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109. Limitations on exclusive rights Effect of transfer of particular copy or

pbonorecord. 110. Limitations on exclusive rights: Exemption of certain performances and

displays 111. Limitations on exclusive rights. Recondary transmissions 112. Limitations on exclusive rights: Ephemeral recordings 113. Scope of exclusive rights in pictorial, graphic, and sculptural works, 114. &cope of exclusive rights in sound recordings. 115. Scope of exclusive rights in nondramatic musical works Compulsory license

for making and distributing phonorecords. 116 Scope of exrluxive rights in nondramatic musiral works Pubille perform

ances by means of conopirated phonorerard players 117 Scope of exclusive rights : l're in conjunction with computers and similar

information systems

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As used in this title, the following terms and their variant forms



mean the following:

An “anonymous work" is a work on the copies or phonorecords of which no natural person is identified as author.



"Audiovisual works" are works that consist of a series of related












images which are intrinsically intended to be shown by the use of machines or devices such as projector, viewers, or electronie equipment, together with accompanying sounds, if any, regardless of the nature of the material objects, such as films or tapes, in which the works are embodied.

The best edition" of a work is the edition, published in the l'nited States at any time before the date of deposit, that the Li. brary of Congress determines to be mot suitable for its purpes.

A person's "children" are his immediate off«pring, whether legitimate or not, and any children legally adopted by him.

A **collective work" is a work, such as a periodical issue, anthology, or encyclopædia, in which a number of contributions, constituting separate and independent works in themselves, are avhembled into a rollertive whole.

A “compilation is a work formed by the collection and avem bling of pre existing materials or of data that are no le lei, cuoridi nated, or arranged in such a way that the resulting work as a *hole constitutes an original work of authorh. Tive term "com pilation" ineludes collective work

Copies are material objects, other than pluontoreronis, in whah * work in fixed by any method now known or later deselow i, and from which the work can be perrrived, reproduced, or otherwise

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imitations on exclusive rights Efect of rulates ** :ros phonorecord . imitations on exclusive rights Eremp. od rera ang pun displays mitations on exclusive rights Servandant iranse mitations on exclusive rights Ebbeseta' pre type of exclusive rights in portorini gratase 5,741 pe of exclusive rights in sound murd.ngs pe of exclusive rights in nondrala';" 30 * ** re: or making and distributing phonevede pe of exclusive rights in Dondrum rutr.. Dieps by means of concogenated for rester and some phie of exclusive rights I'm in conjune*** ter en el formation systems

criminieated, either directly or with the end of a device The term "copor** ineludes the material catet, A phonorerond, in which the work a first fixed

"pop right owner." with trapect to any one of the right comprised in a copyright, trifere to the owner o tular nght.

A work as "created" when it is fixed in a copy or pl for the first time: where a work i« prepared over a pa? the portion of it that has been fixed at any paryastitutes the work as of that time, and where the wesp prepared in different iprane, rarh version attitute





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ind in this title, the following terms and be 13****
n "anonymous work is a work of the coupe
1:ch no natural person is de notremat na 3***
udiovisual works" are won that one set of 2 ml)**

which are intrinsically intended to travelling
new or devices such as projetor, ****** **** mzu
nent, together with sarmalife !!!
nature of the mater and, en la

B1 mg
the works are embodied.
"best edition" of a work is the nelle j'
states at any time before line date of bongo mis
i Congress deterrule to trava ne le ore

A "derivative work" } a work based upwt pun or 118it:g works, such as a translation, musical arrasan Aalitation for tuunalisation, motion puture versteun 11. art reprowturt, abrudgment, monedeneation, op form in which were may be morat, transforrel of work atanding of editorial proteins annotateapo en let tni.n at. *bob?, as a whole, to pomenu work of sytborsi.if1 a "derrative wort***

A devine ma" or "pre" in the tous devels and 10"tepay work wrans tu

en of it pri or by means of a fim, al. te, telex.006 npr et av or prima o 1. thraf a man ju ture op en hepa wirft to sew 1918 1.17*8r.t als

1 pk in "fiind", a fairle rim of ex; *. erwwt. th & sexe pol centre copil do of ur terro of t.. authoff Silber.thy fasett op for IT tegemisel af et.».

cal tlan trai...y trstens
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Page Cairns, Robert W., executive director, American Chemical Society... 229 Prepared statement...

231 Cameron, Prof. Rondo, author.

467 Prepared statement...

473 Chapin, Edward W., counsel, Broadcast Music, Inc..

907 Ciancimino, Albert F., counsel, SESAC, Inc...

398, 1738 Prepared statement.-

397, 1738 Cohen, Edwin G., executive director of the Agency Instructional Television...

859 Prepared statement..

850 Cohen, John, member of the board of directors, National Association of Recording Merchandisers, Inc.-.

Prepared statement...

Collins, Fred, Jr., president, Music Operators of America.
Cooper, Edward, vice president, Motion Picture Association of

1731 Cooper, Robert, executive secretary, Community Antenna Television Association

Prepared statement..
Copland, Aaron, composer.
Prepared statement.

377 Coppedge, John O., chairman, National Collegiate Athletic Associa

tion, Cable Television Association, Cable Television Association
Prepared statement..

$17 Cornils, 'Wayne, chairman, Small Market Radio Committee, National Association of Broadcasters..

1366 Cramer, Edward M., president, Broadcast Music, Inc.

907 Davis, Louis F. (Chip), composer.. Prepared statement..

395 I Dew, Walter, Advertising Typographers Association.

1142 Prepared statement..

1212 Ebenstein, Daniel, on behalf of Leonard Storch Enterprises, Inc. 1142 Prepared statement...

1144 Evans, Robert V., vice president and general counsel, CBS, Ine... 684.765 Prepared statement.

653, 764 Farmer, Ernest R., president, Shawnee Press, Inc., Delaware Water Prepared statement.

342 Feist, Leonard, executive vice president, National Music Publishers Association.

1579 Fitzpatrick, James, general counsel, Recording Industry Association

of America Ford, Frederick W., counsel, Ad Hoc Committee of Concerned Cable Television Operator for a Fair Copyright Law

Prepared statement

Freitag, Bernard J., teacher, Council Rock High School, New Town,

Gantel, Joseph, copyright attorney.
Prepared statement...

Glover, John D, director, ('ambridge Research Institute.

Prepared statement

Goldbloom, Irwin, Deputy Assistant Attorney General, Civil Division,
Department of Justice
Prepared statement.

Golodner, Jack, executive secretary, Council of AFL CIO C'nions for

Professional Employees.
Gortikov, Stanley, president, Recording Industry Association of
America, Inc.

1298, 1393
Prepared statement.

13014, 1394 Gramuglia, Thomas, Independent Record & Tape Association of America

Prepared statement. . Hamleli, Marvin, American Guild of Authors and Composers...

Gap, Pa


1298, 1393




1235 1279 1646

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Continued tarde, A hun R., General Counsel, Federal Communication TE **

Prepared statement..
Hran, David, t(' Tape Service..
Itiner, Jolin, chairman, Advocate for the Arts,

Prepared statement Hirtene, Howard B, executive director, Association for Educati (munications & Technology.

Porgand statement H... . Phup R., on behall of Don V. Ruck, vice president, uit. Hecne y la rue

Prepared statement Haan, kotist I., fxrcutive secretary, Nauonal Council of Teac angiah

Primarrd statement.. 19.44 lar, prendent, Guam (able TIC

Prri arrd tatrınent..
H = ls. 1. pradent, Association of American

Prepared statement
H., Wisam ki, prendent, Hodiy wood bom (vuncil

Prs and state thatat Karnetrin, Abraham L., former Register of Copyng!.is, Labra his V. barl, Supea,dent, Warner special Pridicts hati, Irwin, quin-ei for the Author League of America, Ine

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, American Guild od Authoring and lie;



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1663 1666

Peer, Ralph, vice president, Peer-Southern Organization; director, Pace
National Music Publishers Association.

Quayle, Donald R., senior vice president for broadcasting, Corpora-
tion for Public Broadcasting...
Prepared statement.....

863 Raskind, Leo J., representing the Association of American Law

Schools, the American Association of L'niversity Professors, and the
American Council on Education..

Prepared statement.....
Ringer, Barbara, Register of Copyrights, Library of Congress


1779, 1807, 1865, 1901 Prepared statement... Rockwell, Dr. Margaret, Washington Ear.

1757 Sandler, Jack B., chairman, Government Relations Committee of the Book Manufacturers Institute, Inc..

1695 Prepared statement...

1697 Sheppard, Dr. Walter, representing the Association of Public Radio Stations

1757 Simon, Gerald A., managing director, Cambridge Research Institute. 1401 Simpson, Paul C., Nashville, Tenn...

Prepared statement-
Smith, Eric H., associate general counsel, Public Broadcasting

Prepared statement.
Steinbach, Sheldon E., staff counsel, American Council on Education..
Strackbein, 0. R., representing International Allied Printing Trades

Prepared statement.
Summers, John B., general counsel, National Association of Broad-

Prepared statement.
Tegtmeier, Rene 1)., Axsistant Commissioner for Patents, Depart-
ment of Commerce

Prepared statement.
Valenti, Jack, president, Motion Picture Axenciation of America, Inc.,
and the Annociation of Motion Picture & Television Producers, Inc 704
Prepared statement

705, 761, 1731 Van Arkel, Gerard, general counsel, International Typographical


Prepared statement
Wally, I Alan, prendent, Record & Tape Association of America.
Prepared statement

Wasilewski, Vincent T., prredent, National Association of Broad-

Wannemirom, Aifred H. copyrighe attorney.

Prepared statement
Wicks, David (), Jr, Backr Communications Acrociates

Wolf, I' Sanford, the American Federation of Musicians AFL-C10),
and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists
A1 (10)

Preparrd statement
Won Pat, 11.n Antonio Burja, a Reprezentative in Congress from
the Territory of Gam

Zimmerman, Thomas I, tirat vice president, National Religious
Broadcasters, Ine

Prepared statement
Zurkoxk1. Polri, popramsident, Information Industry Assalina

Prepared state lit ut


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