Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Circuit Court of the United States, for the First Circuit, 1. sējums

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Charles C. Little and James Brown, 1842
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122. lappuse - That every contract made for or about any matter or thing which is prohibited and made unlawful by any statute is a void contract, though the statute itself doth not mention that it shall be so, but only inflicts a penalty on the offender, because a penalty implies a prohibition, though there are no prohibitory words in the statute...
447. lappuse - ... 4 Kent Com. (6th ed.) 335. And Mr. Justice Story, in Blagge v. Miles, gives three classes which "have been held to be sufficient demonstrations of an intended execution of a power: (1) Where there has been some reference in the will, or other instrument, to the power ; (2) or a reference to the property which is the subject on which it is to be executed; (3) or where the provision in the will or other instrument, executed by. the donee of the power, would otherwise be ineffectual, or a mere nullity...
215. lappuse - In this class of cases the plaintiff is held to stringent rules of pleading and evidence; ''and especially must there be distinct averments as to the time when the fraud, mistake, concealment or misrepresentation was discovered, and what the discovery is, so that the court may clearly see whether, by ordinary diligence, the discovery might not have been before made.
501. lappuse - ... and of the several and respective heirs male of the body and bodies of all and every such son and sons...
553. lappuse - From the variety of cases relative to judgments being given in evidence in civil cases, these two deductions seem to follow as generally true, First, that the judgment of a court of concurrent jurisdiction, directly upon the point, is, as a plea, a bar, or as evidence, conclusive between the same parties, on the same matter, directly in question in another court.
290. lappuse - ... original inventor, and shall have no legal or just right to claim the same, in every such case the patent shall be deemed good and valid for so much of the invention or discovery as shall be truly and...
293. lappuse - But no such disclaimer shall affect any action pending at the time of its being filed, except so far as may relate to the question of unreasonable neglect or delay in filing it.
625. lappuse - For thy comfort and encouragement, cast thine eyes upon the sages of the law that have been before thee, and never shalt thou find any that hath excelled in the knowledge of the laws but hath sucked from the breasts of that divine knowledge, honesty, gravity, and integrity...
289. lappuse - That whenever, by mistake, accident, or inadvertence, and without any wilful default or intent to defraud or mislead the public, any patentee shall have in his specification claimed to be the original and first inventor or discoverer of any material or substantial part of the thing patented, of which he was not the first and original inventor, and shall have no legal or just right to claim the same, in every such case the patent shall...
446. lappuse - All the authorities agree that it is not necessary that the intention to execute the power should appear by express terms or recitals in the instrument. It is sufficient that it shall appear by words, acts, or deeds demonstrating the intention.

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