Hearings Relating to Madison Guaranty S&L and the Whitewater Development Corporation, Washington, DC Phase: Treasury Department document production in response to S. Res. 229

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3674. lappuse - Administration officer is the subject of investigation, so it would appear ethically questionable for a political appointee of the Department of Treasury to make decisions for an independent federal agency when the President may be implicated in enforcement and civil actions.
3698. lappuse - Altman meeting was disclosed, the Treasury Department was not forthcoming about the additional meetings In fact, Ms. Hanson who attended the hearing with Mr. Altman mentioned nothing about the earlier fall meetings in which she discussed RTC "criminal referrals...
3597. lappuse - Why? A. My concern is with the actions taken by Treasury officials with respect to these meetings. That is why I asked OGE to review the meetings. I see no need to involve the White House in how Treasury handles questions concerning the conduct of Treasury officials.
3177. lappuse - I now believe that Ms. Hanson and Mr. Altman consulted with me in advance of the White House meeting on February 2, 1994.
3591. lappuse - Rouse officials on Madison Guaranty Savings and Loan. Why is it then that you have requested an investigation of these meetings? Doesn't this suggest that Treasury officials did something wrong? A. I have full confidence in the professionalism and integrity of the dedicated and hard-working public...
3556. lappuse - Kouae of Representatives concerning the impact of Congressional hearings and Congressional testimony on my investigation. I have also expressed our preference that an investigation by the US Office of Government Ethics be deferred until after we have completed our investigation, because I believe overlapping investigations at the same time would make cur job more difficult 'see enclosed March IS, 1994 letter to Jar.e S.
3350. lappuse - STEINER INVOLVEMENT IN WH/MADISON? Q. Why would Mr. Steiner be involved in meetings with the White House on Madison Guaranty? A. One of Mr. Steiner's responsibilities is to serve as liaison between the Department and the White House. He attends many meetings with White House staff on a variety of subjects.
3323. lappuse - As Chairman of the Oversight Board, I take my responsibilities very seriously. Congress limited the Board's and my involvement solely to policy oversight over the RTC and instructed that neither it nor I become involved in casespecific matters involving individual institutions or, the day-to-day operations of the RTC.
3467. lappuse - Do you agree with che clearance by Treasury's ethics official of the February meeting with the White House? A. It is not appropriate for me to agree or disagree with Treasury's ethics people's advice. The point of having ethics officials is to have someone who gives ir.deper.oen- advice on whether something violates -he -scr.ics rules.
3601. lappuse - Given the treatment these meetings have been given, and the suggestion by certain Congressional members that these meetings violated some rule or standard of ethical conduct, I think it is important that these meetings be examined from an ethical and conflicts perspective.