Transnational Constitutionalism: International and European Perspectives

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Nicholas Tsagourias, Professor Nicholas Tsagourias
Cambridge University Press, 2007. gada 19. jūl. - 391 lappuses
An interdisciplinary perspective is adopted to examine international and European models of constitutionalism. In particular the book reflects critically on a number of constitutional themes, such as the nature of European and international constitutional models and their underlying principles; the telos behind international and European constitutionalism; the role of the state and of central courts; and the relationships between composite orders. Transnational Constitutionalism brings together a group of European and international law scholars, whose thought-provoking contributions provide the necessary intellectual insight that will assist the reader in understanding the political and legal phenomena that take place beyond the state. This edited collection represents an original and pioneering contribution to the international and European constitutional discourse.

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Par autoru (2007)

Nicholas Tsagourias is Professor of International Law at the University of Sheffield.

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