Energy and Science Reports and Testimony, 1992

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35. lappuse - Energy (DOE) has obligated to its contractors for goods and services that have not yet been provided and for which costs have therefore not been incurred.
50. lappuse - Columbia, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the University of California at Berkeley.
2. lappuse - Victor S. Rezendes Director, Energy and Science Issues Resources, Community, and Economic Development Division US General Accounting Office Washington, DC 20548 Dear Mr.
16. lappuse - Member of the Environment, Energy and Natural Resources Subcommittee, House Committee on Government Operations, asked us to review ERA'S efforts to regulate the efficacy of disinfectants.
41. lappuse - Resources, Community, and Economic Development Division, before the Department of Energy Defense Nuclear Facilities Panel, House Committee on Armed Services.
38. lappuse - Aug. 31, 1993). Nuclear Weapons Complex: Issues Surrounding Consolidating Los Alamos and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories (GAO/RCED-9298, Sept. 24, 1992).
29. lappuse - General, before the Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee, House Committee on Energy and Commerce. Loose administration of government contracts has resulted in contractors getting bonuses for mediocre performance and billing agencies for millions of dollars in unallowable or questionable costs, such as employee parties, tickets to sporting events, and liquor. Civilian agencies now spend about $55 billion per year on contracts.
52. lappuse - QAO also produced the transition series, a set of 28 reports, summarizing QAO's findings on major problems confronting federal agencies, as well as economic and management issues facing the Congress and the incoming Administration. The national value of QAO's work continued to be demonstrated during this past year, and QAO recommendations issued in prior years continued to be implemented.
17. lappuse - DOE'S Repository Site Investigations, a Long and Difficult Task (RCED-92-73, May 27, 1992). Nuclear Waste: Defense Waste Processing Facility—Cost, Schedule, and Technical Issues (RCED-92-183, June 17, 1992). Federal Research: Implementation of the Super Collider's Cost and Schedule Control System (GAO/RCED-92-242, July 21, 1992).

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