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le "Teesant * l' &C. 140681 ls amended as set forth in Sep 1932, it is reporte the truet the palma der in and (*s** PrnI liga ment of the total

i'r lll, sprtifier the word 'miration" in the first line. This will rein-tart Lil' seg l ist in the current law with rispetto patented intenfiue 1:1

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Ji Legualat.ce Agaire, Weeson, at 1:. .:") p.m. the hearing a journed to reconvene at 1. ali.. 09 . 11,1:71.)

Federal pre-emption. The Subcommittee has accepted an amendment to be tion 301 speritically reserving state law protection for misappropriation of ene su right subject matter provided the relief is not equivalent to any of the exciws. nights within the general scope of copyright.

Prohibition against involuntary transfer8. --The Subcommittee has replaced the provision prohibiting expropriation of copyrighted works in setti a 1410 with a new provision in section 201(e) prohibiting involuntary tralien

Ningle registration for several contributions to periodicals. Two Dit sal paragraphs have been added to section 408(c) authorizing a single fiksna for contributions to a periodical by the same individual author under attasi conditions

Fre schedule.-A new schedule of fees has been added to sertion 706

Voluntory licenses for use of copyrighted works by the blind and phones and handicapped.-A new section 710 has been added directing the Register el 15 rights to prtabtinh by regulation standardized procedures under which the cars. right owner grants voluntary licenses to the Library of Congress for the traum duction of certain nondramatic literary works for use by the blind and plays handienpped.

Annemuurcial broadrasts to handicapped audience. A new clauwe (has Den added to section 110 exempting the performance of a literary work to Do if commercial radio and television stations to a "priut or aural handmajen audi. ne,"

Domiqtire erork right for round rernirdinge, Section 114 has been amended incind among the rights granted to the copyright owner of a sound recording 1 right to prepare derivative Works

'riminal prnalties.veral amendments proposent he the Justice Department her auspiel. Tlie puniliment for criminal iniringement of a mund punisie motion picture o rizit hus l'm inurrased from one year to 3 Tears fresh first offence, and from two years to seven years for pulsequent offene, * 54*in). A new subsection has been added to spet inn *; adding forfotre 304 dtryetj) of cor r ible posities for convirtion


rixht infrin Inent, within the direian of the ort. A new X iom 600 has een added wing for his mzure and forfeiture by the limiter States Gorrarrett infrinrins pptes or phonorecords, including articles or devices used to carry out tim umul infringement.

Title 11.--Thi Sunmittee adopten weries of change ferain maple her I barn.rlt of Commerce with rent to Sutions 213 0.13,21111. , and

of the Impsiga Protection Art.

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Sol of the amendmente alertel by the Senate Subommittee on Paten! Trinerk Huilt riklitsereflitr repomenute bot the Liri of in and the topirixit (lu, or use in endorsed by us. We spitally urge allery tarnav the flow. Bilet.dments

Peshebetina aguina ME juntary transfert.-W* renmend the language Datentated by the date annuitie in den 31(e) in lieu of the period ******n 140 of IR. Te new lanke is intended to establied on 4 *..11, as the prime ile that an insurary transfer of the coptrixht to toret w funt ten re****** det or jaw O pruri traditional legal not

to a dar pot para magad!!:** trid mer!81*** fpeclosures are not within the U fle* 1

11*1e lait *** *** te author LAN in one way or arbet.

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po ta affert # erneral mrvision of the coprright law. Separate original and re.

* **tryttern fe #wiwtantial financial burden on individuni authors 4*** ***bye) ountribute suall or whart works to a variety of daily newLALIM arif #pi prietenis The proposrd a torndment to vertien 4061c) *04.0 4.f.

o urine The Renter, without prejudice to her Kineral nutrito n! Xololufermatting grouping of contributions by the same individual 3. ep funt tristration quirim napvir 44 trinn --The new freshedule adopted by the Senate Son

**'na AI*** in II R71 19, intrun by Mr. Rotwrt W. Kasi namailer 11. 143 at the resident of the Lurry of ('on renk and the c ornet 1 - Brf: 41.1. it nerary to prove up iheril incrk***** in the fema lolla O

mw rutin) at riviers of the (u s of the coastalt Prisirilin hry R ow for my frforted. We str.1 urze in lusot of the th: 1 ! -, .W I

R I ked tatke this wortunity to tre **;rate* ".it 2.

T I N i11 Miteit audit:1.g pemul rr of the (purkit l 'I
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be designated by the President. In order to assure administrative propen" for implementation of the Design Protection Act, the Congress may wise ! designate the Administrator directly in the bill. The Copyright Ottice wolle willing to assume this responsibility, as the Congress or, under the prestations the President directs. Sincerely,

JOnx G. LORENZ Acting Librarian of Cungreat


Washington, D.C., &e plember 3, 18. Hon, PETER W. RODIxO, Jr., (hairman, Committee on the Judiciary, Ilouse of Representatives, Washington, D.C.

DEAR ME CHAIRMAN : This is in further reply to your request for the rieas of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration on the bill H R 93.". the general revision of the Copyright law, title 17 of the l'nited States (ade and for other purposes."

Title I of the bill provides for a general revision of the t'nited States ( not Law, title 17 of the United States (ode. Title II establishes a Dew type of property tion for original ornamental designs of useful articles, Set forth below are ments on specific provisions of the bill which would have a direct impact NASA's activities and liability.

TITLE I Gorronment Works

The proposed legislation obviates some of the ambiguities present in the cur (op right law with resmert to Government works. Sec, 105 of the bill pris ! copyright in any "work of the l'nited States Government." which is comment in Sa 101 as "a work prepared by an officer or employee of the United Stap tuppene ernant:it as part of his official duties." The present law prohibits copyrmt IL &

lication of the United States Government" isec ), but do not delete latter term. The propond legislation adequately reflects case law and routes practice within the executive branch, which have putablished that work proved by Government officers or employers as part of their otlicial duties are Grup muent publications" witnin the cupright prohibition.

See previous mopsright revision bills hare defined a Government work as De prpara by an officer or employee "within the more of his omial duties as c plon ment." The latter was co-idere objetionable because it was ambiguo sud Mbet to a much bra der interpretation. For example, it could be constries 15 probibiting koperisht even where an officer or emplos soluntarily wrote a la on his own time which was somehow related to his employment.

Sev, 16 also clarifies the right of the Government to revise and help rights transferred to it by a cignment, bequet, or otherwise, thus obviating 4.2oteranvrtaints in the current law

S PIR 3 allt h ar hanya mahimon law copyriglat protection and ertepde saloturi pright protection to published and upublisbetwork Sec, 104 and se 301). In our view the fulright prohibition of ser. 103 would apply to let 11hal and unpublished Gorernment works as this term is defined in Ser. 101

NASA is still of the view, expresin ment limitted to the comtree on personely pred legislation (***, UR. 1317. 17h ngre . 1 S. EL 1X*, that is right proto kould be available for Gorertimeat work. 10 errentlocal cirtintance* This would give NASA the opportunity to enter 11'*

?11i1e negotiations with private publishing firms in eroplonal C#*** n a New pat NASA pollentuna (pld relre the widest be distribution open gure luy tin M13(al of the National Aeronautins and Soap Act o: 12.55 Tue

tir t in or the (vernment dr**nds its abilitr to pruride turi: printen fest a t a ' l.fpe to the put her in erchange for distribution and montatarvice, 10 DOTr the rights of the Government to priatit in *10* expetational


o n la limited to a horter trial of time for inte ernier than the full term), whith mar

jent time for the publiser to regin his initial publisht) ft. A rling's, it is remmended that the ful* Jokenttone there in New 1435 la errional Ca

r isht my heard in pohlwhed work of the l'nline Comment there be of 1** operial nature of the work of the inum stans of its preparation, it is determined that onesht protection wild petult in more effective disnemnda*ion of tbe work or for other reasons wonld be in the public interest. The head of the Government agency for which the work was

Fresand strait make the determination in each case in accordance with regula. 1. Tu esintilished by an administrative officer designated by the President, and .. . a statement of the basis for its determination in each (

a b the Pored nurt **fed by such regulations,"

Itt struly urged that Nee, 105 be amended to specify that the crpyright 1 1. i fer (over at work apply only to d eatic (pyright prutyti. n.

S : 4 te drne be inserting the phrase *within the lulled States after t", "Havaliable in line 1 of Sec. 100. It is a commonly held opiniin, al. 1! * but ratablished by camp law, that the prohibition against ottaining sa 1. The Government amlipe to do

m in propriults only. That in til * 1* (puteti.rnt has copyright abrud when that write its pat irti rat I N foi that many formir mixtories to the Universal for right on

Te:'..od bonor the rups richt of the Government in their wertile ****** 01er the convention n e un'in 12 hat take the town that

f. 11.*11*nt work «antot arrip 1. ht protection anywhere. 1. 2. rationale for prohibiting richt protection for Cerernurnt **.. that Anesian taipaven have luid for these work through tar n****** 3. 'a'd stald bave a cer* to theta fruen a uright retreff The rat e

bot truire a giveaway of 1 Gorrrninett works to forrian 2* rain and foreign posprnments Mimt foreign countries provide domestic ( * 1. To'rt1.0 for publixtlets of their tertentu, ani pont of 17" rtlets are are for cops right rrxistration in the tried

* Pretatur, curt opojate, and j ar offcini deuments which are roen. tr..really unavrtchinile Among the tretients will b muud nirre *****.trx (pricht alread in wele t (uternnent works are > . **{* of tur orguliatatis JA!*** with errin (intries, turn! **

tal therety aj our balance pas neuts; (c) protetien

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