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Mr. DupIsOX. To whom !

Mr. Lire. To the societies who are publishing journals, and is Fiile nud into the budget of the general publication.

Mr. LANTISON. What does the author of these articles derive in the War of monetary or other valuable considerations!

Nr. Liin. He gets fame and prestige
Jr. DANMA. That's what I thought.
lor. ('airs. That is the name of the game.

Vr. HAVILNON. Oh, I have written a few, and I received exactly that we amount. (Laughter.]

Mr. Karp. Speaking for the authors, let me make this point. First of all, I should point out Jr. Lle('assey who sits behind me represents the ***tion, no), page charges are not available from GovernI t grants to commercial publishers, for profit.

Mr. DANIEL MIN. By x'jet" you are talking about a so-called nonpromet orralization.

Mr. Karr. The point I would make is this. Fint of all, the amendir, ** aut priptions proposed by the library a-riations apply for g le copsing, a tremendous amount of which is done of literary

lui artistic material, short stories, PRVN, the works; those authors wre for money. .1 Dr. ('airns has ponted out, there is a very oftr monetary motive for authors to write.

Mr. DANDUS. One last question. In the type of copying that me an tawag atout, terlineal journals and the line, as opposed to the pe lira Linten will tell us about tomorrow, which cover the whole

at of intellectual products, who are the 116*rs in the unup of.. ante m ething wandalous like "The Scarlet Lattar" or are they

ti o tehnical bon Who > them, in the son of what category u n "thorpropiet?

D ( AIX». Idini hear what you said. Mr. DAN we talkili bout fiction ere, or air wetnik mal mit strictly technical type of information!

Intel'institution it munhere, "To promote the program of wellies you! the awful arts": now, are we taikir almal "jone With thir 1. 1." op arretalking onls abonat Dr. C'er. W at we are talking about are the general trillim of it. I thiri Vir Lindenwoheniont the nful arte

1- P Nil, le hipnorum call on. Task 10*1 vermir !!!.staf pad:111 You know, liv holdt over for 1 Pite you get "la tis vor alle sted mount of time. I appre late your helpen 1 .. 111 witry wpronuldn't .vr roti norr time

#1.1. uj, fomnoriou We 'll 1111*** A n, at foileh, a'i1 fortir tror, webase statement finatie .1111011n 11. li

treball.bratitiw . flation. I': prill 19.1 Netan, ti po von Inter!:butuhan.Set, VI. L'uom ! 11.

I ker!. l. lut. Willilit (on, 11. Tai I'! ito I (PINHAI Loginpr, l a fir, 11, Theap 1919 .! 1 . ). ing. 1.), u Melfare, Dr Bp Wiri: View bo por la pr

ti po Intl. in.l.*.liv Tols 1.1. din. il.ofilowatts perf., Proli

STATEMENT OF AMERICAN BUSINESS PRESS, INC. The American Business Press, which is composed of some 100 **18..nd business publications published from coast to coast, is extremely even about the growiog practice of unrestricted photocopying which has been eturinn in recent years, and only compounded by the Williams and Wilkins decora.

laless a way can be found to protect the ability of periodical publishers spend the money to gather, edit and produce technical and scientific in tion, and then distribute it throughout the nation, the tow of that informatwot can be seriously curtailed.

Some American Business Press member publications, like Oil and Gas Journal are sent to paid subscribers. Others, like Iron Age, are sent via the CULT circulation route to readers who specifically request the receipt of that piha tion. In the first instance, both the reader and the advertiser supply the trade through the publisher, to permit the gathering and editing of technical and scientific articles, which are then copyrighted. In the second instance, te publication's primary income comes from advertisers. In both cases, per a information is distributed to people employed in every phase of the technical and economic activity.

If the information and the articles gathered by editors are photocopied with out the consent of the copyright owner, we will have situations arising liar the one dramatized in the attached Exhibit A. We have deleted the bane the company which sent the memorandum out, but we present for the considera tion of the Committe what is happening.

The only effect of curtailed subscriptions or curtailed circulation which the practice will cause is a severe restriction upon the securing and circula 10. of important editorial information because scientific and technical public will not have the wherewithall to gather and edit the information to be per

ipd. Ir this happens, the important news and scientific and technical infuum mation gathering function performed by the simrialized busines pres will be seriously impaired, and there will be considerably less information to pouco copy for those who do not respect copyrights.

We think the attached example tells the story better than we can. Hopefully the Committe and the Commission established in the last Congress will be up with solutions to this most serious problem. The American Business Press stands ready to be of whatever assistance it can in this effort. Attachment: Exhibit A.

EXHIBIT A To: All Fome office executives

APRIL 10, 1975 Re: Market Research Library Periodical Service.

A wervice provided by the Market Researth Library primarily for Market Rearch personnel is being expanded and offered to all hoine orban erecutive

The Library presently repite the 79 publications on the attachird list. (* of the ones that interest you and return thein. You will receire the montb'y tab of contents of your choices.

From the tables of antents, choose the article yon want, circle the title and return then to the Library. Xerox copies of the articles will be sent to you

Piruse une te mrvice to help »upplement your current reading and to encando Date or cut tark on your prenesat suliscription costs


(Table of contents service) 1. Ao Planning Adriery Service Monthly). 2. Planink Magurine (Month's). 3. AI TIB Bidaletin 11 Jonths). 4. Advertis21:44 W y ). 6. America Ba lohishing Revord Monthly). 6 1? Amerina Statistian 15 Tar). 7. AL '

De and cal a urenrat (Quarter's). A!.ie M ebly het bly). 9 Rarkin Mant, this). 10 Bank Marketing (Monthly).

11 Barrons (Wrekir).
12 Beardrum Regmorts Semi- Monthly).
11 Burnou of Census l'arnog (Quarterly).
14 Bit ('nditions Digest Monthly ).
13 B-nes Periodical Index (Monthis).
16 Hannes start 110% isheet of paper) (Weekly).
1: Hominees Hoek Weeks).
1* (WC Six Voluntaries (Monthly).
$(A Cirural Heriandisine Tariety Executive Edition (Monthly ).
> (4.61wmarket Start Edition (Jonthly).
21 O nei, Time (Monthly).
para el Besen rd Rewrd Monthly).

turr.ew Hi W kly).
(U. Hr Kerti Vesti!!
Dent Mark 11. (Monthly).
I wont Menit andiser Monthlr).

Dwuthit tot \** BL Monthly ). * lrug 1 taon 21 Month).

But 1. tor & Publlaher (Weekls).
3. nk & Nytt inder Weekly).
netisl Trend /

W kly).
3 - Advirate (Monthly).
34 listles Montbi.
i Portune (dionthiy).

ir kaising Management (Monthly). JT (in «!.De

Miftly). Harian Memil iteriew By Monthly). H e and Auto Monthly). 0 Herguwara (Monthly). 41 Ilorotive Marketing Montbly). . I ntral Marketing liontials).

Jurnal of Contemporarv 18vinu i Quarterly ). 44 Jornal of Mrr. Qarterlys 4 111.41 Marketin. R arhi Quarterly). 46 Jurnal of the American Statistical Association (Qunrteriy). 41 Jamal of Retailing I Quarterly). ** h Irfer Werkly). 49 1. Mary Jornal ? Month ** Mar ( aftalte Markt Mirror (

W kly). i Marketing forinat.(inde (Monthly ). ** Markedsak lewe 21 Mauth). & Marketing Review 10 lear). *Makrat:ing Morhinder (Monthly ). ** Mer#1. 1 d.& Wohi Weekly).

Virm runt Weekly). $: Dry Monthly). Minthly iam Heview (Monthly).

allegraphie Mreatly ). of' 1 MAI Minitong Monthly). 1 baltuerver (Weekly).

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Reprinted from

physics today

# MAR 25 1974


Copyrighting physics journals

Unauthorized photocopying and republishing by
other institutions threatens the wide dissemination of research
results and the financial stability of our publishing program.

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