Third Deficiency Appropriation Bill for 1939: Hearings Before the Subcommittee of the Committee on Appropriations, House of Representatives, Seventy-sixth Congress, First Session on the Third Deficiency Appropriation Bill for 1939

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1939 - 741 lappuses

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196. lappuse - USC 214, 224), and also including not to exceed $250,000 for farmers' bulletins, which shall be adapted to the interests of the people of the different sections of the country, an equal proportion of four-fifths of which shall be delivered to or sent out under the addressed franks furnished by the Senators, Representatives, and Delegates in Congress, as they shall direct...
417. lappuse - Council"). The Council shall be composed of three members who shall be appointed by the President to serve at his pleasure, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate. The President shall designate one of the members of the Council to serve as Chairman.
24. lappuse - ... laws applicable to the employment and compensation of officers and employees of the United States...
338. lappuse - The foregoing estimate of appropriation is required to meet a contingency which has arisen since the transmission of the Budget for the fiscal year 1942, and approval is recommended.
477. lappuse - The Civil Service Commission shall, in cooperation with operating departments and establishments, the Office of Education, and public and private institutions of learning, establish practical training courses for employees in the departmental and field services of the classified civil service, and may by regulations provide credits in transfer and promotion examinations for satisfactory completion of one or more of such training courses.
323. lappuse - Agency; and such other expenses as may be authorized by the Secretary of State.
155. lappuse - Resolved, That a copy of this resolution be sent by the Secretary of the Senate to the President of the United States...
516. lappuse - It shall be the duty of each director of personnel to act as liaison officer in personnel matters between his department or establishment and the Civil Service Commission, and to make recommendations to the departmental budget officer with respect to estimates and expenditures for personnel. He shall supervise the functions of appointment, assignment, service rating, and training of employees in his department or establishment...
22. lappuse - Board") to plan and promote the improvement, development, and coordination of, and the elimination of duplication in, statistical services carried on by or subject to the supervision of the Federal Government, and, so far as may be practicable, of other statistical services in the United States.
226. lappuse - It is impossible to estimate with any degree of accuracy, the amount of the surplus tolls, during the next six years.

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