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Trade agreements:
Agreements whereby air transportation is exchanged for services or goods for

advertising purposes, 14 Part 225
Cuba; exemptions from certain customs duties, pursuant to trade agreement

with, 19 $ 16.23
Injury to domestic producers; investigations by Tariff Commission:

Dumping injury, 19 Part 208

Injury resulting from trade-agreement concessions, 19 Part 207
Presentation of views respecting, to Committee for Reciprocity Information,

15 Parts 701, 702, 703, 704
Products on which tariff concessions will be considered in trade-agreement

negotiations; investigations by Tariff Commission with respect to, 19

Part 206
Trade fairs:

Customs regulations. See Customs Bureau.

Goods imported for; export licenses, 15 § 371.16
Trade, foreign:

See also Exports; and Transports.
Foreign trade statistics; regulations of Census Bureau, 15 Part 30
Foreign-trade zones. See Foreign-trade zones.
Services in connection with, to be performed for American businessmen and

organizations, by Foreign Service officers, 22 § 106.3
Statistical studies relating to domestic and foreign trade, 15 Part 1
Trade agreements. See Trade agreements.
Trade territory, authorized; foreign assets control regulations respecting:

Authorization of certain transactions with members of, 31 $ 500.512
Definition, 31 $ 500.322

Licensing of certain unblocked nationals in, 31 $ 500.506
Treaty traders, admission to United States; immigration regulations, 8 Part 214e
Trade and industrial education, use of Federal funds for, under Federal Vocational

Education Acts; regulations respecting, 45 $ $ 102.155, 102.207
Trade-marks and trade names:
Blocked trade-marks; authorization of certain transactions in connection with;

foreign assets control regulations, 31 $ $ 500.527, 500.528
Cancellation of registration of trade-marks not conforming to requirements

of Trade Mark Act of 1946, 16 $$ 1.101–1.104
Customs regulations respecting recording and protection of trade-marks and

trade names; detention, seizure, exportation and release of merchandise,

19 $$ 11.14-11.17
Foreign-owned trade-mark property:
Licensing of transactions in, 8 $ 507.52

Bulgaria, Hungary, Rumania, 8 § 507.50

Germany, 8 $ 507.46
Royalties, 8 § 510.46
General regulations respecting trade-marks; applications, forms, etc. See

Patent Office.
Wrongfully claiming or appropriating trade name or trade-mark; cease and

desist orders, 16 $$ 13.295, 13.335
Trade pamphlet binding industry, New York City trade area; trade practice confer-

ence rules, 16 Part 179
Trade practices:
Cease and desist orders to various firms engaged in unfair trade practices. See

Federal Trade Commission.
Restraint of trade agreements between foreign producers and importers in

United States; special customs duties on articles imported under agree-

ments, 19 $ 16.25
Trade practice conference rules, for various industries. See Federal Trade Com-

Unfair trade practices, in import trade:

Customs entry of certain merchandise, 19 $ 12.39

Investigations by Tariff Commission, 19 Part 203
Traders, Indian; licensing, etc., 25 Parts 276, 277
Trading in commodities or securities, on exchanges

Agricultural commodities. See Commodity Exchange Authority.
Securities. See Securities and Exchange Commission.

Trading with the Enemy Act:
Alien property vested in Attorney General, etc.; regulations respecting, 8

$ $ 502.2 (a), 505.1 (a) (3), 505.50, 508.2, 508.3
Taxes under Act on alien property vested in Attorney General, 26 Part 452
Customs regulations under Act, respecting communications, 19 Part 52

Transportation of persons subject to Act; licensing, 22 Part 80
Trading with Indians; licensed traders, regulations respecting, 25 Parts 276, 277
Traffic control, airway and airport:

Grants to citizens of other American Republics for training in, 14 Part 450
Traffic patterns, for certain airports (Alaska, New York, and Washington, D. C.),

14 $$ 60.18—3—60.18-7
Traffic rules for aircraft; civil air regulations, 14 Part 60
Washington National Airport; take-off and landing, radio contact, etc., 14

88 570.41, 570.57
Traffic control systems, for railroads; standards, inspections, etc., 49 $$ 136.401-

Traffic and parking regulations, public buildings and grounds, 45 $$ 100.11, 100.21-

Trailers. See Motor vehicles.
Train-control sytems, railroad; regulations respecting train stop and train control

systems, 49 88 136.501-136.590
Training and trainees:

See also Education and training.
Alien trainees coming to United States as temporary visitors; documentation,

22 $ 42.100
Army Reserve Oficers, training. See Army Department.
Citizens of other American Republics; grants for training in various fields. See

main heading Fellowships and training grants.
Cultural-cooperation program, payments to participants (United States or

foreign students or leaders) in, 22 Part 65
Defense manpower policy respecting, 32A Chapter I, DMP 5, DMP 8
Filipinos; training programs of Public Health Service under, 42 Part 62
Grants for. See Fellowships and training grants.
Hospitals, Government; maximum stipends for positions filled by student or

resident trainees, 5 Part 27
Maritime academies, training in. See Coast Guard; and Maritime Administra-

Nautical school ships, training on. See Coast Guard.
Public health methods, training in; fellowships, internships, etc.:

Commissioned officers, 42 $ $ 21.201–21.204
Fellowships, 42 Part 61

Filipinos, 42 Part 62
Veterans; vocational training, etc. See Veterans Administration.
Trains. See Railroads.
Tramroads, rights-of-way for, over public lands, 43 88 244.52, 244.53

In Alaska, 43 88 74.1–74.21
Transfer of merchandise in customs warehouses:

From one foreign-trade zone to another, 19 $ 30.17

From one warehouse to another, 19 $ 19.9

See also Electrical machinery, equipment, etc.
Export control, 15 § 399.1 (Group 7)
Testing of transformers, current, voltage, etc.; test fee schedules, 15 $8 201.309,

201.310, 201.312
Transistors; priority orders, 32A Chapter VI, M-17
Transit aliens; admission, documentation, etc., 8 Part 214c; 22 $$ 41.50–41.52
Transit public utility (motor carrier) radio service, 47 $ $ 16.251-16.257
Transit shipments. See Shipping, shipments.
Transmission (power), variable speed; export control, 15 $ 399.2, Interpretation 11
Transmission lines:

Electric energy. See Electric utilities, companies, projects, etc.
Rights-of-way over public lands for power lines, etc., 43 $$ 74.24–74.27, 103.5,

244.39–244.47, 244.69
Telephone and telegraph. See Telegraph and telephone communications, car-

riers, etc.

Transportation of persons, property, mail, etc.:

See also Shipping.
Aircraft and air carriers, transportation by:
Air carriers; civil air regulations and economic regulations. See Civil

Aeronautics Board.
Military and naval aircraft, 32 Parts 31, 32, 33
Aliens entering United States, responsibilities of transportation lines in con-

nection with; immigration regulations. See Immigration and Natural-

ization Service
Animals, meat, meat products and poultry; interstate and foreign transporta-

tion. See Agriculture Department.
China, or North Korea; transportation of certain merchandise of Chinese or

North Korean origin, foreign assets control regulations, 31 $ 500.538
Civil defense measures respecting:
Attack conditions, transportation in event of; policy and responsibilities

respecting, 32A Chapter I, DMO VI-2
Industry advisory committees for transport mobilization; appointment and

operation, 32A Chapter VIII, AO DTA 3
Transportation, storage, and port facilities; delegation of authority from

Director of Office of Defense Mobilization to Interstate Commerce
Commissioner in charge of car service functions respecting prepared-
ness measures, information respecting supplies and requirements, etc.,

32A Chapter I, DMO 1-15, DMO VII-5
Customs regulations for transportation of merchandise in bond. See Customs

Enemy nation cr ally-of-enemy nation, transportation of citizen or subject

of, 22 Part 80; 28 Part 30
Excise tax on transportation of persons or property; excise tax regulations:

Persons, 26 $$ 130.50-130.64

Property, 26 Part 143
Explosives or other dangerous articles, transportation of:

By rail or motor carriers, etc. See Interstate Commerce Commission.

By vessels. See Coast Guard.
Free transportation, by various carriers:
Air carriers; free transportation of postal employees or safety inspectors,

etc., 14 Parts 223, 224, 233
By rail or motor carriers; passes and free transportation:
Caretakers, free transportation in connection with transportation of

property, 49 $ $ 101.17, 141.60, 145.60, 147.32
Motor carriers, 49 Part 201

Rail and water carriers, 49 Part 101
Gold, transportation by carriers, conditions for; regulations of Monetary

Offices, Treasury Department, 31 $ 54.13
Government property, transportation of:
Bills of lading, vouchers, etc., 4 Parts 8, 9
Motor carrier charges on household goods stored in transit at des-

tination for Department of Defense, 4 8.10
Government Losses in Shipping Act, insurance under. See main heading

Government Losses in Shipment Act.
Government requests for transportation of passengers; vouchers, etc., 4 Parts 7,9
Mails, transportation of:

By air carriers; economic regulations. See Civil Aeronautics Board.

Postal regulations. See Post Office Department.
Maritime carriers. See Coast Guard; and Maritime Administration.
Military freight, transportation by railroads; loading rules, test loadings and

shipments, 32 Part 35
Military personnel, household goods of; transportation by motor carriers and

freight forwarders, 32 Parts 36, 38
Motor carriers, transportation by. See Interstate Commerce Commission.
Organisms and vectors; interstate transportation, 9 Part 122
Puerto Rico transportation industries; minimum wage orders for workers in,

29 Parts 671, 692
Radio service, for land transportation services (motor carrier, railroad, taxi-

cab, etc.). See Federal Communications Commission.
Railroad Retirement beneficiaries; free transportation to individuals receiving

railroad annuities or pensions under Railroad Retirement Act, 20 & 262.10

Transportation of persons, property, mail, etc.-Continued

Railroads, transportation by. See Interstate Commerce Commission.
Relief supplies for foreign countries; ocean shipment of, 22 Part 202; 46 Part 243
Surplus transportation facilities or property, disposal of:

Approval of regulatory agencies, 44 § 101.62 (b)

In foreign areas, 44 $ 308.11
United States bonds and notes, transportation charges and risks on; general

regulations of Public Debt Bureau, Treasury Department, 31 $ 306.4
Transportation, Under Secretary of Commerce for; restrictions on shipping to

Communist China, Hong Kong, and Macao. See Commerce Department.
Trapping and hunting of certain game animals and game or migratory birds.

See Alaska Game Commission; and Fish and Wildlife Service.
Travel, of various persons:

See also Transportation of persons, property, mail, etc.
Enemy aliens, travel and other conduct of, 22 Part 80; 28 Part 30
Federal employees, travel time for return of, to United States; civil service

leave regulations, 5 $ 30.802
Foreign and interstate quarantine regulations. See Public Health Service.
Military aircraft, travel on, 32 Parts 31, 32, 33
Passports and other travel documents, of aliens or American nationals. See

State Department.
Selective Service registrants; travel and subsistence, expenditures for, 32

$$ 1609.41-1609.45
Trading with the Enemy Act, travel of persons subject to, 22 Part 80
Treason. See Security programs.
Treasonable matter, mailing of, prohibited, 39 $ 14.7
Treasurer of United States, Office of. See Treasury Department.
Treasury bills, bonds, notes. See United States Government obligations.
Treasury Department:
See Coast Guard.

Comptroller of the Currency.
Customs Bureau.
Internal Revenue Service.

Narcotics Bureau.
Accounts Bureau. See Fiscal Service.
Agency of Department with respect to certain securities:
Federal Home Loan Bank Board and Federal Home Loan Banks, agent of,

to administer regulations respecting certain transactions in Federal

Home Loan Bank bonds, 24 § 106.5
Federal Housing Administration, agent of, with respect to Mutual Mortgage

Insurance Fund and Housing Insurance Fund debentures, 24 $ $ 271.2,

271.5; 31 $ 337.0
Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation, agent for, with respect

to transactions and operations in securities, 24 $ $ 166.2–166.4
Assay offices:

Charges at, 31 Part 90

Delivery of gold to, 31 $ 53.1
Attorneys and agents; practice before Department, 31 Part 10
Banking regulations, during emergency of 1933. See Monetary Offices.
Bearer securities, restrictive endorsement of; regulations of Public Debt Bureau,

31 Part 328
Bills, Treasury; regulations of Public Debt Bureau respecting. See Fiscal

Blocked property of designated countries (China and North Korea), transactions

involving; prohibitions, licenses, reporting, etc. See Foreign assets control.
Bonds, Government:
Deposits of public moneys received for subscriptions to; regulations of Ac-

counts Bureau. See Fiscal Service.
Issue and offering of bonds etc.; regulations of Public Debt Bureau. See

Fiscal Service.
Reproductions or illustrations of bonds, film recordation, counterfeit bonds,

etc. See Secret Service,
Certificates of indebtedness, issuance of; regulations of Public Debt Bureau re-

specting. See Fiscal Service.



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Treasury DepartmentContinued
Certification to Department by Commissioner of Social Security, with respect

to certain matters:
Mailings by State employment agencies; certification for payment to Post

Office Department, 20 $ 601.8
State laws; certification for purposes of normal tax credit, 20 $ $ 601.2, 601.4,

Checks drawn against funds of United States:
Film recordation of, by banking institutions; regulations of Secret Service

31 $ 404.1
Regulations of Accounts Bureau, and of Treasurer of United States. See

under Fiscal Service.
Admiralty and maritime claims, for damage caused by Coast Guard vessels,

31 $$ 3.70–3.76
Checks, lost or stolen, and paid on forged endorsements, claims for; regu-

lations of Treasurer of United States, 31 Part 359
Coast Guard claims, 31 $ $ 3.40–3.49
Compromise of claims, 31 Part 240
Government Losses in Shipment Act, claims for replacements of valuables

or value thereof; regulations of Accounts Bureau, 31 Part 261
Mexico, claims against; payments in connection with, 31 Part 254
Under Federal Tort Claims Act, Small Claims Act, etc., regulations re-

specting, 31 Part 3
Coinage mints, location of, 31 Part 90, note

See also counterfeit coins, obligations, securities, etc.
Gold, silver, etc., issuance of; procedures of Mint Bureau. See Monetary

Mutilated coins, exchange of, 31 $$ 100.10–100.15
Proof coins, manufacture of, 31 $ 92.25

Uncirculated coins; distribution for collection purposes, 31 $ 361.0
Committee on Practice; procedures, etc. See Office of Secretary.
Compromise of claims against United States; regulations of Accounts Bureau,

31 Part 240
Counterfeit coins, obligations, securities, etc.:
Counterfeit notes and coins received by officers charged with receipt of

public moneys, marking and disposition of, 31 $$ 100.19, 100.20
Delivery to Treasury Department, 31 § 403.1

Seizure and forfeiture of vessels, vehicles, etc., transporting, 31 Part 401
Currency, exchange, export, etc.; regulations respecting. See Monetary Offices.
Customshouse brokers, licensing of, etc., 31 $ $ 10.5, 11.1-11.14
Deposits for credit to account of Treasurer of United States; regulations of

Accounts Bureau. See Fiscal Service.
Director of Practice, established in Internal Revenue Service, 31 Part 14
Disbursing officers of United States:
Counterfeit coins, securities and other obligations; delivery to Treasury

Department, 31 $ 403.1
Public moneys, functions respecting; regulations of Accounts Bureau, 31

Parts 208, 209, 210
Federal Reserve banks; functions in connection with moneys, checks, securi-

ties, etc.:
Banking regulations of 1933 et seq., exclusion of Federal Reserve banks from

scope of, 31 $ 120.7
Checks or warrants drawn against United States, payment of, 31 $$ 202.25,

Deposits for credit to account of Treasurer; collection and credit, etc., 31

$$ 202.11–202.14, 203.2, 203.11, 203.18, 203.21, 209.5
Disbursing officers, unexpended balances of, deposit with Treasurer or Fed-

eral Reserve bank, 31 $ 209.5
Exchange of paper currency and coins, 31 $$ 100.17, 100.18
Fiscal agent of United States, in connection with issue, payment, etc., of

United States securities, 31 $$ 306.1, 308.1, 309.7, 309.13, 315.12, 316.10,
321.14, 321.15, 321.18, 322.3, 325.13, 325.14, 325.18, 327.26, 328.2, 330.2,
330.9, 331.29, 334.32, 335.31, 337.7

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