Mountaineers: Great Tales of Bravery and Conquest

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Dorling Kindersley Limited, 2011. gada 3. okt. - 360 lappuses

An epic guide to the most intrepid mountaineers in history

Written in association with the Royal Geographical Society and The Alpine Club, Mountaineers tells the story of the pioneers who first conquered the giddy heights of our planet. Full of great tales of endurance and perseverance, more than 100 of the top mountaineers are profiled, from Hannibal to Hillary. Share in their triumphs and tragedies from the comfort of your living room as journal extracts and never-before-seen photographs and maps from the unpublished archives of the RGS and The Alpine Club help recreate history's greatest ascents.

Mountaineers introduces you to a host of intriguing characters, from the Brits who insisted on hauling cases of vintage champagne up to Everest base camp in 1924, to the Italian Duke of the Abruzzi who took 10 iron bedsteads up Alaska's Malaspina glacier. Along the way you'll also find out about the important scientific discoveries that have shaped the course of human history and enjoy accounts of great bravery, fellowship and good humour in the face of adversity, all making Mountaineers a fascinating read for anyone with a spirit of adventure.

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The Royal Geographic Society is the world's most learned and prestigious body for geography and exploration. Founded in 1830, its aim is to advance geographic research, nationally and globally, and to improve understanding of the connected world.

The Alpine Club is the world's first mountaineering club and the only national club for alpinists in the UK. For a century and a half its members - most of the leading British mountaineers of each generation - have been at the forefront of worldwide mountaineering development and exploration.

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