Object-Oriented Information Systems: 8th International Conference, OOIS 2002, Montpellier, France, September 2-5, 2002, Proceedings

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Zohra Bellahsene, Dilip Patel, Colette Rolland
Springer Science & Business Media, 2002. gada 21. aug. - 550 lappuses
The OOIS series of conferences has provided a forum for the presentation and exchange of academic research and industrial experiences within the ?eld of information systems, based on object-oriented technology. The 8th International Conference on OOIS was held in the University of Montpellier from 2nd to 5th September 2002. The conference focused on the - sign, maintenance and implementation of web-based information systems. The ?rst day consisted of preconference workshops. The workshop themes included the specialization/generalization hierarchy, reuse, optimization in web-based - formation systems, and model-driven software development. The main conference program also included four invited papers, namely “C- porate Semantic Webs” by Dr. Rose Dieng, INRIA, France, “A Framework for De?ning E-business Models” by Prof. Yves Pigneur, University of Lausanne, Switzerland, “GRID in E-business” by Pierre Sabloni`ere, IBM, France, and “The Latest Development on Cognitive Informatics” by Dr. Yingxu Wang, University of Calgary, Canada. The conference attracted 116 papers from more than 20 countries and the program committee accepted 34 regular papers and 17 short papers. The selected papers included the following themes: – advanced object-information systems, – web-based information systems, – knowledge management in object information systems, – CORBA, – e-business, – software metrics, – object databases.

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