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Mr. DANIELSOx. To whom?

Mr. LIEB. To the societies who are publishing journals, and is entered into the budget of the general publication.

Mr. DANIELSON. What does the author of these articles derive in the way of monetary or other valuable considerations!

Vír. Lieb. He gets fame and prestige.
Mr. DANIELSON. That's what I thought.
Dr. Cairns. That is the name of the game.

Mr. DANIELSOx. Oh, I have written a few, and I received exactly the same amount. (Laughter.]

Mr. KARP. Speaking for the authors, let me make this point. First of all, I should point out Mr. DeCassey who sits behind me represents the-association, no, page charges are not available from Government grants to commercial publishers, for profit.

Jr. DANIELSOx. By “society" you are talking about a so-called nonprofit organization.

Mr. Karp. The point I would make is this. First of all, the amendments and exemptions proposed by the library associations apply to all single copying, a tremendous amount of which is done of literary and artistic material, short stories, essays, the works; those authors write for money. As Dr. Cairns has pointed out, there is a very definite monetary motive for authors to write.

Mr. DANIELSON. One last question. In the type of copying that we are talking about, technical journals and the like, as opposed to the ones Mrs. Linden will tell us about tomorrow, which cover the whole gamut of intellectual products, who are the users in the sense of are they something scandalous like "The Scarlet Letter" or are they truly technical books? Who uses them, in the sense of what category of person uses those copies?

Dr. CAIRNS. I didn't hear what you said.

Jr. DANIELSON. Are we talking about fiction here, or are we talking about strictly technical types of information?

In the ('onstitution it says here, "To promote the progress of science and the useful arts"; now, are we talking about “Gone With the Wind," or are we talking only about

Dr. Cairns. What we are talking about are the general terms of science. I think Mrs. Linden spoke about the useful arts.

Mr. DANJELSOx. We have a quorum call on. Thank you very much for your patience. You know, by holding over for 12 minutes you got exactly your allocated amount of time. I appreciate your help very much; I'm sorry we couldn't give you more time.

Just winding up, tomorrow we will meet again, at 10 o'clock, and for the record, we have statements from the American Business Press, the Federal Librarians Association, the Special Libraries Association, the Wisconsin Interlibrary Loan Service, Music Library Issociation, Issociation of Research Libraries, Williams & Wilkins Co., American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Advocates for the Arts, Department of Ilealth, Education, and Welfare, Dr. Ray Woodriik, Montana State University, and the American Association of Law Libraries.

[The following statements were received for the record:]


The American Business Press, which is composed of some 400 xperia.IN business publications published from coast to coast, is extremely cobertud about the growing practice of unrestricted photocopying which has been er lurtard in recent years, and only compounded by the Williams and Wilkins deciso

l'pless & Way can be found to protect the ability of periodical publisher '9 send the money to gather, edit and produce technical and scientific Info tion, and then distribute it throughout the nation, the flow of that informato can be seriously curtailed.

Some American Business Press member publications, like Oil and Gas Journal, are spt to paid subscribers. Others, like Iron Age, are sent via the color cintulation route to readers who specifically request the receipt of that pihara tion, lu the first instance, both the reader and the advertiser supply the funde through the publisher, to permit the gathering and editing of technical and scientific articles, which are then copyrighted. In the second instance, the publication's primary income comes from advertisers. In both cases, pecat information is distributed to people employed in every phase of the techialal and economic activity.

If the information and the articles gathered by editors are photocopied with out the consent of the copyright owner, we will have situations arising hue the one dramatized in the attached Exhibit A. We have deleted the name the company which sent the memorandum out, but we present for the coundert tion of the Committe what is happening.

The only effect of curtailed subscriptions or curtailed circulation whicb this practice will cause is a severe restriction upon the securing and circulation of important editorial information because scientific and technical publicaties will not bave the wherewithall to gather and edit the information to be plusieurs copied. If this happens, the important news and scientific and technical infur mation gathering function performed by the specialized business press will be seriously impaired, and there will be considerably less information to pbuto copy for those who do not respect copyrights.

We think the attached example tells the story better than we can. Hopefully the Committe and the Commission established in the last Congress will be up with solutions to this most serious problem. The American Business Pro stands ready to be of whatever assistauce it can in this etiort. Attachment: Exhibit A.

EXHIRIT A To: All Home office exerutives

APRIL 10, 1975 Re: Market Research Library Periodical Service.

A service provided by the Market Research Library primarily for Markt R arch personnel is being expanded and offered to all home other executive

The Library presently recives the 79 publications on the attached list. C. of the ones that interest you and return them. You will receive the monthly talent of contents of your choices.

Frum) tee tables of contents, choose the article, von want. circle the titles and return them to the Library. Xerox copies of the articles will be sent to me

Piease use this service to belp supplement your current reading and to edito nate or cut back on your present subscription costs


(Table of contents service) 1. A o Planning Advisory Service (Monthly ). 2 A Pianning Manzine (Month:5). 3. ANI TAB Buletin (Xem Monthls). 4. Advertisin Axe ( Wordly).

American Barok Publishing Record (Monthly ). 6 American Statistian (5 tar). 7. Aina's W ome and imial Jewurement (Quarterly).

Arn.tic Molly Southly). 9 Bankit Motothly). 10. Bank Marketing (Monthly).

11 Bartons (Weekly).
12 lordrum Reports (Semi-Monthly).
13 Hiru ofteners ('atning (Quarterly).
14 R. (onditions Digest Monthly).
13 Bines Periodical Index Monthly).
16 Binen Statistics (sheet of pater) (Weekly).
17 Benres Werk W aly).
In (

a nd Voluntaries (Monthly). ** Getrrai Mert unndisliklarets Executive Edition (Monthly). 3) A rmarkof Edition (onthly). (hanging Times (Monthly).

N!*-***B I Bord Monthly). 11.uner. WNBi Wkly). it of Har orts Met! }, Inne Marketing (Monthly).

inwont Mertandiner Modthir). ** Duunt Store VENN BIMatthis).

Irur '1 opien (2 Month).

Blitar & Publisher

is). 3: K & Nutt inder (Weekly).

inanal Trend Wekir). 3 V4 Advente (Monthly ). 34 e 1 Month). S Fistune (tonthly).

1!. Ilinik Management (Monthly). 11 \ust.thly),

liutian Host Iteview : Monthly). * Haene and Auto & Monthly). 40 Wowar (Monthly). 41 lbopptive Marketing (Monthly). 4. Todt atriai Market111 lionthis). 4. Journal of t'ontemporary Brenr 1 Quarterly ). 4 J alf Marketin Quart.rls)

Jo ramia Marketing R arib Quarterly). 46 Jurnal of the American Statistieni Amciation (Quarterly).

Jumal of Retailing Quarterly). 4 hpl ger Walıngat lutter Weekly). 49 Paltary Jrornal 1 Month

* Maar tnt-mite Mark Wirey (Warkly). - Merring 1 fevrinnin ( (Monthly ). *: Maripitak Vews Month).

Marketing Review to lear). ** Mia ite *alling Morhandist (Monthly ). ** Metimnet. We Weekly).

Viern Grer Werkly), 6: Meny i Munthly). Se Mothly T op Review (Monthly). ***

a! (je napotie Meithly ). Sat 1,9) Mail Monitor Monthly). 61

Oterver (Weekly).

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Reprinted from

physics today 6 MAR 25 1974 )

EDITOR'S OFFICE Copyrighting physics journals

Unauthorized photocopying and republishing by
other institutions threatens the wide dissemination of research
results and the financial stability of our publishing program,

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