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Schedule of Italian duties on imports and exports – Continued.

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297 Mercery (Mercerie):

Objects classed in the explanatory index
(Repertorio) as mercerie, without indicating
the kinds, pass as fine mercery when made
in whole or in part of gilt paper painted or
colored; of ivory, mother of pearl, or tor.
toise; of mosaic or of lava, and when they
are garnished with beads, small pearls, and
other like things of glass, or of crystal, or of
silk, amber (true or false), of Russian leather,
or, lastly, when at all gilt or silvered. How.
over, if these objects are set in precious
metals they pass as silverware or jewelry.
Objects classed by said index as common
mercery, when formed exclusively of wood,
pass as mercery of wood.
Common, except thoseof wood and wooden Quintal.....

66.00 60.00


140.00 120.00 Ordinary fans


90,00 Fine fans...

150.00 298 Musical instruments : Organs for churches.


12.00 Portable organs..


5.00 Those with keys and bellows and pipes ontside, large or small, intended as furniture for rooms, pay the same as vertical pianos. Pianos, upright or horizontal


80.00 80.00 Pianos, grand

150.00 80.00 Harmoniums, or fisarmoniche.


20.00 Not nained


1. 00 299 Instruments, optical, of calculation, of pre. Quinta)

30.00 cision, of observation, chemical, medical, or

surgical 300 India-rubber and gntta-percha: Raw, solid or liquid..


W01 ked in braids, ribbons, and elastic do

115.50 115. 50
In other works comprising objects of .do

32. 00 32.00
dress and footwear.
301 Caps

Per 100

302 Hate:
Of pure silk or mixed with other material,

except those garnished for ladies.
Of any other material except straw, and



a 50.00
except thone garnislied for ladies.
Of any quality, garnished for ladies.


500.00 a The conventional duty of 50 lire is applied only to felt hats. Those of ordinary felt, not garnished, for use of peasants, when from the Trent, enter Italy at the reduced duty of 15 centimes each on production of proper certificate of origin.

2. 00

Schedule of Italian duties on imports and exports--Continued.

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303 Artificial flowers....
304 Materials for artificial flowers.

By these are meant those things evidently
intended to represent parts of flowers, as

leaves, calix, petal, and the like. 305 Frame-work for articles of fashion.. 306 Umbrellas:

Per 100. Quintal


30. 00


1 pr. ct.

These are classed exclusively with regard to their covering, and not with regard to their lining:

Of silk.

Of any other material 307 Materials for umbrellas.. 308 Paint brushes, with or without handles 309, Objects of collection..

By these are meant objects not commercial, having a curious or scientific interest; sam. ples of objects of natural history, liko raro animals, living, stuffed or otherwise proserved; empty shells, except mother.of.pearl; samples of ininerals, except precious stones; dried trees or herbs, &c.; antiques, old armor; antique furniture, mosaics, and works of lava detached, of all dimensions, and all that be. longs to numismatics, like medals, cameos, and stones anciently cut. In objects of col. lections are not comprised objects of art an. terior to the 19th century in marble, stone, or any other material, nor paintings, minia tures, designs on cloth, wood, walls, copper, paper, &c., the exportation of which is disciplined by special laws.



I have the honor to inclose herewith a list of duties on articles of French origin or manufacture imported into Italy as established by the treaty of commerce concluded between Italy and France November 3, 1881, and put in force the 16th ultimo.

The duties on articles exported from Italy to France, prescribed by the fourth article of the treaty, are also contained in this list, though they do not differ from the Italian export duties previously existing.

In my dispatch No. 46, of the 11th of March last, I inclosed to the Department a schedule embracing the duties on imports into Italy both under the Italian general tariff and the treaty concluded between Italy and Austria-Hungary December 27, 1878.*

That schedule, together with the list herewith inclosed, comprehends the whole régime of Italian import and export duties.



Milan, June 26, 1882.


Italian duties on imports of French origin or manufacture under the treaty between France

and Italy in force on and after May 16, 1882.



Dulas on imports.

Ital. lire.

0.56 4. 00 4. 00


CATEGORY I.-Spirits, beverages, and oils. Waters, mineral, natural or artificial, and aerated waters

100 kilog'ams. Wines in casks, of all kinds (casks excluded).

llectoliter Same in bottles.... Spirits:

Not sweetened or aromatized, comprising rum, aqua vita in casks

(casks included), Sweetened or aromatized, in caske...

do Of all kinds, in bottles of a capacity exceeding a half liter but not The 100

more than a Jiter.

Of every kind, in bottles, of a capacity of one-half liter or less.
Oils, tirm:
Of olive.

100 kilograms. Not named.

25.00 25. 00


3. CO 6. 00

60.00 12.00

1. 00

CATEGORY III.- Chemical products, medicinal compounds, rosins, and

perfumery. Empty boxes for above articles...

do Melicines compounded, not named, accepted by a faculty of medicine

(without tare for the immediate covers). Gums and rosing, indigenous, crude.. Soaps : Common

.do Perfumed.

.do Sealing wax Perfumery: With base of alcohol (without tare for the immediate cover, and
not comprising the internal taxes).
Not having alcohol as a base....

* Published in Commercial Relations for 1879, vol. 2, p. 825.

6. OC 12.00 30.00

37. 30


Italian duties on imports of French origin, 8c.-Continued.



Duties on imports.

Ital. lire.

15.00 10.00 12.50


12.00 5. 00

3. 00 4. 00

CATEGORY IV.- Coloring materials for dyeing and tanning. Coloring matter derived from tar or from otber bituminous substances; In a dry state

100 kilograms. In paste or liquid Coloring extracts from wood for dyeing, and other dyeing materials

of all kinds. Extracts from chestnut and other tapnic juices, liquid or solid extracts

from vegetables. Coloring materials in cakes or in powder..

100 kilograms. Shoe-blacking. CATEGORY V.-Hemp, flaz, jute, and other fibrous vegetables (exclusive

of cotton). Cordage, cables, also tarred Twine. Thread: Of tax, single crude, washed or whitened

do Of bemp, single, tinted

.do Of hemp, twisted, crude, washed or bleached.
Of hemp, twisted, tinted..
Tissues :
Of flax and hemp, not having over tive threads of warp within a

space of five millimeters, crude or wbite, not comprising the pack.
ing cloth.
of packing cloth, girths, and tubing.. Tinted or made of tinted thread

.do Of flax and of hemp, having in the warp more than five threads in .do

the space of 5 millimeters, crude, bleached or mixed with white. Tinted or manufactured of tinted threads Of flax or hemp, pripted ... Of flax or hemp, embroidered . Of flax, waxed for floors, and stuffs tarred ar oiled Of all other kinds... Knitted goods and braids of flax and of hemp Buttons and ribbons of flax and hemp. Laces and tulles of flax and hemp.

Per kilogram Sewed articles (10 per cent. in addition to duty on tissues of which they

are made).

11.53 17.10 23. 10 34. 65

23. 10

12.00 38.00 57. 75

90.00 115.00 250.00 20.00 40.00 110.00 100.00 30.00

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CATEGORY VI.-Cottons. Tissues, cotton:

Of cotton, crude, which weigh 13 kilograms or more every 100 meters

square, and present in warp and woof, in a square of 5 millimeters to the side, 27 elementary threads or less. More than 27 tbreads. Crude, which weigh 7 kilograms or more but less than 13 every 100

meters square, and present with woof and warp, in a square of 5 millimeters the side, 27 elementary threads or less. More than 27 threads Crude, which weigh less than 7 kilograms every 100 meters square,

and present in woof and warp, in a square of 5 millimeters the side, 27 elementary threads or less. More than 27 threads Bleached (duties as on tisgnes crude and 20 per cent. in addition). Colored or tinted (duties as on tissues crude, with 35 francs in addi.

tion for every 100 kilograms).
Printed (duties as on tissues, bleached, plus 70 francs per 100 kilo.

Waxed for floors and tissues tarred.
All other kinds......
Buttons, kvit goods, braids, and cotton covers.

Galloong and cotton ribbons..
Cotton velvet:

Sowed articles (duties of the article of which they are composed,
plus 10 per cent.).

CATEGORY VII.- Wool, hair, and leather.
Wool in mags, natural, washed, combed, tinted; waste of wool
Hair crude or tinted, and skins of all kinds
Hair curled, cords, and coarse work in hair..

of wool or of leather, simple crude or white.
Of wool twisted, crude or white
Of wool twisted, colored..

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Italian duties on imports of French origin, Sc.-Continued.



Duties on imports.

CATEGORY VII.- Wool, hair, and leather-Continued.

Ital. lire. Mattresses of all kinds....

100 kilograms.

15.00 Tissues : Of carded wool..


110.00 Of wool, carded, with warp composed entirely of cotton.

93. 50 Of wool, combed

170.00 Combed, with warp entirely composed of cotton thread.

130.00 Embroidered.

400.00 Felt, for hats....

18.00 Felt, tarred, compressed, for soles, &c

7.00 Tissues : Of hair, for upholstering


30.00 Of every other kind..

165.00 Knitted and braids

200.00 Galloons and ribbons

220.00 Buttons*......


110.00 Laces and tulles

300.00 Covers of waste wool, of bands or strips, or selvage of cloth..

60.00 Carpets of waste wool, of bands or strips, and of selvage of cloth

60.00 Covers and carpets of wool

110.00 Sewed articles iduties of the tissues of which they are made, plus 10 per cent. of those duties).

CATEGORY VIII. Silk-worm eggs

Free. Cocoong...

Free. Silk: Raw or worked, not tinted.

Free. Raw or worked, tinted..

Free. Sewing silk.

Free. Waste of silk: Combed

100 kilograms.

10.00 Raw

Free. Spun.

50). 00 Tinted


100.00 Velvet of silk

Per kilogram

6. 50 Tissues: Of silk, black and lustrous

4.00 Of silk, not named

4. 75 Of waste silk

4.00 Of waste silk, or silk mixed with other materials in which silk

2. 50 waste enters in the proportion of from 12 to 50 per cent. Ordinary, of waste of silk, or of hand-spup waste of silk (barallo)

2. 00 inixed or not with other materials. Laces and tulles of silk

8. 00 Laces and tulles of silk, worked.

12. 00 Tulles and galloons of silk or silk waste, with gold or silver, fiue or

10.00 Buttons covered with stuff's of silk or silk waste: If the stuff is plain

1.00 Same if worked..

4. 00 Same if mixed with other material and plain

1. 00 Samo jf mixed with other material and worked

2. 00 Articles sewed (duty of the article of wbich composed, with 10 per cent. of additional of that duty).

CATEGORY IX.- Wood and straw.
Furniture, not upholstered:
In wood, curved. also varnished, with or without cane


7.50 Other in common wood..

13.00 Furniture of ordinary wood, upholstered


40.00 Furniture of ebony, veneered or inlaid or upholstered

40.00 Utensils and other works in common wood: Not polished nor colored


Free. Others

8. 00 Road carts, common wagons: For roads, common.


22.00 Of 2 wheels

33.00 Of 4 wheels and 4 springs.

110. 00 Of more than 4 springs..


330.00 Braids: Of straw

Free, Of bark, of broom, &c., for fine hato

Free. For ordinary hats.

Freo, For cords and other works..

Free. Hats with straw, not with garniture (comprising hats of palm, Per 100

10.00 chip, &c.). * Those buttons only pay 220 lire whose tissue is covered with ornaments. All other buttons of stuffs pay as fine mercery, i. e., fancy goods.

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