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Add tonal material

A.. is its and letters concerning licensing of copyrighted para

tristien station and the sale of advertising time to advirta Alien, Joseph P., Assistant Administrator for lexislatise National Aeronautics and Space Administration, lette

potember 5, 1975, to Hon. Peter W. Rodino, Jr., charma ( .sliittor on the Judiciary. Ann an Broadcastilik Companies, Inc., prepared statement Amrncan Business Prese, Inc., prepared statement American Guld of Author and composers and the Nations

Pitbombilla Association, joint statement ... Amencan Society of Compusers, Authors, and Pubilers, 1, Andrew, director, Irmative Departinent, AIL (I

daud Ji! 22, 1975, to Hon. Robert W kastenmrit Birtas, Wilam ), president, (ahle Division, Tespiti polar Braceant Mame, Inc., prepand statement.... Horta, Aaron, porrident, International Toprface Corp., lette

Jil 2* 1973, to Hin Robert Whatenmeier "('al. Telesen i'nder the 1972 Rules and the impact a lite

(pinkle Fer Propwal," by Bridger M Mitet il ('artie, ktert W. Amencan (hemical Securty, better dated J

1973 tohtin Robert W hastenmeier **Contattata!ies of Typ face and Type Font Design," stato

»mili, (antaraft Industries, Inc. Gior, Mainori, MD), Dipartment of Radult, Privider

fial. Anchorage, Alaska, letter dated July 9, 1973, to lion !

k Jr Daras, Halo, prendent American bederation of Malal.

daud J., 1975, to lien Robert W kastetmeurt bliste , latin, Amular and Rotletein, counsere at law

dald J. I, 197", tollen Robert W Knatelmeier IMA. It ist 1, vine president. On letter dated J...

Hak bert W hastanter, charman Subeft te

1.1. and the Alimutstrati su Justice Fret. Lautard. Antanal i ac Pitabros Acerca de ti, lue

dated Oct 1973, te Hain Robert W kastent,fr 1.1.6. Jatir H, PhD, arhia vice presotent, trorurh n 11

1.2.1. th.. ( by (o, bili dald A.161 , l'in

hay Aan Wind (reutas brennt agreement, frutaurants, taverne, nightelits, ar

iar inte ! 31.03.LA Ilart. A, prudent, Nathal ducation Ambat

faird aletturnt 11 tartte B, chairman, Adscate for the Arte 1

Vitosha fir te Arta prepared statement Ivo "n, RY, WTll (se feral Haital Wra..

mettre dair 22, 197% W Dni olish hracy. hrin J. Arturtad mtand, bestetal lattania... 406

Ir arrd tale trent
#alex ** $1.6 mm ja pured star.ent
# Henr printeri, Aretni mrti,

n, 21 el. ra, beter dated A14*** 6. 141) krt Whatesmrirt

Funcelar director. Aint. nr 1 * .* 1. st. prvi se! -tal. 11.4-1.t 1. . I bino Art. laboran ofegir letter ..

Hewlald, Ji, chat man, di

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Additional material---Continued

Marshall, Nancy H., director, Wisconsin Interlibrary Loan Service,

Madison, Wis., letter dated May 6, 1975, to Hon. Robert W. Pace

Mathews, Hon. David, Secretary, Department of Health, Education,
and Welfare, prepared statement...

261 Mercer, Johnny, composer, prepared statement

3N1 Mergenthaler Linotype Co., prepared statement. Nathan, Robert R., president, Robert R. Nathan Associates, Inc.,

letter dated October 24, 1975, to Hon. Robert W. Kastenmeier. 1640 National Broadcasting Co., Inc., prepared statement..

823, 1383 National Music Publishers Association and American Guild of Authors

& Composers, prepared statement.-.-. Nimmer, Prof. Melville B., professor of law, UCLA School of Law, prepared statement..

1038 Norwood, Frank W., executive secretary, Joint Council on Educational

Telecommunications, letter dated July 10, 1975, to Hon. Robert W.

553 • Parker, Michael, director, Typographical Development Mergenthaler

Linotype Co., letter dated July 28, 1975, to Hon. Robert W.

1041 Passano, William M., chairman of the board, Williams & Wilkins Co., prepared statement.

260 Rayin, Mona R.X.), instructor coordinator of R.X. Programs and

Outreach, letter dated August 12, 1973, to Hon. Don Young.. “Registration of Original Typeface Designs: Extension of Comment

Period," vol., No. 223, Federal Register, November 18, 1975.... 1017 "Registration of Original Typeface Designs," vol. 39, No. 176, Federal Register, September 10, 1974..

1016 Ringer, Barbara, Register of Copyrights, letter dated June 6, 1975, to Hon. Robert W. Kantenmeier...

1008 Ruck, Don V., vice president, National llockey League, prepared

813 Schrader, Dorothy M., General Counsel, Copyright Office, prepared

1015 Stevens, Hon. Ted, a L'... Senntor From the State of Alaska, letter dated October 5, 1975, to Hon. Robert W. Kastenmeier..

1659 Steuermann, Clara, president, Music Library Association, prepared

207 "The Great American Rip-Off," by Mike Terranova, a pamphlet

publi-hed by the Independent Record and Tape Assuciation of

1265 Times Mirror, prepared statement

852 "Typeface Design Protection," statement of position of the American Institute of Graphic Arts...

1226 Valenti, Jack, president, Motion Picture Association of America, Inc., letter to Hon. Robert W. Kastenmeier*ptrmber 10, 1975....

1724 November 7, 1975...

1736 Vanantwerpen, F. J., president, Council of Engineering and scientific Societ: Executives, prepared statement.

369 Wally, Alan I., prouident. Record and Tape Aswariation of America,

letter dated Jul 22, 1970, to Hon. Robert W. Kastenmeyer.. Warren, Aibot, chairman, (apriglit Committee, Independent News

letter Annociation, prepared statement Wieron. liaruld l... National Lducation Associations

276 Woodruf. Dr. Rav, Department of Chemistry, Montana State L'nives. site, prepared statement

265 Youtik, Hob. Don, a Representative in Congress from the State of

Ala-kn, better dated October 2, 1971), O Hon. Robert W.

214 Appu neiras

Appetider ! --Teleprompies ('org) memorandum on Constitutionality

of Pp: d ( pinkbe Lakitalu HR222001 Appendik a -- Is truet.& papers submitted by the Copyright office 2031 Appunder 3 Requirt of Working Grulip of Conference in Revolution of (*.**I«1)** dealing wih library photocopyingi.

2092 Appendix 4. -- Miscellaneous communication..







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W who The subeunmittee mel, pursuant to notier, at 10:10 2. Rasm House Othee Building. Hon. Robert W 1.Birth of the ulommittee presiding.

Prront. Heprownitatisen Kastenmeier, Danielen, Dru Kas 2 k. and Wine

A) porrent: liestart Fuchs and Bruce .1. lelumnal, Ti E Money, late con l.

Mr Kanin. I he committee will come to onler. 11.. ung to begin nulwommittee hearing on H.R.". bosti ( a.r, for the grfieral resiston of the copyright law,

lens sran apoth.114 month in the room the submitte tudi to w dass of pmbbie hesr on a bull has parfe, tly, the fetal retsion of tatie 17, I'mited S.

17mt law.

1... Tim branings followed by many suloimutter ..!r in a fr.09 bill being rate to and pilved bis Rejsentations in Ipril 11, 1:47. Il Senate, howe ser, taf. t. t. 1. ali thellon peve billepu.

1. Spots in 1974, wloch the mette landets frv..., the inteliement of the blour Jelly te frff. 11sfrm of lelon Rockefeller to be arrij. lideriton of the measure during what # Harire, tir l'intensiti trdt lagration ernte!

to 1 Irlatogalls of Coprita ..! t'e pro do'stonloapp if the totul

11 ll. l'F-**** 1973. Later M. (mellan nepat We ale pew2. An (ur intrat

*Hundertor numer Rittle II oftet Ik : 1,19 briunet purusuing copricht law 87.41 1" draft of rape afortelidegte ofurflarini Ire Ir. 4.1 1.1.10, timp de futbollir la la format twono Blad to ti prvopnar rrow, One of th.c, IR

Pr welmmi.miltre salarir, Vir Theisen, Wir', ito farmers as part of the boundle of this thorts

I aider. I1R*.3, 11.tential to Mr Wola m. HENA !!! Oftas font trait: 2.000 12001, 10? $21.9.4. * true, that is in norr than the 4* 11.1

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14. F J. popredest l'utii plines 4.81, prepard sisterer? *dent. Hront and 1.3; festat 1.FM

2. 1973, . Hon hinn W. hs!, baran, Cor! (itseller. 11;7::

ponponduladı! - Valmenabutir311 forn44, 35 1, Thpartment of the busin profundo ate.



9. a Report on their ini
dated October 2iyi ki a

per l'app me u 6.98 :

Mut!! KUN Rfs sul ttled "travel otu Horhetek ust in /hope is

H.R. 2223, H.R. 5345, and H.R. 4965 will be placed in the record of the hearings at the conclusion of this statement.

Article I, section 8 of the Federal Constitution empowers Congress “to promote the progress of science and useful arts, by securing to authors *** the exclusive right to their *** writings ***." At the very least, therefore, Congress has the constitutional obligation to determine whether and to what extent the progress of the useful arts will be promoted by congressional grants of exclusivity for the writings of authors.

The purpose of the pending legislation is, in short, to bring up to date the copyright law which has not been substantially revised since 1919. It should be our commitment to correct this neglect, for the great and growing acceleration of technology and the resultant new uses of copyrighted works have rendered much of the existing law inadequate and obsolete.

The subcommittee is pleased, this morning, to open the hearings by welcoming witnesses from the Library of Congress. We have the Honorable John G. Lorenz, Acting Librarian of Congress; Abraham L. Kaminstein, former Register of Copyrights who went through the 1963-67 hearings with us, and Barbara Ringer, also an old friend, the present Register of Copyrights. Mr. Lorenz, will you begin?

[H.R. 2.2:23, 11.R. 5315, and H.R. 1965 are as follows:]

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22:23, H.R. 5315, and H.R. 1913 will be placa *** urings at the conclusion of this statement.

I, section 8 of the Federal ote the progress of science and useful arts, hp.

* * the exclusive right to their wn''s , therefore, Congress has the constituti

whether and to what extent the program of the 19 omoted by congressional grants of exclusid rising hors. pose of the pending legislation is in kot to my pyright law which has not been suimtallad.} .n Yuld be our commitment to correct this fat gat, ' g acceleration of technology and the ma!!! 1 works have rendered much of the en bsolete. ommittee is pleased, this morning, to open thringer" witnesses from the Library of (onen We 10$ ohn G. Lorenz, Acting Librarian of (amint in, former Register of Copyrights who #!!!

JANTANT, 1973 M. KASTY*Mer intrestuwd the following kill: which were forme

mittee on the Jud: lary


ings with us, and Barbara Ringer, als) animirane ter of ('opyrights. Mr. Lorenz, will you be ! 11.R. 5315, and H.R. 1963 arr as follows.j

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