The Register of arts, and journal of patent inventions, ed. by L. Herbert, 4. sējums

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Luke Hebert

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276. lappuse - That any person or persons having discovered or invented any new and useful art, machine, manufacture, or composition of matter, or any new and useful improvement on any art, machine, manufacture, or composition of matter...
111. lappuse - It is far from my wish to promulgate to the world that the ridiculous expectations, or rather professions of the enthusiastic speculatist will be realized, and that we shall see engines travelling at the rate of twelve, sixteen, eighteen, or twenty miles an hour. Nothing could do more harm towards their adoption or general improvement than the promulgation of such^nonsense.
261. lappuse - Winchelsea moved for the appointment of a Select Committee of the House of Commons, 'to inquire into the state of Education of the Lower Orders of the People in London, Westminster, and Southwark.
95. lappuse - The four coach-wheels are attached to the axles nearly as in common coaches, except that there is a ratchet-wheel formed upon the back part of the nave with a box wedged into the axle containing a dog or pall, with a spring on the back of it, for the purpose of causing the wheels to be impelled when the axle revolves, and at the same time allowing the outer wheel, when the carriage describes a curve, to travel faster than the inner one, and still be ready to receive the impulse of the engine as soon...
115. lappuse - The time of performing every trip shall be accurately noted, as well as the time occupied in getting ready to set out on the second journey. Should the engine not be enabled to take along with it sufficient fuel and water for the journey of ten trips, the time occupied in taking in a fresh supply of fuel and water shall be considered and taken as a part of the time in performing the journey. JU Rastrick, Esq., Stourbridge, CE Nicholas Wood, Esq., Killingworth, CE John Kennedy, Esq., Manchester. Liverpool,...
114. lappuse - Post, and as soon as the steam is got up to fifty pounds per square inch, the Engine shall set out upon its journey. " The distance the Engine shall perform each trip shall be one mile and three-quarters each way, including one-eighth of a mile at each end for getting up the speed and for stopping the train...
115. lappuse - The engine shall make ten trips, which shall be equal to a journey of thirty-five miles ; thirty miles whereof shall he performed at full speed, and the average rate of travelling shall not be less than ten miles per hour. " As soon as the engine has performed, this task, (which will be equal to the travelling from Liverpool to Manchester,) there shall be a fresh supply of fuel and water delivered to her ; and as soon as she can be got ready to set out again, she shall go up to the starting-post,...
170. lappuse - For a New Preparation or Manufacture of a certain material produced from a vegetable substance, and the application thereof to the purposes of affording light, and for other uses.
38. lappuse - ... entering it at the bottom, and then dividing into three or four branches, each of which terminates in a perforated plate. The steam, thus thrown in, passes in a very divided state into the oil, penetrates into every part of it, and heats it to the temperature of boiling water. The steaming process is to be continued for about six or seven hours...
114. lappuse - The tender-carriage, with the fuel and water, shall be considered to be, and taken as part of the load assigned to the engine, "Those engines that carry their own fuel and water, shall be allowed a proportionate deduction from their load, according to the weight of the engine.

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