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" ... surrounding it were dark; up in the Rue Blanche there was more light and a local, colloquial French crowd. The Poet's Cave had disappeared, but the two great mouths of the Cafe of Heaven and the... "
We'll Always Have Paris: American Tourists in France since 1930 - 4. lappuse
autors: Harvey Levenstein - 2010 - 368 lapas
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The Diamond as Big as the Ritz: And Other Stories

Francis Scott Fitzgerald - 1994 - 240 lapas
...Cafe of Hell still yawned - even devoured, as he watched, the meagre contents of a tourist bus - a German, a Japanese, and an American couple who glanced at him with frightened eyes. So much for the effort and ingenuity of Montmartre. All the catering to vice and waste was on an utterly...
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