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Kitchen girl. Kitchen girl. Kitchen girl. Kitchen girl. Car-man Car-man Kitchen boy. Baker Assistant baker. Wash-woman Wash-woman Wash-woman Washer-man Cook .... Waiter girl. Waiter girl. Chamber-maid Chamber-maid lroner. Ironer. Ironer. Seamstress Seamstress Farmer. Teamster. Teamster. Teamster. Teamster. Teamster. Milkman. Milkman Laborer. Laborer. Laborer. Florist.. Gardener.. Hostler . Butcher. Engineer. Fireman.. Fireman... Fireman... Stenographer. Watchman Carpenter. Painter.

$ 11 00 per month.

15 00 per month.
11 00 per month.
11 00 per month.
23 00 per month.
22 00 per month.
21 00 per month
40 00 per month.
12 00 per month.
12 00 per month.
11 00 per month.
11 00 per month
23 00 per month.
10 00 per month.
11 00 per month.
13 00 per month.
11 00 per month.
11 00 per month.
15 00 per month
11 00 per month.
10 00 per month
18 00 per month.
13 00 per month.
35 00 per month
20 00 per month.
20 00 per month.
20 00 per month.
20 00 per month.
20 00 per month.
23 00 per month
18 00 per mouth.

1 25 per day. 25 00 per month 25 00 per month. 45 00 per month. 35 00 per month 20 00 per month. 40 00 per month. 60 00 per month. 40 00 per month. 28 00 per month. 28 00 per month 25 00 per month. 31 00 per month. 2 50 per day. 2 25 per day.








Hospital for the Insane






To the Twentieth General Assembly of the State of Iowa:

Your joint committee committee charged with the duty of visiting and inquiring into the management of the Iowa Hospital for the Insane at Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, beg leave to report that they have performed their duty in accordance with the Concurrent Resolution of the Senate and House of Representatives.

Your committee would report that on the fifth day of February, 1884, they met at the Hospital for the Insane at Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, and effected an organization by electing T. J. Caldwell, chairman, and J. D. McVay, clerk, and on the same day proceeded to the work assigned them.

Your committee were charged with the following duties: To ex: amine and include in their report:

First. Whether the appropriations made by the last General Assembly, have been wisely and economically expended.

Second. Whether they have been expended for the objects appropriated.

Third. Whether chapter 67 of the acts of the Seventeenth General Assembly, has been complied with, in not contracting indebtedness in excess of appropriations.

Fourth. Whether there has been any diversion of any money, from the specific purpose for which it was drawn from the State treasury.

Fifth. Said committee shall also report the names and number of persons employed by the institution, for what purpose employed and at what salary. Also, whether any of the employes receive or have received, anything in addition to the salary, in the way of board, rooms, lights, fuel, or clothing, or anything else at the expense of the State.

Sixth. Said committee shall specially examine and report, as to the sufficiency of the means of fire escape in case of fire, and also as to the protection against fire.

Your committee would most respectfully submit the following report of their visit and examinations:

We began by visiting the Hospital in the official capacity of a visiting committee. We examined the books, records and vouchers connected with the financial management of the Hospital, and gave the hospital buildings and grounds a thorough inspection.

Your committee are disposed to concur in the opinion of the Joint Committee of the Nineteenth General Assembly, that a careful inspection discloses the fact, that the foundation, upon which the hospital building rests, is imperfect. The sub-basement walls of the main building, have been partially replaced, during the biennial period between the Eighteenth and Nineteenth General Assemblies, by a new foundation, under the supervision of the late Superintendent, Dr. Ranney, and your committee find the work done in a good, substantial and workman-like manner. But the work is not comple: ted, and your committee would recommend a further appropriation for the completion of the same.

The offices of superintendent, steward, physicians and ssistant physicians, and apothecary store-rooms are located on the first floor of the Hospital. The wards for the patients, are in the east and west wings of the main building. The laundry, store-room and bakery are situated in the rear center building. The laundry is provided with all the necessary machinery except washing machines.

Your committee also visited the minor buildings, connected with the Hospital, such as, barn, ice-house, smoke-house, carpenter and blacksmith shops. The barn and wagon-house we find sufficient for the wants of the Hospital, there being barn room enough for the stock upon the hospital farm, except a shed for cattle and piggery for hogs. The shed for cattle was destroyed by the cyclone in june, 1882. The ice-house and house for storing meat and fish, were in good condition, the ice-house being filled with ice. We found a

efficient corps of medical assistants, who are at: tentive to the wants of the patients. The Superintendent, Dr. Gil man, in the opinion of your committee, is peculiarly adapted to the arduous duties devolving upon him, as the chief executive and med ical officer of the Institution, having had large experience in the care


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