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Additional material
Andavits and letters concerning licensing of copyrighted prove

tervision stations and the sale of advertising time to advertis Alira, Jorph P., Assistant Administrator for Legative

National Aeronautics and Space Administration, letter
ritemtep 5, 1973, to Hon, Peter W. Rodino, Jr., charmais,

(. fi.fuatter on the Judiciary.....
Attuan Bruadcasting Companies, Inc., preparrd statenent..
Amencan Business Prrex, Inc., prepared statement..
Announ Guld of Authors and Companies and the National

Palanke Asiation, joint statement ---
Amrncan cirty of Composers, Authors, and Publishers, pr

Birmilier, Andrr*, director, Lagislative Department, AIL (IO

daud, 1922, 1973, to Hon. Robert W. Kantafimer
Braban, Wiliam J, predent, Cable Division, Ten prompter
Bradest Music, Inc., preparrd statement........
B. Aaron poredent, International Typeface Corp, letter

July 2* 1975, te llon Robert W hasten mer
*"Calor Telmann Inderilir 1972 Rules and the Impact of liter

(i pituut Fre Propnale," by Badger , Witchrid.... ('. , Katt W , Amrncan Chemical sciety, better dated J:

197% Hien Robert Whutanmeier *('proglal.lits of Typince and Type Font Invign," states

ila A (antiraft Industries, Inc. . . (evir, Maunor J., M.D., 1.partment of Radiol , Priserne

poutal Anchorage, Alaska, letter dated July 9, 1973, to lien Pr

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Darwn. Hal ( prudent. American Bidaratan of Makala

dalada , 1975, to lion, Robert Kastenmeirt Peristen Datel, Amaus and Rothstein, counselor at law

dated J.' IN, 1979, to « Robot W kastet, mert Esas, 1 , vip prisitrat, ('11 letter dated J. B1"} Ha kert Whitenint er, chairman, Suhaflaitteet

(, and the Administration of Justice Pret la tard, National Music Pintern' Assuciatusta, Ir.e.

dated (bre, 1 197), to Hin Rest W hitet, P Hitam. Jana H. PhD), srnor vice preferat, rearrhi de

mr.ff.t, the ( Simby (a, Iritat dated Avg', 1470 t

kar Asas Wodni...... .. - • (PENI.cense agrument, rretaurants, taverns, nixhteht, ar.

Hute, Jan A, prudent, Nathal duentuin Ambats !

Dard statement
Il treball, chairman, Adsecate for the Arts 1..

( we firte Arte por patre statement

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Additional material-Continued

Marshall, Vancy H., director, Wisconsin Interlibrary Loan Service,

Madison, Wis., letter dated May 6, 1975, to Hon. Robert W. Page

Mathews, lion. David, Secretary, Department of Health, Education,
and Welfare, prepared statement.--.-.

261 Mercer, Johnny, composer, prepared statement..

31 Vergenthaler Linotype Co., prepared statement....

1034 Nathan, Robert R., president, Robert R. Nathan Associates, Inc.,

letter dated October 24, 1975, to Hon. Robert W. Kastenmeier... 1640 National Broadcasting Co., Inc., prepared statement.

823, 1383 National Music Publishers Association and American Guild of Authors & Composers, prepared tatement...

920 Nimmer, Prof. Melville B., professor of law, UCLA School of Law, prepared statement.......

1038 Norwood, Frank W., executive secretary, Joint Council on Educational

Telecommunications, letter dated July 10, 1975, to Hon. Robert W.

883 Parker, Michael, director, Typographical Development Mergenthaler

Linotype Co., letter dated July 28, 1975, to Hon. Robert W.

1041 Passano, William M., chairman of the board, Williams & Wilkins Co..

prepared statement.---------
Ravin, Mona R.X.), instructor coordinator of R.X. Programs and

Outreach, letter dated August 12, 1973, to Hon. Don Young.......
"Registration of Original Typeface Designs: Extension of Comment
* Period," vol., Vo. 223, Federal Register, November 18, 1975.....
“Registration of Original Typeface Designs," vol. 39, No. 176, Federal

Register, September 10, 1974...
Ringer, Barbara, Register of ('opyrights, letter dated June 6, 1975, to
Hon. Robert W. hastenmeier..

1008 Ruck, Don V., vice president, National Hockey League, prepared statement..

813 Schrader, Dorothy M., General Counsel, Copyright Office, prepared statement...,

1015 Stevens, Hon. Ted, a l'.s. Senator From the State of Alaska, letter

dated October 5, 1975, to Hon. Robert W. ha tenmeier..-.--.--..Steuermann, Clara, president, Music Library Association, prepared statement........

207 "The Great American Rip-Off," by Mike Terranova, a pamphlet

publi-hed by the Independent Record and Tape Association of

Times Mirror, prepared statement.--------
"Typeface Design Protection," statement of position of the American
Institute of Graphic Arts....

1226 Valents, Jack, president, M en Picture Association of America, Inc., letters to lion. Robert K. Kastenmeier

September 10, 1973...-.-.-.-.-.-.-....-.

November 7, 1975.....
Vanantwerpen, F. J., president, Council of Engineering and Scientific
Society trecutives, prepared statement.-.-.-.

369 Walls, Alan I, proident Record and Tape Association of America, lettet ditid Jul 22, 1973, to Hon. Robert W. Kastenmeler

1263 Warren, Albert, chairman, Copyright (committee, Independent Se**

letter Association, prepared tatement -------
Wipron, Harold E., National l ducation Axwciations....
Woudritt, Dr. Rav, 1 Department of Chemistry, Montana State Univer-

sty, prepared statement ............. - no
Young 11.. Den, a Reprentative in ('engra From the state of
Alakh letter dated October 2, 1975), to Hon. Robert W.



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Afte** I - Telepromptes (on memorandum on ('onstitutionality

Prid ( 171'. Lakiwatan R 2223 . .....
Ap*tadır 2 1t bork 1. ***** submitted by the copyright (ilce
App tidur 3 Rafmart af Working Group of Conference on Revolution

of copyright 1148 dealing with bathry photocopying! ---------
Appendix 4 - Mimcellaneous Communicat .....

21792 2124






The subwymmittee met, pursuant to notion at 10:10 a 11. Rasburn House Office Building, Hon. Robert W.. ,!irman of the subcommittee prending.

Prrent. Repnentatives Kantenmeier, Ianielson, Iris Rack, and Winnins.

so) porrunt: Herbert Fuchs and Bruce .1. Laluan, T... E Mooney, amiate counl.

Vir Ki*IXMIR. The committee will come to onier. I !!.. morning to login suik ommittee hearing on H.R. koste (ar, for the premalion of the upright law.

Ten ran thi month in this room the sulmoitten tuntustoit to be dave of public herinin on a bill have fo:mre, namely, the total resisjon of title 17, i nited Stat

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ir #Natre collainie, Mr an rin . Nothin 1 r. N a! pint of the butlle of "IN 110 11 Info II R

u ttenband lis Mr Woon Par, m. hat of t** for int. 111n,nan af 1.611 ler... tr , tint is, in plur* thantom 11

1.111.1" sto! 47




i prolatzser (in me poput:*1.

H.R. 22:23, H.R. 5345, and H.R. 1965 will be placed in the record of the hearings at the conclusion of this statement.

Article I, section 8 of the Federal Constitution empowers Congress "to promote the progress of science and useful arts, by securing to authors * ** the exclusive right to their * * * writings ***" At the very least, therefore, Congress has the constitutional obligation to determine whether and to what extent the progress of the useful arts will be promoted by congressional grants of exclusivity for the writings of authors.

The purpose of the pending legislation is, in short, to bring up to date the copyright law which has not been substantially revised since 1909. It should be our commitment to correct this neglect, for the great and growing acceleration of technology and the resultant new uses of copyrighted works have rendered much of the existing law inadequate and obsolete.

The subcommittee is pleased, this morning, to open the hearings by welcoming witnesses from the Library of ('ongress. We have the Honorable John G. Lorenz, Acting Librarian of (ongress; Abraham L. Kaminstein, former Register of Copyrights who went through the 1963-67 hearings with us, and Barbara Ringer, also an old friend, the present Register of Copyrights. Mr. Lorenz, will you begin!

(II.R. 2:123, ILR. 5315, and II.R. 1963 are as follows:]

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JANTART **, 1973
Mr KATYNMI intrwurwi the following bull: which was referred

mittee on the diary

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1 He it endried hy the endte und Iluse e Re" !
1 med rates of Ameen ron (' 3*,!
4 kpl 1:1 Title 17 of th free State (inte (1..tin
5 metre yametofel in its ent tet te rradas flow


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