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Capehart-Kuchel amendment to S. 2938.

Statement of-

Billings, Warren, councilman, South Pasadena, Calif

Charmbury, H. B., Pennsylvania State University, State College, Pa--

Clausheide, John, smoke commissioner, Evansville, Ind..

Coleman, Irving W., solicitor, Northampton Borough, Pa.

Dalley, Austin C., chief air pollution regulation engineer, Providence,

R. I

Duane, Morris, chairman, Smoke Abatement Commission, Phila-

delphia, Pa

Greenburg, Leonard, M. D., commissioner, Department of Air Pollu-

tion Control, New York, N. Y

Hamilton, Randy, Washington director, American Municipal Associa-

Hiestand, Edgar W., a Representative in Congress from the State of


Kennedy, Harold W., county counsel, county of Los Angeles, Calif..

Kowalshyn, Russell, attorney, Northampton, Pa.

Kuchel, Thomas H., a United States Senator from the State of Cali-


LaCorte, Nicholas, mayor, Elizabeth, N. J.

Linsky, Benjamin, chief smoke inspector, Detroit, Mich..

McCabe, Dr. Louis C., Chief, Fuels and'Explosives Division, Bureau

of Mines, Department of Interior.

Meeser, George C., Nazareth, Pa..

Poulson, Norris, mayor, Los Angeles, Calif..

Roth, Charles, Nazareth, Pa..

Russo, Lucio, member, New York State Assembly

Letters, statements, resolutions, etc., submitted for the record by-

American Municipal Association, Randy H. Hamilton, director,

Washington office: Letter to chairman..

Bennett, Charles B., director of planning, city of Los Angeles, on air

pollution and housing: Statement.

Billings, Warren, councilman, South Pasadena, Calif.: Statement..


Bureau of the Budget: Letter to Housing and Home Finance Ad-

ministration on amendment.--.

Butte County (Calif.) Board of Supervisors: Resolution.

Cajon Valley (Calif.) School District, Cuyamaca School PTA, Marie

Brightwell, legislative chairman: Letter to chairman.-

California League of Cities, Los Angeles County division: Letter to

Senator Kuchel enclosing resolution.--.

California State Assembly: Joint Resolution No. 6..

Capehart, Homer E., a United States Senator from the State of


Statement on introduction of amendment.--

Summary of provisions of amendment...

Chambers, Dr. Leslie A., Public Health Service, Department of

Health, Welfare, and Education: Statement...

Charmbury, H. B., Pennsylvania State University, State College, Pa.:

Cement dust survey, Nazareth Borough, Pa..

Report on atmospheric pollution problem in and around borough

of Northampton, Pa.

Chicago, III., Department of Air Pollution Control, Thomas H. Carey,

director: Letter to chairman with enclosure.

Chico, Calif.; Robert O. Bailey, city mana er: Letter to chairman...

Cincinnati, Ohi), Department of afety, Oris E. Hamiitun, director:

Letter to chairman.

Clermont, Fla., William W. Boyd, mayor: Letter to chairman.

Covington, Ky., John J. Maloney, mayor: Statement.

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