouble 10 ko. 108. Od. per cwt.

pecks per pood.

[blocks in formation]

1 ronble 10 ko. 108. 9d. per cwt.

pecks per pood,

11 kopecks per 4 d. per bottle.

3 kopecks per bot. 1d.


bottle. tle.



[blocks in formation]

Water, gaseous, not containing alcohol, ench as car

bonic acid and soda waters; also min.
eral waters of every kind, natural or

Fruit juice, containing no sugar, with or without

trace of alcohol.
OBS.-Fruit juice containing an admixture of alco-
hol is liable to an additional duty of 10 kopecks on
each degree of alcohol in addition to the duty of 50
kopecka per pood.

The importation of fruit juice containing more
than 16 degrees (Trallis) of alcohol is prohibited.


83 Wood :
1. Exotio, for joiners' and turners' work, such as 10 kopecks per

18. per cwt.
pock-wood (lignum-vitæ), cedar, cy. pood.
press, mahogany, walnut wood, palix.
ander, palm, and all kinds of odorif.

erous wood, in logs, locks, and deals.
2. In sheets of veneer, of every kind..

50 kopecks per 48. 11d. per cwt. OBS. 1.–For dye.wood of every kind, see | 108. pood.

OBS. 2.--Sheets up to £ vershok in thickness are

considered as veneer. 84 Hides and skins, dressed : 1. Small: Calf skin, tanned, prepared with alum 9 roubles per pood. £478. Od. per cwt.

and tawed; also morocco leather, kid,
chamois, tish skin, and all skins cut

for boots and shoes.
2. Largo: Ox, cow, borse, and pig skins, tanned, 5 roubles per pood. £2 98. 2d. per cwt.

prepared with alum or tawed, and

straps of walrus skin; also parchment. 3. Lacquered, of all kinds..

6 ronbles 60 ko. £3 48. 8d. per cwt. OBS.- Prepared leather shreds pay the same duty pecks per pood. as the description of leather to which they belong.

If raw, they are admitted tree. See § 26, Article 5. 85 Peltries : 1. Skins (furs) of all kinds, except those specially 15 roubles per poou £7 78. Gd. per

cwt. mentioned. 2. Sable, blue fox, tisher, chinchilla, marten, fox. 30 roubles per pood £14 228. 6d. per cwt.

skin, and sea-bear.
3. Skins and tails of muskrat, bear-skins, sking 5 roubles 50 ko- £2 148. per owt.

of kangaroo and opossum, rabbit. pecks per pood.
skins, wolf-skins, tiger-sking, leopard.

skins, &c.
4. Fox, marten, and other skins brought to the

ports of the Government of Arch.

angel by the inhabitants of the.coast. OBS. 1.-Walrus, elk, geal, and white grampus skins (belonga) bronght to the ports of the Government of Archangel by the inhabitants of the coast, as well as all peltries of Russian origin imported in Russian ships, excepting those specified in Article 4 of this s are admitied free of duty.

OBS. 2.-Sheep-skins dyed and dressed are ad. mitted under Article 3 of this g; but if not dyed

and dressed, under $ 26, Article 5. 86 Whalebone

2 ronbles 20 ko. £1 18. 6d. per cwt.

pecks per pood. 1 OBS.-Small ribg of cane, used in umbrella-making

in lieu of whalebone, pay duty under this s. 87 | Sponge...

2 roubles per pood. 198. 8d, per cwt. S. Doc. 231, pt. 5--16

[blocks in formation]

88 Hemp and flax yarn of all kinds and jute yarn.......

4 roubles 40 ko. £2 38. per cwt.

pecks per pood. OBS.--For hemp and flax thread see $ 92, Article 3. 89 Silk: 1. Raw and silk waste, or bourre de soie, carded 55 kopecks per 58. 5d. per uwt.

(silk wadding), dyed or not dyed. pood.
OBS.--Silk waste, not carded, of all kinds, as well
as cocoons, pay duty under $26. Article 8.
2. Twist, tram, and organzine, and silk, wound

for woofor warp; also all sewing silk
yarn of bourre de soie or silk waste,
either pure or mixed with wool,

down), or cotton :
a. Not dyed

8 roubles

per £3 188. 6d. per cwt.

pooil. 6. Dyed and printed

16 roubles per £7 178. 2d. per cwt.

pood. 90 Wool and down: 1. Raw, washed and not washed, not dyed; also 1 rouble per pood .. 98. 9d. per cwt.

flock wool and cloth shearings. 2. Wool, not spun, of every kind, dyed; also arti- 2 roubles per pood. 198. Bd. per cwt.

ficial wool (shoddy, mungo), cloth

rags, and wool waste dyed.
3. Wool, worked into strips :
a. Not dyed ...

3 roubles

per £1 9s. 6d. per cwt.

pood. b. Dyed ....

4 roubles 50 ko. £2 18. 6d. per cwt.

pecks per pood.
4. Wool yarn, pure or mixed with cotton, flax,

or hemp:
a. Not dyed ..

7 ronblea 50 ko. £3 138, 3d. per cwt.

pecks per pood. b. Dyed.

9 ronbles

per £4 78. 9d. per cwt.

pood. 91 Cotton wadding, carded and gunmed in sheets..... 1 rouble 20 ko. 118. 9d. per cwt.

pecks per pood. 92 Cotton yarn : 1. Up to No. 45, English measure: a. Unbleached

3 ronbles 60 ko- £1 158. 5d. per cwt.

pecks per pood. b. Bleached and dyed (except that dyed 4 roubles 70 ko- £2 58. 21. per cwt. with Turkey red).

pecks per pood. c. Dyed with Turkey red

5 roubles

per £2 98. 2d. per cwt.

2. Thinner than No. 45, English moasure:
a. Unbleached

6 roubles

per £2 198. per cwt.

pood. b. Blenched and dyed

6 roubles per pood. £1 198. per cwt. 3. Sewing and knitting cotton. 93 Lamp-wicks of cotton or other material

4 roubles per pood. £1 198. 2d. per cut. IX.-METALS. 94 Cast iron, in pigs and scrap

6 kopecks per pood 7d. per cwt. 95 | Iron (and steel, § 97): 1. In bars, of all kinds, having a breadth of 4 inch 40 kopecks per 3s. 11d. per cwt.

to 18 inches, and thickness or diame. pood.
ter up to 7 inches; also in blooms,

puddled blooms, and mill bars.
NOTE.--Iron or steel of less than inch in breadth,
thickness, or diameter, is treated as wire.
2. Iron and steel rails

50 kopecks per 48. 11d. per nwt.

3. Iron and steel, in sheets and plates having a 55 kopecks per 58. 5d. per cwt.

breadth of 18 inches and upwards, pood.
and every kind of iron and steel hav.
ingathickness or diameter of 7 inches

and upwards.
4. Scrap iron and steel ....

22 kopecks per 28. 2d. per cwt.

pood. 96 Tin plate, lacquered and not lacquered, also all kinds 1 rouble 40 ko. 138. 8d. per cwt.

of sheet iron covered with zinc, cop. pecks per pood.

per, or any other metal. (See $ 161.) 97 Steel (800 9 05, samo as iron).

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