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ix. lappuse - ... with headquarters in the state house. " The duties of such bureau shall be to collect, assort, systematize and present in annual reports to the legislature, on or before the first day of March in each year, statistical details relating to all departments of labor in the Commonwealth...
193. lappuse - Part III. Industrial chronology of New Jersey; accidents to workmen while on duty; permanent or temporary suspension of work in manufacturing establishments; changes in working hours and wages; new manufacturing plants established and old ones enlarged; industrial property destroyed by fire or flood; trade and labor unions organized: strikes and lockouts (p.
175. lappuse - The care and improvement of the animate machinery is at least as important to the manufacturer as the care and improvement of the immediate or inanimate machinery.
170. lappuse - the ratio of cases of pulmonary consumption to those of all other diseases is highest where the amount of exertion is least, and lowest where it is greatest ; and the intermediate degree of exertion presents an intermediate ratio. The age at which pulmonary consumption makes its attack is earlier in employments requiring little exertion than in those requiring more, and in those requiring moderate exertion than in those demanding great effort.
122. lappuse - TABLE No. 8. — Number of Days in Operation, Number of Hours Worked per Day, Number of Hours Worked per Week and Overtime, 1915.
273. lappuse - The break shows itself sensationally in the bitter fight between the American Federation of Labor and the Industrial Workers of the World.
174. lappuse - ... well-selected bill of fare is served at practically cost prices. The employes bring their own lunches and are served with the free hot dishes, or they may order their entire meal — and get a good one — for an average of eight or ten cents. Whenever night work is necessary during the busy season, special dinners are served in the rooms for all employes at the expense of the company.
177. lappuse - ... exercise no paternal or patronizing control, but to create a club-plant fully equipped in every particular, and turn it over to the employes, on whom should devolve the entire responsibility of organization and administration — of success or failure. "The basic idea of this social experiment, however, was the conviction of the head of the concern that the weightiest question confronting the twentieth century is the relation between capital and labor; that there must be a drawing together, or...
177. lappuse - ... established ; otherwise there must come between employer and employe a conflict more potential of disaster and destruction than any war this world has yet witnessed, and that, therefore, it is the duty of every employer to contribute by all reasonable means to a peaceful and satisfactory solution of the existing differences. It was hoped that the social and other plans of the Weston organization designed for the pleasure and welfare of its employes would not only shed a little sunshine day by...
190. lappuse - ... manufacturing and every other form of productive industry, with a view to their permanent establishment on a prosperous basis, both to employers and employes.

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