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12) a work specially ordernd or contr. * *! a contribution to a collative work, as a parts! . ture or other audiorusual work, as a thar gol . mentary work, as a compilation, as an incrx a test, as answer material for a test, us p ropose other portrait of one or more persons, * & d' parties expressly agree in a written perine! them that the work shall be cons.denda were raba A "supplementary work" is a work prepare for as a serondary adjunct to a work by anak's! 1" : purpose of introducing, concluding ilang 2016 rerising, commenting upon, or assisting the siste work, such as foreuonis, afterwonis, pat turdi memang maps, charts, tables, editorial noten, maa: 10"-->> answer material for tests, bibliographer, A; ; * indexes. In "instructional text” is alterar, graphic work prepared for publi atau mom use in systematic instruktional actions Subject matter of copyright: In general


cludes compilatsons and derivative works, but protects. employing pre existing material in which copyright sulm. extend to any part of the work in which such material than ur. awfully,

bTramopyright in a compilation or derivative work to the material contributed by the author of suh wa tinguiaded frown the pre existing material employed 11 asni ders not imply any exclusive right in the prrexit. The copyright in suh work is independent of, and den or el.large the rope, duration, ownership, or sulmistetue su P pretestson in the pre existing material. 1 104. Subject matter of copyright: National origin

ular HD Was The works spesiedt bos 1919 while unpublished, are subject to protection under the sout regard to the naturality or don ile of the author E PE MI ISHED Wk The works quited list ten puuhiistudare subject to prontereson utler 1!.

11 the date of fint pulls atem, one of txan oft na hat: op de liary of the l nited States of 10 d oları, ar netr authority of a foreign latu

party to a maput.ght treat to whith the malata


16 11

Copyright protection sulata, in anuntur * !! Horks of authorship fixed in any launde rai..lng * known or later drseloped, from which the beso red, or otherwise communited, either id, !,! ' " duine or deuce. Works of auliwship o dell

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literary works;
musical work, including any ho vvm491
dramatic works, im luiling any w val. p .
Pantomimen and chorographer words,

itoriai.graphie, and sculptural u ns
jution paturre and other anden met W
wd rondtog
ne doriopsright protrufnin for an

of su sud to any wea, plan, prostor, pomerne om efeito onerpt, prin sple, or da ns, regarderen . teenbed, raplarili salatref, of er

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matter of copyright: Compilations and dorester

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Fuch parlaration or immse any conditions or limitations on

protection under a proclamation 7 c) The expropriation by a governmental organ rution of a for. 4 pin wintry, of a ropyright, or the right to certimp amper ght, or 5 ans rig?it comprised in a convright, or anr right in a work for which 6 coprnight martw murid. or the transfer of a movsght or of any suh 7 right, or the power to authorize ans us of the work thereunder. from & the author or mpenght owner to a governmental agency of a forrim 9 intry pursuant to any law, derrer, regulation, order or other artion 10 of the government effecting or requiring such transfer. shall not be 11 given eftert for the purpos of this title. 12 105. Subject matter of copyright: l'nited States Government

works 14 ('opyright protection under this title is not ava:lable for ans rork 15 of the l'nited States Government, but the l'nited States (Government 16 is not precluded from mreiving and holding copyrights transferred 17 tout by assignment, twquest, or otherwise. 18 $106. Exclusive rights in copyrighted works 19 Subject to sertions 107 through 117, the owner of coprnight under

this title has the exclusive rights to do and to authorize ans of the 21 following:

(1) to reproduce the copyrighted work in copies or phonomords:

(2) to prepare derivative works based upon the copyrighted work:

13) to distribute copies or phonorrroris of the copyrighted work to the publie by sale or other transfer of ownership, or by rental, lear, or lending:

(4) in the rose of literarv, minimal. dramatic, and choreographie works, pantomime, motion pictures and other androvisual works, to perform the copyrighted work publicly;

15) in the eve of literary, mural, dramati and choreographie works, pantomimes, and pitorial. graph, of sulptural works, in luding the indrunal image of a motion pretire or other

sudovrural work, to dı-play the copyrighted work publielu $107. Limitations on exclusive rights: Fair use

Notwithstanding the prominions of sertion 106, the fair use of a copyrighted works, including such uw by reprowluetoon in copies or phomorecords or by any other meane prified by that mation, for per *** h 4* erit rien, enment, news reporting, teaching, mholar

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1 suip, or rarrh. so not an infringement of copyright Ins

but her the use masle of a work in any partieular cane i 3 the frutors to the consideredi sball in lude

ili the purpose and character of the ur;
1) the nature of the cops righted work:

13) the amount and substantiality of the part of lation to the copyrighted work ass whole; and

14) the effect of the use upon the potential market

of the copyrighted work 10 $ 10k Limitations on exclusive rights: Reproduction 11 and archives 11 a nithetan ting the provisions of rtion Isus, at .

fringuerent of rogivnight for a hisrary or archivne, or any 14 peor #tir.g within the son of their employment to re 16 urte than one of our pourront of a work, or distributi :6 selvforsord, under the monet:110* pified by the

11The reprewertun or distribute is made wife fume of drwt op die temneral advantage,

11 I due collection of the library or are him asr 111 grah!>, all available not only to maranı bansa ate nabran or ar: hitreet with tlor list it ut hee of the sta * w footstler permis deng rear in a ni tof..

1. Die reprowiu toe er disfrutastuen of the 'R

fro! pinig !

ito Perchta do te porerit tun anii distribution toile: hope to spent for free of an ut just stari wa i.

font .. formules for you?puwes ont permet 1 :0 al. I . dewwal frap rrrer hur in streid Puppistan e r ut!

wel og !of Osim. tangiat, of top long 2. Programs currently on the ... tus of the.. 3: es loop of reporumfurtoe wrebep throat . I po 1. et poveste are certaifap.400cc work! .1 :1 ated 18. faoi , 3.1 etapes of front of a scap fom. 1.epuses!

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1 righted collection or periodical issue, or to a copy or phonorecord of a 2 small part of any other copyrighted work, if:

(1) The cops becomes the property of the user, and the library or arrhiva has had no notice that the cope would be usd for any purpose other than prirate study, scholarlup. or mearch; and

(2) The library or archives displays prominently, at the place where orders are accepted, and includes on its order form, a warni ing of copyright in accordance with requirements that the Reg.

ister of Copyrights sliall prescribe by regulation. 10 (e) The rights of reproduction and distribution under this section 11 applı to the entire work, or to a substantial part of it, made from the 12 collection of a library or archives where the user makes his request or 13 from that of another library or archives, if the library or archives has 14 first determined, on the basis of a reasonable investigation that a copy 15 or phonorecord of the copyrighted work cannot be obtained at a fair 16 price, if:

(1) The copy becomes the property of the user, and the library or archives has had no notice that the copy would be used for any purpose other than private study, scholarship, or research; and

(2) The library or archives displays prominently, at the place where orders are accepted, and includes on its order form, a warna ing of copyright in accordance with requirements that the Register of copyrights shall prescribe by regulation. ( Noticing in this sect 100

(1) shall be construed to imprisp liability for copyright in. fringement upon a library or archives or its emplovers for the unsupred use of reproducing equipment located on its premises prossend that such equipment di-plays a notice that the making of a mopy may be subject to the copyright law:

121 @Y"uses a person who uses such reproducing equipment or who puts a copy under sustraction (d, from liability for copy night infringement for any such art, or for any later un of such copy, af it exprd fair uma prorded by wytron 107:

13) in any way afforts the right of fair usa pros adrd bs mer tuon lui, or any contractual obligations assumed at any time by the library or an huven when it wbtained a copy or phonoreord of a work in its collects;

1 slall mountrunito limit tlum repromitation and darbu tuon of a limited number of copies and excerpts by a library or

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archive of an an hovisual news program subject to rl 9 12 and 13 of sulation (n). > iri The rights of reproduction and distribution under t 4 extend to the solated and unrelated reproduction or distrito 8 Sigle ropy or phonorecord of the same material on separate e but do not extend to case where the library or arhiv 1 en:plover:

(1) is aware or has substantial reason to beliese engaging in the related or concerted reproduction or it: of multiple copies or phonor ronis of the same material made on one orrson or over a nod of time, an. u.tended for regregate us by one or more indivadel rate us by the indivual members of a group or

(?) engan in the systematie repro lucts or engle or multiple copies or phenor conis of matera!

in sulation id). 11 The poplits of reprodution and distribution undert I do not apply to a msal work a pătoral,graphı otsista 19 * m *** gode ture or other av:1101 inal work out forp pian

1. xl curl draiat. news, exist that no suh 21 m'y with repeat to rights granted by submestrena ibs ar

10. Limitations on exclusive rights: Effect of transfe A

ticular copy or phonorecord 24 ..with.ulanting the prin a sestan of tuon 1 1. the So matku arengun or pobere ord lawfuiiy made under th..

for authestral boy him, so entitled, without the ..fb.cop 11 owner, to wil of keer word. um of the

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