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repared stall make the determination in each case in accordance with regula1. Tsesintilished by an administrative officer designated by the President, and

1. Wieb a statement of the basis for its determination in each came in the Hand in het **** fed by such regulations."

It to sinkiy urged that sec, 108 be amended to specify that the copyright jort for Government works apply only to domestic pyright protexti: n.

.:: be done be inserting the phrase "within the United statea' affer 15 # avaliable" in line 1 of Sec. 100. It is a commonly brld opinin, al. * But established by case law, that the prohibition akutt obtaining (18

The Governmeof amilies to demfir popyrights only. Thus, in this 1. 11+ (utetta'nt tay crpis right abroad when that w*rpe ita let irti tits.

** for that many foreikn signatories to the I miseral (on right tone 18 !!... **d binor the copyright of the US Government in their rele

*** 01er the convention the un'on» 121 Cht take the paten that a I* . **71.*rvent work cantot paripplesht protection atya here.

s rajonale for prohibing richt protection for In Gurernurnt 21" that Ardesian inipaver have aid for these work through tar ****** 2. 's a'd sletald bave ac***** to theth fruen auright restrone, Therat. " * ** treuire a mi vraway of 1'.s. Governinent works to foreign 2* rain and furriga guvernments. Most foreign countries provide domestic vin 1.'' Torx 11.0 for publixtbots of their kurtertentu, and pull ar of f1" xrf.betts are acrypted for copyright resistration in the l'uted per

T! statutes, curt opnen, an nimmar oftuini druments which are coop rebilr une portehtaile Andeve the beliefs while

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Titel thereby aveng our balance of payments; (d) pirotech .!,l.'i of IX?* nt wors. 8, Svalir de Dissen!

Hi! *Prestolor. tate & fteflallernt Wroth the of urik,{"c**trts prad • » ** * vtt. Dendri that a suktion till at fa t1 at a; taring in t!. ** 111 birou in diens 100 of 1111!

of spacer 18 teen Pox pie lieu 100*19.11.fuit ab any liai!!! Super Inr1 ting i mat : 1.1.8 pp*finit of .. TITA 18191 ! the tunt?int 1'! t the uppe ist of the (

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to embrace common law copyright, i.e., unpublished works. See e.... Porter et al. v. I'nited States, 473 F 20 1329, 117 USI'Q 238 (CA 5 1973). Sinir HR protects unpublished as well as published works, the Government s limut be extended. It is urged that 28 U.S.C. 1498 (b)) be amended so that it 10.* to resiriet the Government's liability for copyright iufringement to "puinen works only. Government agencies receive a voluminous amount of mnteriai ir private sources which does not bear a copyright notice and which is reprejavot distributed, ete, in its day-to-day business activities, for example, their le Freedoru of Information Act. It would be extremely dithcult, if not inf***, .. to ascertain whether the material submitted bas bien published with tonsi to claim copyright, or whether it is unpublished and the owner intends tuin. copyright protection.

The effect of compliance with the Freedom of Information Act (Foldi va the Government's liability for copyright infringement also needs clarit? Ir a document requested under the FOLA Dwars a copyright norlie, thee, be so advied and will laually be able to secure a cops m-where. Wiem the document requested contains no copyright notice, it may be an unck work subject to protection under the prizmene a copyright resixion; atid joor tid. ? apeig or a copy mas very well frusinate the copyright owner's demos.. gul ject the Goveruutnt to liability. We are concerned whether the furi of a cups of a document by the liverument unler the FOLI will 0:;° i ext-uble, or a form of fair 114*, Of turse, if a document is release of FOL ile Griverument may not implf restrict its use by othe: , Fos cier!! purpmiest**, it is recommended til language lie insputni in H.R73 er! :: the fair 14 dm'trine's applicability to published works and the Goverble release of dwuments under the FULA. Innocent Infringers

finder Sør. 4051b) an innwent infringer who acts in rilance 9999 authorised by or pło: orer fin whiiht..p copyright no'lip fra bunne!*!. and who prove that he was uild by the omission, is slielaid from:* for actual or statutory damn with respect to any infringing ayu (4,',"'» brture receiving artual Dutieto uf registration. No pritection is pled ',

!! propied 1*i-ation for an isnt intriner who selfies on an unalep, mp4 copy or poseen com a priliebed work from which the purpose't neuro!. been on, itfad; or for an illa **310 ini, uger of an unpublished ok, 1*, ! who relies in a copy or pobolurimurd which has been published without a ... } of the owner. Publications Ineurporating Works in the Pillir Domain

Ser. 443 of UR 23 prurime that when a work is published in popoees photorecord: ensamstille forefresheranily of one or more Guverument waan. !** more sensor of copyright ill also include a statement identifying the portions for a 18* trix work protected under Titie 17, It is NISA's opinion that Sec. 433 1 fm) limited so that it would be in the publie i1.trrest to require ha si-o! PRA *.*** a **** *** pozopwinderantly in aux material that is in the jubile dotain West tutorad thai , 4031+ ilmeed oy auding the phrase "e*f ***** in the jaillir de fain' aiter the word "work" in the heading and before lipo words "ihre wie' in line 3 of the bus of the section.

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Iste esentia [° 8 C. 1486.21 ls amandel as set forth in Sere. It is recome Bakri til to prase "les rileed in and ouered by a pa'e'l.! of the meet **! *P***.1 offer t!. #ord intention" in the first line. This will reinstair Polo'' 1*r**t in the current lan with respect to patented inventions 81.1

a was pretabils in de gemely omitted Onitting this lin Unit Bikiht line .: pepto* as a broaden: 6 of the Goverurnent s liability to muser unputented it to the forests, the National Aeronau!ins and Space Administration

1'le ta olise plan in the engslueat of IR 1 1 of \'!!: tlelit and Built he's advised that, from the standing

Al .... no program, there is no objection to the subandssion of this *** to the Cabre-s. Lord).

Jor'a P. Aury,
A**istant Administrator

I or legisla! cr A Jairn. W.con, at 1.2") p.m. the hearing adjourned to reconvene at 1 a 1.0 y 11,1571.)



Sim BMITTIEON ('ourts, (ivi LIBIITIIN,

Washington, D.C.
Liposomiin tiek met, punuant to notive, at 10:10 am. in town

lasbum llouse Othe Building, Ilon. Robert W. Kastelmeer

msh of the subcommittee ) prosiding Pipert: Reportasentatives Kantenmenr. Danielon, Patt:50:1, and

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