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Navy; to Major J. D. Leitch, U. S. A., Secretary of the War College Division; to Mr. C. F. Talman, of the Weather Bureau, for his condensed chapter on the weather; to Senator Wm. Alden Smith; to Mr. Slason Thompson, of the Bureau of Railway News and Statistics; to the Hon. S. B. Donnelly, Public Printer; to Dr. J. A. Holmes, Chief of the Bureau of Mines; to the Hon. Frank H. Hitchcock, Postmaster-General; to Dr. A. F. Zahm; to Dr. W. W. Share; to Dr. Geo. F. Kunz; to Mr. Perry B. Turpin; to Dr. F. L. Hoffman, Statistician of the Prudential Life Insurance Co.; to Captain J. L. Jayne, U.S. N., Superintendent of the U. S. Naval Observatory; to Captain A. W. Lewis, of the Associated Press; to Mr. E. Justice, of the North German Lloyd Steamship Co.; to the painstaking assistants, Miss Henrietta von Tobel and Mr. Albert S. Regula; and to a host of other friends whose help was invaluable. A number of interesting comparisons in line are from Prof. A. L. Hickmann's Geographical-Statistical Universal Atlas and Philips' Chamber of Commerce Atlas. Acknowledgment is made for matter from The American Almanac and Year Book, The World Almanac and the Chicago Daily News Almanac and Year Book, The Statistical Abstract of the United States, and the publications of the Census. Many items are credited where used.

New York,
October 15, 1912.


The edition for 1914 has been brought up to date. The errors found were trifling, so that it is hoped that the verdict of users of this edition, as well as the press, will be favorable. Editions of a statistical work aggregating 35,000 are rare. New York, October 22, 1913.


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