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Collectors of school districts, 14%; not giving bond, office
Abbott, Rev. Mr.-Remarks of, on morals, page 63; on vacated, 66; their jurisdiction, 146; Their mode of pro
text books, spellers and grammars, 58.

ceeding, 145; what property liable, &c. 145.
Account books-to be provided, &c., 133.

Colored children-schools for, 142.
Allegany county report, 2.

Committees appointed by convention of County Saper.
Alphabet of Rules, 73: mutation of, 111.

intendents, bl.
Alterations in school districts, 127.

Commissioners or town Superintendents-official order
An aristocratic eagle, 184.

as to apportioning public money on defective reports,
Annual Reports of County Superintendents-editorial 1; Commissioners' office, il abolished, 17.
notice of, 8; annual reports, 130, 140.

Common Schools, of Syracuse, 9 of Rochester, 16.
Annual and special meetings, 133, 144, 145.

Common School ieachers-labor's of, 73.
Apparatus-when may be bought with library money, Common School Act, 17; editorial remarks on, 24;
19; school resolutions, recommending, 63.

fund, 165.
Appeals--to the County Superintendent, 152; to the Composition-elements of, 110.
State Superintendent, 143.

Contracts with teachers, 138.
Application of school money, &c., 131.

Corporal punishment-Col. Young's views on, 1; re-
Applications to the State Superintendent, 143.

port on, by Col Stone, 49; discussion in relation to
Apportionment-laws of, 88; Col. Young's notice of, in 50, 51; F. Dwight's resolution on, adopted, 52.
report, 169.

County Superintendents-report of, from Allegany, ?;
Assessment and collection of district taxes, 134.

two may be appointed by supervisors, when, may
Associations--voluntary, resolutions on, 61.

be removed, how; how paid; appeals to be made to;
Attendance-irregularity of, 74.

certificates granted by; annulled by, 18; system,
Ayes and noes-list of, 147.

why established, not expensive, admirable results of
27; State Convention of, called, 32; met at Albany, 49,

their duty, 153, 155, 156; Col. Young's remarks on: 166;

List of, 173.
Bible recommended as text-book,by Gov. Pennington, 13. County Conventions, 25; in Erie, 108; Columbia, Otse-
Biography for schools, 106.

go, Wayne, Warren, Albany, Washington, Allegany,
Black.board-instruction on, 71.

109; Dutchess, 110.
Bonrd of Supervisors, their duty, 126.

County Treasurers, 126.
Boarding round, 69.

Bond to be required of the collector, 142; form of, 143.
B.-report of, 22.

Davies, Charles, Prof.-invited to address Convention;
Broome-report of County Superintendent of, 19.

thanks for request of, for publication, 56.
Building-furnishing, &c. of school house, 149.

Delaware County-report of, 97.
Burgess, A., County Superintendent of Allegany-val- Democratic character of common schools, 10; of free

uable report of, on schools, 2; editorial notice of, s. schools, 15.
Bushnel, Horace-extract from report of, on schools Denman, J. S.--letter describing Teachers' Insitute in
in Hartford, 10.

Tompkins county, remarks on flogging, 52.
Designation of site of school house, 148.

Discipline - bad and good we'l contrasted; effect of

flogging; of constant threatening, 5; should not be
Canada--common school bill, 176.

of force, 86.
Cards v. Books, 67.

Districts-inability to support schools, 5; small dis.
Cattaraugus County-Superintendent's report of, 20; tricts-schools in, 6; how altered, 18; small, great

Caynga County, Superintendent's report of, 21; Che- loss arising from, 21; gradation of, urged, 67; dis.
mung County, Superintendent's report of, 22; Chau. tricting, evils and remedies, 104; districts, number
tauque County, Superintendent's report of, 82; Che- of, ; in State, 161.
nango County Superintendent's report of, 83; Clinton District clerk, his duties, 144, 147.
County, Superintendent's report of, 93.

Division of teachers' money into portions, 133.
Cautions and counsels, 185.

Duties of Town Superintendents, 129, 130.
Certificates--when presented by county or town Super. Dwight, Francis-his resolution on corporal punish-

intendents, 18; department directions in relation to, ment, 51; remarks of, 50, 51; resolution on christian
37; resolutions in relation to, 63.

morals, 52.
Celebrations-of Common Schools at Medina, 16; in
Allegany, s2; China, (Wyoming Co.) 109.

Change of site of school bouse, 149.

Education-triumphs of, 68.
Children-how injured by bad teachers, 7; non-resi. Employment and payment of teachers, &c. 138.

dent, admission of, intó schools, Col. Young's deci: England-condition of children of, 73.
sion, 17; how should enter and leave school; 26: Exemption-certificate of, 139.
small schools for, 30; of England-condition of, 74:
how taught to tease, 80; number taught, 162; average

period of tuition, 162,
Citizens-resolution on duties of, 57.

Female teachers-employment of, increasing, 29 ; less
Clement, A S., County Superintendent of Columbia- paid than operators, 30; resolution in relation 10, 68;
remarks of, on teaching, 56.

discussion of, 59.
Clerks-of Boards of Supervisors, 125; of towas, 126;! Fonda, A. C. S.-resolutions of, on voluntary associa..
of counties, 126,

tions, 61.

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Franklin County-report on schools of, 98.

Mode of providing fuel, 137; of paying teachers, 138;
Frazier, G. T., County Superintendent of Monroe-re. of proceeding, 146; of keeping minutes, &c., by dis-
port of, 19.

trict clerk, 147.
Free Schools-success of, in Rochester, 15; ably vindi. Moral education, 182.
cated, 14.

Moral training-recommended in New Jersey, 13; how
Form-nf draft on State treasurer for school moneys, used in Glasgow, 15; how to do good, 31; resolutious

126; of notice to trastees not giving their consent to on, in convention, 52; discussed, 62, 58; adopted, 64;
alteration of district, 127; of resolution for the al. conquer with kindness, 75; set about it, 76; do not
terateon of a district, 128; of teacher's certificate, decieve yourself, 77 ; industry, 79; golden rule, 80;
of instrument annulling do. 130; of district tax list, moral influence of schools, 98.
and warrant for its collection, '136; of assessment, Mothers should be interested in schools, 13.
rale-bill and warrant, 139.

Music, vocal-its moral effects, 16; resolutions in re.

lation to, 60; report on; discussion of, 60.

General provisions in relation to taxes, &c. 14.

Neatness essential--teachers' neglect of, 9; of school
Gencsee-report of schools in, 99.

room, 73.
German schools, 91.

Needle manufactory, 71.
Glasgow-juvenile training school in, 15.

New Jersey-extracts from report of trustees of its
Globes-when may be bought with library money, 19. school fund, 12.
Goodrich, Chauncey, town Superintendent-letter of, on Normal Schools-ordinance of Regents in relation to,
use of cards, 67.

23; teachers' institute in Tompkins County, account
Grammar-practical lessons in, 186.

of, 46, 47; resolutions on, Col. Young's remarks on,

61; training college for teachers, in England, 70; recom-

mended, 97; opened in Fulton, Tompkins, Cayoga,
Hammond, Hon. Jabez D.-letter of, 49.

Orleans and Washington, 110; remarks on 'in annual
Henry, James, jr., County Superintendent of Herkimer, report, 171.
19; remarks on physical education; amends resolu- Notice of the first meeting in district to organize, 197.
tion which is adopted, 55; resolution on, in relation

to teachers, 63.
Hopkins, A.G.-resolutions of, in relatiou to town Su. Oherlin-or triumphs of education, 68.

perintendents; how to leach children to tease, 80. Official decisions-admission of non-resident children
Hulburd, Hon. C.T:--official report of, vindicating new into schools, 17; order in relation to appointing town
system of supervision, 27.

Superintendents, 24; apportioning subjects among
Humphrey, Hon. Charles--his notice of institute, 47. County Superintendents for reports, 66; Collector not

giving bond, office vacated, 66; instructions of, to the

various school officers, from 195 10 159; to Town Su-

perintendents, enforcing strict observance of law, 160.
lodifference of inhabitants to schools, 8, 19, 20; give up || Oral instruction, 183.
the school wholly to teachers, 22.

Order-unwisely enforced, 5; how should be, 9; how
Individual action-importance of, 32.

school should be classified, 26; how should be urgan-
Inspections-form of account of, 144.

ized, 26; of school room, 103,
luspectors-office of, abolished, 17.

Orthography-resolutions on uniform standard of, 56;
Institute Teachers--notice of, 16.

committee appointed on, 56.
Instruction to teachers, 143.


Parental interest-importance of, 13.
Jefferson County-report on, 101.

Patchin, Ira-brings in resolutions on physical educa-
Journal, D. School-resolutions on, 61; new method of tion, 54; on place of keeping libraries, 66.
directing, 72; notice of, 87, 103 ; an'appeal in behalf Physical training-in Glasgow, 16; educa:ion, reso!u-
of, 107: noticed in annual report, 171.

tions on, discussed, 54; amended and adopted, 65;
Jurisdiction of Collector, 145.

Prof. Porter's remarks on, 65; neglected, 98; tempe

rance, Sewall's Pathology noticed, 176.

Potter, Alonzo, D. D.--remarks in convention on physi-

cal education, 54, 55.
King Henry and the woodcutter, 78.

Powers and duties of inhabitants when assembled in
King, Theodore F., chosen President of State Conven. district meeting, 145.
tion-address of, 49.

Private schools-resolutions on, 58; evils of, 101; num.

ber in State, 162.

Proceedings in the formation or alteration of schoci dis-

triets, 127; in the formation of a joint district, 128; in
Le Roy, D. C.-report of on schools of Syracuse, 29.

case of non-resident lands, 135.
Letter to a primary school teacher, 187.

Public opinion, 75.
Liabilities of town Superintendents, 131.

Purchase, &c., of school house, 137.
Library money-to be applied to purchase of books or
apparatus and maps; when it may be to the latter,

19; when to be spent, 36.
Libraries-100 well kept; excellent influence of, 20;| Qualificatjons of voters, 147; at district meetings, 179.

many improper books in, 22; where to be kept; discus.
siin on, 56; Col. Young's remarks on, 56, 57; resolu.

tion on, 57; what libraries to be reported by Town Randall, S. S., General Deputy, 19; speech on corporal
Superintendent, 81; how many books in use, 97; re- punishment, 50, 51; resolution offered by, 52; letter
gulation complained of, 99; noticed in Col. Young's of on christian morals and prayer in schools, 53.
report, 170; district, 148; do. regulations, No. 1, 149; | Randall. H. S-report of, 85
do do. No. 2, 151.

Randall, O. W-letter from, on nentness and order, 9.
Licensing teachers, &c. 156.

Reconsideration of proceedings, 147.
Regents-ordinance of in relation to Normalschools, 23.
Register-recommended by Abbott, 25.

Remarks on seminaries for teachers, 178.
Mack, J. T., Superintendent of Rochester schools-re Renewal of warrants, 137.
port of, 14.

Repeating after teacher-importance of, 11.
MeParland, D., County Superintendent-resolutions or, | Reports-of trustecs, when to be made, 34, 36 ; what to
on irregularity of attendance, 63.

contain, 140; what must state in relation to library,
Maps-when may be bought with library money, 19. 36; particular instructions of department in relation
Marietta school-account of, 104.
Matteawan district, 48; appeal of inhabitants in rela. Resolution creating a new district, 127.
tion to, 47, 48.

Rewards, punishments, &c. 181.
Mayhew, Ira, County Superintendent-resolution and Reynolds, John-letter of, 91.
report on school houses, 61, 101.

Rice, E. A.-report of, 21.
Michigan-annual school report of, 11,

Rochester, H. E., County Superintendent of Monroe, 49;
Missouri-extract from address to its legislature, 13. views on corporal punishment, 61.


to, 36.

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