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The money appropriated for steam-heating of other buildings, and
for changes and repairs, has been expended as follows:
For two new boilers, enlargement of boiler-house, and steam ap-

paratus for library and chemical laboratory and steam supply
pipes for two buildings......

$ 7,537.36 For change of library and new furniture.

1,217.87 For repairs of hospital (new roof)

319.58 For general repairs.....


Total agreeing with appropriation

$ 10,000.00 The remaining ten thousand dollars was added to the income fund, and the salaries of professors were restored to the schedule of earlier




In this connection we would ask that an appropriation be made for our income fund of twelve thousand dollars, as increased classes demand additional teachers and appliances, and the ten thousand dollars appropriated by the last Legislature barely sufficed for our current needs, without any increase of teaching force.

The demand, so urgently pressed two years ago, for the means where with to erect a building for the special uses of the Department of Natural Science has lost none of its force with the growth of the

Years. On the contrary, we are impelled to ask for means where

to erect two buildings. The Department of Physical Science must have enlarged, and more suitable, accommodations.

The growth of the University in the direction of study in Science is marked. In five years the number of students has trebled, with very inconsiderable increase of facilities for their proper instruction, . Students of Letters have not at all decreased, so that room heretofore oceupied by them cannot be taken to supply the need. We have utilized every possible part of the buildings we have at our command, and the cry is still for room.

Many classes are duplicated, some triplicated, to the great inconvenience of students and teachers.

The large number of high schools and academies now serving as preparatory schools are pouring in their students upon us. We must not turn them away. We cannot accommodate them as we ought, and as this great State, free from debt, is abundantly able to do.

We come, as your servants, telling you the need of your Institution, and asking you for sixty thousand dollars for two buildings.

As our request is in behalf of the Collegiate Department we submit the following table of enrollment for the past five years :

1878-9 in college classes.. 1879-80 in college classes.. 1880-1 in ege classes..

221 246 218 242 272




We ask a careful scrutiny of our needs, a thorough inspection of our use of funds, and then an appropriation, which will keep the University up to the demands which the young men and women of Iowa and surrounding States are making upon her.

In behalf of the Board of Regents of the State University of Iowa.


President. Secretary.



To the Honorable Board of Regents of the State University of Iorda:

GENTLEMEN—In presenting you the biennial report of the Institution under your fostering care, it is gratifying to present evidences of steady progress.

[blocks in formation]

The largest increase has been made in the Collegiate Department, and in this the School of Science has shown the greater relative demand for instruction.

For five years the University Collegiate Department has been or

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