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Files of Ellen B. Kulka, RTC General Counsel (Continued)


Files of John E. Ryan, RTC Deputy CEO and Acting CEO



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July 1, 1994 Katsanos response
July 13, 1994 Katsanos response
Oversight Board briefing book materials
February 17, 1994 draft of briefing book for RTC Oversight

Files from the Office of Governmental Relations
Files from the Office of Governmental Relations (Continued)
Files from the Office of Governmental Relations (Continued)
Files of Barry Kolatch, Vice President for Planning, Research

& Statistics
Files of Richard Aboussie, Associate General Counsel
Files of Sharon Hume, Lead Legal Secretary for Corporate

Files of Meg Kruse, Special Assistant to the CEO
Files of Steve Primrose, Legislative Advisor
Congressional Correspondence signed by Roger Altman
Congressional Correspondence

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Files of Art Kusinski and Don Rosholdt, Ethics Officers
Files of John C. Binkley, Counsel, Office of Corporate Issues
Background information for Testimony on Madison
Files of Glion Curtis, Assistant General Counsel for Kansas City

and Acting General Counsel
Files of Thomas Hindes, Assistant General Counsel, Professional

Liability Section
Files of Terry Arbit, Senior Counsel
Files of James Barker, Associate General Counsel, Field Office

Files of Casey Carter, Legislative Affairs Specialist

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Congressional Correspondence (1 of 2)
Congressional Correspondence (2 of 2)

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Rep. James A. Leach v. Resolution Trust Corporation and Office

of Thrift Supervision



RTC News in Brief

Washington. D.C.

Friday, March 4, 199

Highlights of RTC-related news articles that appeared during the week ending 3/4/94:

Treasury Secretary Lloyd Bensten asked the independent office of Government Ethics to investigate meetings that took place between Treasury and White House officials on the status of the Madison Guaranty (McCrory, AR) investigation, The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Times, OSA Today, and the Los Angeles Times reported on March 4. Senator D'Amato's effort to block the confirmation of FDIC nomine. Ricki Tigert until hearings are held on the Madison Guaranty/Whitewater matter was also mentioned in the reports.

The RTC's victory in a New York federal appeals court over state rent control restrictions on RTC-controlled apartments in Manhattan was reported in The Wall Street Journal on March 3.

The Rose Law Firm's investigation into the billing practices of former partner and now Associate Attorney General Webster Hubbell was reported in The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Times, USA Today, and the Los Angeles Times on March 3.

Interim CEO Roger Altman recused himself from taking part in any further actions related to Madison Guaranty (McCrory, AR), The Washington Post, The Washington Times, and The New York Times reported on February 26, and the Los Angeles Times reported on February 27. Mr. Altman's announcement followed his statement at a February 25 Oversight Board hearing before the Senate Banking Committee that he briefed White House officials on the status of the RTC's investigation of Madison Guaranty. The post also reported on this matter on February 28.


James M. Barker@Legal-sc@RTCDC

Forwarded by:

Stephen J. Katsanos@comm@RTCDC
Contacts with Treasury re. Madison
Wednesday, May 9, 1994 9:46:42 EST



RTC sources.

Top the best of my recollection, my contacts with the Treasury Department and white House regarding Madison and the Rose Law Firm are as follows. 1) copies of the Early Bird, a daily summary of stories we anticipate will appear based on our conserversations with reporters, were sent to several individuals at the Treasury Department. Two recipients requested they be sen this publication shortly after Roger Altman was installed as interim CEO. recipients, who obtain this via fax, are: Roger Altman and Joan Logue-Kinder. Altman's request was through Logue-Kinder. Jean Hanson's office on October 4, 1993, requested that she be added to the daily fax list for the Early Bird. These individuals also were sent our News in Brief each Friday afternoon. This is a one page summary of RTC stories that have been published during the week. 2) Jack DeVore, former press director at Treasury, on October 1, 1993, called me, according to a telephone message slip. I assume Jack was returning my call, which I believe would have related to a call to me on September 30 from Sue Schmidt of the Washington Post. Sue was trying to follow several leads regarding potential conflicts in the use of the Rose Law Firm, including the involvement of Web Hubbel, and suggestions that a crimina referral relating to Madison was being held up in Washington. My call to Jac. was to advise him that it appeared Sue was preparing a story that would suggest improper handling of a field investigation, attributable to unnamed

I told him that the interim CEO should be prepared for such a story. I had another conversation with DeVore, I believe following Sue Schmidt's visit around October 13 to the home of one of our investigators in Kansas city. Jack had called regarding procedures normally followed in the handling of a criminal referral. Specifically, is a referral made by Washington or a field office. 3) Joan Logue-Kinder called, I believe late October after DeVore left the Treasury Department. She had wanted a "heads up" on reporters queries concerning the Rosa Law Firm and Hillary Clinton, but suggested they not be identified in the Early Bird. She also instructed me to call Lisa Caputo at the White House to discuss Sue Schmidt's interest in Hillary Clinton. She gave me Caputo's phone number and said it would be good to keep her informed. 4) Called Lisa Caputo per Logue-Kinder's instructions. Told her Sue Schmidt was interested in knowing if Hillary Clinton had ever attended meetings involving RTC lawyers, Rose Law firm, concerning Madison. Caputo indicated she knew sue and was surprised Sue had not called her directly. 5) Howard Schloss of Treasury called I believe on February 15 and directed . to refrain from mentioning Interim CEO Roger Altman in Early Bird items relating to Madison because of risk that the Early Bird night make it into hands of people who shouldn't see it. Told Schloss: he was not in a position to give me orders. Early Bird was initiated as a vehicle for informing RTC

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