Proposed National Minerals Act. Hearings on ... S. 2105 ... October 10 and 11, 1949

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42. lappuse - Such further measures and dispositions as the Director of the Bureau of the Budget shall determine to be necessary in order to effectuate the transfers provided for in this...
55. lappuse - That is not what I am talking about. I am talking about, for example, the Mad River, or the Naugatuck River, which are not navigable.
31. lappuse - That there are hereby authorized to be appropriated out of any moneys in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, such sums as may be necessary for carrying out the provisions of this Act...
134. lappuse - Mr. President, I ask unanimous consent that the letter of request, dated September 25, 1970, be printed at this point in the Record. (There being no objection, the letter was ordered to be printed in the Record, as follows : ) SEPTEMBER 25, 1970.
3. lappuse - ... to make scientific, technologic, and economic investigations concerning the extent and mode of occurrence, the development, mining, preparation, treatment, and utilization of ores and other mineral substances found in the United States or its Territories or insular possessions, which are essential to the common defense or the industrial needs of the United States, and the quantities or grades of which are inadequate from known domestic sources, in order to determine and develop domestic sources...
158. lappuse - Mr. Speaker, I ask unanimous consent to extend my remarks at this point in the Record and include the testimony of Captain Jacobs on stock piling copper, when he appeared before our committee.
139. lappuse - States, and for other purposes, having considered the same, report favorably thereon with amendments and recommend that the bill as amended do pass. The amendments are as follows : Page 2.
134. lappuse - The honorable the SECRETARY OF THE INTERIOR. MY DEAR MR. SECRETARY : This will acknowledge your letter of...
72. lappuse - No.' . . . The motion is carried. The meeting is recessed for five minutes.

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