The Patent Policies Affecting ERDA Energy Programs: A Report to the President & the Congress of the United States, 1. sējums

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U.S. Energy Research and Development Administration, 1976 - 258 lappuses

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38. lappuse - Section l(a) and is a necessary incentive to call forth private risk capital and expense to bring the invention to the point of practical application.
65. lappuse - Any invention or discovery, useful in the production or utilization of special nuclear material or atomic energy, made or conceived under any contract, subcontract arrangement, or other relationship with the Commission...
40. lappuse - Where the principal or exclusive rights in an invention remain in the contractor, unless the contractor, his licensee, or his assignee has taken effective steps within three years after a patent issues on the invention to bring the invention to the point of practical application or has made the invention available for licensing royalty-free or on terms that are reasonable in the circumstances...
224. lappuse - The several courts vested with jurisdiction of cases arising under the patent laws shall have power to grant injunctions according to the course and principles of courts of equity, to prevent the violation of any right secured by patent, on such terms as the court may deem reasonable...
73. lappuse - Commission, pursuant to the provisions of section 2071 of this title, determines to be special nuclear material, but does not include source material ; or (2) any material artificially enriched by any of the foregoing, but does not include source material.
36. lappuse - The contract is not in a field of science or technology in which there has been little significant experience outside of work funded by the Government, or where the Government has been the principal developer of the field...
73. lappuse - produce', when used in relation to special nuclear material, means (1) to manufacture, make, produce, or refine special nuclear material; (2) to separate special nuclear material from other substances in which such material may be contained; or (3) to make or to produce new special nuclear material. "v. The term 'production facility...
228. lappuse - A patent owner is not in the position of a quasitrustee for the public or under any obligation to see that the public acquires the free right to use the invention. He has no obligation either to use it or to grant its use to others.
19. lappuse - Authorities concur that the substantial equivalent of a thing, in the sense of the patent law, is the same as the thing itself; so that if two devices do the same work in substantially the same way, and accomplish substantially the same result, they are the same, even though they differ in name, form, or shape.
54. lappuse - SEC. 3. The Federal Council for Science and Technology in consultation with the Department of Justice shall prepare at least annually a report concerning the effectiveness of this policy, including recommendations for revision or...

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