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Strawder McNeil..

2 shares Preslay Morris..

2 James Vanse.

1 Evan Stevenson.

1 Thomas Huston.

3 John McNeil..

3 -John M. Alkive.

1 Elias Pratt.....

1 William Renick, jr.

2 Josiah Renick...

1 Thomas Renick.

1 George Radcliff.

1 Elias Florence..

1 Asahel Renick..

2 Felix Renick.

2 H. P. Galloway..

1 John Boggs, sen.

1 John T. Webb..

2 Batteal Harrison..

1 A. Hegler and M. Paterson.

1 Wesley Claypooie..

1 Archibald Stewart..

1 Joseph G. White....

1 John Pancake, sen...

1 Bodkin J. Davis..

1 Charles Davis..

1 Asahel Renick and E. Pratt.

1 E, W. Gynne...

1 M. L. Sullivan.

1 Lyne Starling..

2 S. S. Denny and Wm. Renick...

2 M. McCrea, assign. to Harness Renick.

1 Jonathan Renick.

3 Francis Campbell.

1 William Renick..

1 John L. Taylor.

1 John Crouse..

1 John Foster....

1 R. R. Seymour, for W. H. Cunningham, of Virginia....

4 James Vanse, for Isaac Cunningham, of Kent'y 8

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400 800

No. of shares....



Mr. Felix Renick, and his assistants, Messrs. E. J. Harness and Josiah Renick, proceeded to England, and made a careful examination of much of the improved stock of that country, purchased from some of the most celebrated and successful breeders of cattle in England about nineteen, at various prices, consisting of bulls and cows, of the thorough-bred shorthorned Durham stock. They brought these to Ohio, and returned in time to exhibit them at the Agricultural Society of Ross county, on the 31st day of October, 1834.

This stock of English cattle was kept together, under the care of an agent, by said company, and they increased the number, by additional importations from England, until the 20th day of October, A. D. 1836; when the cattle imported, as well as the natural increase thereof since the 31st October, 1834, were sold at public auction, under regulationsadopted by the company.

The following extract, from "The Scioto Gazette of October 26, 1836," will show the names of the purchasers, and the prices the stock brought at public sale:


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Imported by the Ohio company for importing English cattle in the years 1834, 1835, and 1836, held at Indian Creek farın, the residence of Felix Renick, esq., agent of the said company, in Ross county, on the 29th day of October, 1836. The stock of the company was in fine condition, and in great demand.

Notwithstanding the high prices at which the cattle were sold, some of them exchanged owners immediately, at very considerable advances; and, for others, more than 50 per cent. on their cost was offered and refused. Reformer, a bull, not sound, sold to John T. Webb, of Ross county, O., for.

$48 Matchem, a bull, sold to Abraham Renick, of Kentucky, for • 1,200 Earl of Darlington, sold to Batteal Harrison, of Fayette county, for

710 Young Waterloo, a bull, sold to R. D. Lilley, of Highland county, 0., for.

1,250 Duke of York, a bull, sold to R. R. Seymour, of Ross county, 0., for

1,120 Experiment, a bull, sold to James M. Trimble, of Highland county, O., for.

1,150 Comet Halley, a bull, sold to R. R. Seymour, of Ross county, for

1,505 Whitaker, a bull, sold to Wm. M. Anderson, of Ross county, 0., for

855 Nimrod, a bull, sold to Elias Florence, of Pickaway county, o., for

• 1,040 Duke of Norfolk, a bull, sold to Robert Stewart, of Ross county,

O., for $1,225; afterwards sold, at private sale, to Governor
Vance and J. H. James, of Champaign county, for

1,400 Goldfinder, a bull, sold to Isaac Cunningham, of Kentucky, for - 1,095 Duke of Leeds, sold to John Crouse, jr., of Ross county, o., for 575 Windham, a bull, sold to Charles Davis, of Ross county, O., for

500 Columbus, a bull, not sound, sold to Thomas Huston, of Pickaway county, O., for

180 Davy Crockett, a bull, sold to Peter L. Ayres, of O.,


490 Snowdrop, a bull, sold to Stewart and McNiel, of Ross county, 0., for

480 Independence, a bull, sold to Hegler and Peterson, of Ross county, O., for.



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· Perry, a bull, sold to William H. Creighton, of Madison county, 0., for

400 Goliah, a bull, sold to Isaac V. Cunningham, of Scioto county, for 300 Logan, a bull, sold to Elias Florence, of Pickaway county, O., for 750 John Bull, a bull, sold to William Renick, jr., of Pickaway county, 0., for

615 Paragon, a bull, presented by the company to Felix Renick, esq.,

a their agent. Powhattan, a bull, sold to George Renick, sen., of Ross county,

0., with Flora. Rantipole, a bull, sold to Arthur Watts, of Ross county, O., for 810 Gaudy, a cow, sold to James A. Trimble, of Highland county, 0., for

985 Blossom, a cow, sold to R. R. Seymour, of Ross county, 0., for 1,000 Flora, and her calf, Powhattan, were sold to George Renick, sen., of Ross county, O., for

- 1,205 Lily of the Valley of Tees, sold to Thomas Huston, of Pickaway county, O., for. 0.

950 Matilda, sold to Arthur Watts, of Ross county, for

1,000 Calypso, a cow, sold to Strawder McNiel, of Ross county, for 325 Young Mary, and her calf, Pocahontas, were sold to Edwin J. Harness, of Ross county, for

1,500 Lady Blanch, (no proof of this cow being a breeder,) sold to Charles Davis, of Ross county, for

250 Teeswater, and her calf, Cometess, sold to John I. Van Meter, of Pike county, O., for

2,225 Duchess of Liverpool, sold to William M. Anderson, of Ross county, O., for.

570 Lady Colling, it is doubted whether this cow will ever be a breeder,) sold to John T. Webb, of Ross county, for

205 Beauty of the West, sold to Asahel Renick, of Pickaway county, 0., for

900 Lilac, sold to Elias Florence, of Pickaway county, O., for

425 Lady of the Lake, sold to R. R. Seymour, of Ross county, O., for 775 "Lady Paley, sold to Alexander Renick, of Ross county, O., for 510 Poppy, sold to Harness Renick, of Pickaway county, O., for 610 Pink, sold to William Trimble, of Highland county, O., for

575 May Flower, sold to Batteal Harrison, of Fayette county, O., for 405 Lucy, (pedigree doubtful,) sold to George Ratcliff, of Pickaway county, for

405 Moss Rose, sold to Jonathan Renick, of Pickaway county, for 1,200 Celestina, sold to T. Huston, of Pickaway county, for

930 Malina, sold to Isaac Cunningham for

1,005 Illustrious, sold to Abraham Renick. of Kentucky, for

775 "Lady Abernethy, sold to Thomas Huston, of Pickaway county, 0., for

815 Attest:


Secretary of the Ohio Importing Company. On the 1st of April, 1837, at a meeting of said company at Chillicothe, upon a settlement of the business of the company, a dividend of

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$280 per share was declared on the 92 shares of the stock of said coma pany, amounting to $25,760.

This company held their last meeting on the 15th April, 1837, and settled finally the business thereof, so far as was practicable, by ordering a second sale, which was held as follows:

The highest prices yet."

A sale of seventeen head of improved short-horned cattle, belonging to the Ohio Company, being mostly of this year's importation, and the produce of others, took place at the Sugar Grove, in this town, on Tuesday last. The attendance was numerous, comprising a larger number of actual bidders than the previous sale. Among the individuals present who are pre-eminently noted for their agricultural enterprise, were Governor Vance, Ex-Governor Trimble, the Messrs. Renick, Mr. Sullivant-and, indeed, nearly all the large farmers of this valley and the adjacent country. The bidding was, consequently, very spirited, and the prices obtained for the cattle plainly show that the kind of stock sold is rapidly advancing in public estimation. By the follow-ing list from the auctioneer's book, our brethren of the press will discover that the cattle enumerated were even more highly valued than those of the sham sale they were of late parading in their colums, copied from the "Cincinnati Gazette:"

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Acmon, three years eight months, M. L. Sullivant & Co., Columbus

$2,500 Comet Halley, five years, George Renick & Co., Chillicothe 2,500 Hazlewood, one year six months, Allen Trimble and R. R. Sey.

700 Bouncer, one year seven months, John Walke, Pickaway county, Ohio

453 Powhattan, one year nineteen days, Harness Renick, Pickaway county, 0.

500 Santa Anna, three months days, Joseph C. Vance, Ohio county, Va.



Flora, seven years six months, M. L. Sullivant, Columbus · 1,300
Matilda, six years six months, Allen Trimble, Highland county,

Fidella, seven months eighteen days, Allen Trimble, Highland

1,220 county, O.

610 Elizabeth, (and calf,) five years, J. & Wm. Vance, Champaign county, O.

1,450 Charlotte, four years seven months, Joseph G. White, Ross county, 0.

630 Arabella, (and calf,) three years seven months, Arthur Watts, Chillicothe

1,200 Blush, two years nine months, John H. James, Champaign county, 0.

- 1,015

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Emily, two years eight months, Asahel Renick, Pickaway county, 0.

875 Victoress, one year nine months, M. L. Sullivant, Columbus

700 Very great benefits have resulted to the country by the introduction of this improved English Durham stock into the State of Ohio by this company.

An improved breed of cattle throughout the State has resulted from crossing the English stock with the common stock existing at that time; and a very fine, large, and thrifty race of cattle in many parts of Ohio has been bred by this laudable enterprise. Some of their full-blood bulls and cows have been sold to farmers of the adjoining States; and thus the benefits of their importations have contributed largely to improve the stock of cattle in the western country.

Mr. George Renick, of Ross county, has bred, from a portion of the stock imported by said company, and the common cows of Ohio, a very fine race of cattle; and for the last six years, as he states, he has annually sold about 50 or 60; the average weight of which, at from three to four years old, was about 1,000 pounds net. Some of them weighed as much as 3,000 pounds, and one (older) as high as 3,400 pounds, gross.

Ex Governor Allen Trimble, of Highland county; Doctor Arthur Watts, of Ross county; M. L. Sullivant, Esq., of Franklin county-all well known as amongst the most successful farmers and stock-growers in Ohio–besides many others of this company—have contributed largely, by their skill and enterprise, to increase and diffuse the improved breed of cattle, resulting from the importations of the company, into every part of this State.

Doctor Watts, at the last agricultural exhibition in Ross county, in 1849, exhibited eight two-year old steers, averaging 1,526 pounds each; and at the State agricultural fair at Cincinnati, held in 1850, he exhibited, amongst other cattle, one four-year-old steer, (full-blood Durham,) weighing 2,550 pounds, gross; and one three-year-old steer, weighing 2,220 pounds gross. These weights are given to show the enormous weight which this Durham stock of English cattle attain at an early age when bred by skilful and intelligent farmers; and they show, also, the great value of breeding from this stock to those who are engaged in furnishing the beef markets of our country.

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