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Sun glasses. See Glasses and lenses.
Sunflower seeds:

See also Seeds.
Inspection, standards, labeling, etc., for agricultural seeds, 7 Parts 68, 201

Warehouses, 7 Part 102
Sunrise and sunset time, definition of:

For air traffic purposes, 14 8 60.60

For radio broadcast purposes, 47 $ $ 3.8, 3.79
Superior National Forest, Minnesota; Superior Roadless Area, Little Indian Sioux

Roadless Area, and Caribou Roadless Area, operation, landing, etc., of aircraft

within, 36 88 251.26-251.31
Suppliers, sellers', controlling unfairly; cease and desist orders, 16 & 13.535
Supplies and equipment:

For aircraft and vessels; regulations respecting. See Aircraft; and Vessels.
Furnishing of supplies to various carriers (rail, motor, water, etc.); bids for,

49 Parts 8, 320
Procurement of, by Government agencies. See Procurement.
Supplies or service, of competitors or others, cutting off unfairly; cease and desist

orders, 16 88 13.610–13.660
Supreme Court:

See also Courts.
Distribution to, of United States Government Organization Manual, 1 $ 3.24
Organizational statement, publication of, in United States Government Organi-

zation Manual, 1 $$ 3.7, 3.18
Surety bonds; for various employees, etc.:

Army disbursing officers, 32 $8 531.1, 531.2
Bonding companies authorized to transact fidelity and surety insurance busi-

ness on behalf of Government; regulations of Accounts Bureau, Treasury

Department, 31 Parts 220–226
Carriers (rail, motor, etc.); surety bonds and insurance policies required of

motor carriers and rail freight forwarders, 49 Parts 174, 405
Federal home loan banks or Federal savings and loan associations, surety

bonds for officers and employees of, 24 $ $ 124.7, 145.12, 163.19, 163.20
Immigration bonds, sureties on; immigration regulations, 8 Part 3
Premium rates on fidelity bonds transacted on behalf of United States, to be

stated on face of bonds; regulations of Accounts Bureau, Treasury Depart-

ment, 31 $ 220.1
Registered management investment companies, bonding of officers and

employees of; regulations under Investment Company Act of 1940;

17 8 270.17g-1
Surgeons. See Physicians and surgeons.
Surgical instruments and apparatus industry; minimum wage determinations for

per ons employed on public contracts, 41 § 202.48
Surplus labor;

See also Labor.
Procurement in areas of current or imminent labor surplus, 32A Chapter I,

Surplus materials, acquired under Defense Production Act; defense mobilization

policy respecting, 32A Chapter I, DMO V-3
Surplus or excess Government property:
Disposal of:
Agricultural or food commodities:
Food commodities acquired through price support operations, disposal

of, 6 Parts 402, 501
Sales of surplus agricultural commodities for foreign currencies, 7

Part 11
Aircraft, plants, facilities, etc., in foreign areas; State Department regula-

tions, 44 88 308.11, 308.12
Educational or public health purposes, 44 $ $ 55.35–55.38, 101.54; 45 Parts

12, 13
Excess personal and real property; regulations respecting disposal. See

General Services Administration.
Foreign areas, surplus property in:
Administration of foreign currencies and credits in connection with;

regulations of Accounts Bureau, Treasury Department, 31 Part 280
State Department regulations respecting, 44 Part 308

Surplus or excess Government property-Continued
Disposal of-Continued
Furniture, Government-owned, in war housing projects; disposition to

tenants, 24 $ 340.6
Navy Department regulations, respecting disposal of property, 32 Part 736
Foreign currencies, sales of surplus property for, 44 $ 308.16

Agricultural commodities, 7 Part 11
Importation into United States of nonagricultural property sold abroad by

Government or agencies (before or after July 1, 1949), 44 Part 401
Industrial property, excess, subject to National Reserve Act of 1948, designation,

maintenance, transfer, etc., 32 Part 145
Military aircraft, surplus, in civilian use; airworthiness, etc., 14 Part 9

Repurchase of former surplus property, 32 $ 606.601
Surveyors' instruments; test fee schedules, 15 § 202.406
Surveys of public lands; regulations respecting, 43 Parts 78, 280, 281
Survival plan projects. See Civil defense.
Of old-age pension beneficiaries, benefits to. See Old Age and Survivors

Insurance Bureau.
Of railroad employees; benefits to:
Under old-age and survivors insurance program, 20 $$ 403.1101-403.1104,

Under Railroad Retirement Act. See Railroad Retirement Board.
Of veterans:

Claims of dependents and beneficiaries, 38 Part 4

Social security benefits to, 20 $ $ 403.1001-403.1007, 404.1301-404.1362
Swamp lands, public; grants to States, 43 Part 271
Sweater industry. See Knitted wear industries.
Sweden; income taxation pursuant to convention with, 26 $$ 7.200–7.218
Sweeteners, artificial (dulcin and P-4000), use in food and drugs; notice to manu-

facturers, 21 $ 3.14

Definitions and standards of identity for canned sweetpotatoes, 21 $ 51.990
Parity prices, 7 Part 5
Plant quarantine notices, for sweetpotatoes from Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and

Virgin Islands, or foreign countries, 7 $ $ 301.30, 301.30a, 319.29

Canned sweetpotatoes, 7 $ $ 52.2041-52.2056

Fresh sweetpotatoes, for processing, 7 $ $ 51.1600-51.1696
Swimming or bathing, in national parks, reservoir areas, etc.:
In national parks, monuments, etc.:

General rules and regulations, 36 $$ 1.6, 6.5

Hot Springs, 36 Part 21
In national recreation areas, 36 $ 2.7

In reservoir areas, 36 $$ 311.5, 322.5, 323.5, 324.4
Swine. See Livestock.
Swiss chard, canned; definitions and standards of identity, 21 $ 51.990
Swiss Confederation. See Switzerland.
Switching companies; reports, 49 $ 120.12

Exportations to, 15 § 373.67
Income taxation pursuant to treaty or tax conventions with, 26 $$ 7.300–7.309;

26 (1954) Part 509
Synthetic fibers and manufactures; British Token Import Plan, export of artificial

silk fabrics to United Kingdom under, 15 § 361.13


Tack, cut, industry; trade practice conference rules, 16 Part 50
Tag industry; minimum wage determinations for persons employed on public

contracts, 41 $ 202.22
Talent fees; defining and delimiting term as used in Fair Labor Standards Act,

29 Part 550
Tangerines (citrus fruit). See Fruits and berries.

Tank cars or tank trucks; shipping of explosives or other dangerous articles by:
Packing and shipping regulations respecting. See Interstate Commerce

Tank cars or tank trucks, loaded with explosive or other dangerous liquids, and

transported aboard vessels, 46 $$ 146.07-3, 146.07–5, 146.08–3, 146.08–7,

146.28–7, 146.28-13
Tank vessels:

See also Vessels.
Operation, inspection, etc., regulations respecting. See Coast Guard.
Special provisions affecting:

Flame arresters; specifications, 46 $ 162.016
Relief valves; specifications, 46 $ 162.017
Seamen; manning requirements, 46 § 157.30-5
Transportation of inflammable or combustible liquids:

Liquefied petroleum gas, 46 Part 38

Liquids having lethal characteristics, 46 Part 39
Tanks, implements of war, etc.; manufacture, importation or exportation, 22 Part 75
Tantalum, ores, semifabricated forms, etc.; export control, 15 g 399.1 (Groups 6, 8)
Tantalum-columbium; purchase program, 32 A Chapter XIV, Regulation 10
Tapes, measuring; test fee schedules, 15 $$ 202.404–202.406
Target areas. See Civil defense.
Target practice and training, Army Department regulations respecting promotion

of rifle practice by schools, clubs, etc., 32 Part 543
Tariff acts; answering inquiries regarding, by consular officers, 22 $ 114.4
Tariff classification of prospective imports; liquidation of customs duties, 19 § 16.10a
Tariff Commission representatives abroad, assistance to, by consular officers, 22

§ 114.6

Tariff Commission, United States:
Investigations as to various matters:

See also Rules of general application.
Agricultural program, effects of imports on, 19 Part 204
Costs of production, 19 Part 202
Dumping injury to domestic industry, 19 Part 208
Philippine articles, quotas on, 19 Part 205
Tariff concessions in trade-agreement negotiations:

Injury to domestic producers resulting from, 19 Part 207

Products on which possible concessions will be considered, 19 Part 206
Unfair practices in import trade, 19 Part 203
Rules of general application, respecting hearings and investigations, etc., 19

Part 201
Information and records, 19 $8 201.5–201.7

Confidential information, 19 & 201.6
Service of process, 19 $ 201,19

Fees and mileage, 19 $ 201.16

Witnesses and subpenas, 19 g 201.15
Tariffs of rates, fees, etc.:

Air carriers; tariffs of rates, etc., 14 Parts 221, 222, 224, 233
Electric power or natural gas companies, tariffs of; regulations under Federal

Power Act or Natural Gas Act. See Federal Power Commission.
Maritime carriers, tariffs and schedules of, 46 Parts 231, 235, 236
Radiocommunication services, fixed, public; filing of tariffs by, 47 $ 6.35
Railroads, motor carriers, express companies, etc.; freight and passenger tariffs

schedules. See Interstate Commerce Commission.
Telephone and telegraph common carriers, tariffs of, 47 Part 61

Rules of practice respecting, 47 $$ 1.523, 1.541, 1.590
United States Foreign Service fees, tariff of, to be charged for official services,

22 $ 103.1
Task Force, Central, on Post-Attack Industrial Rehabilitation; termination, 32A

Chapter I, DMO VII-8
Tax amortization for construction of emergency facilities. See Emergency facilities.

Tax Court of United States:
Forms, 26 Part 702

Application for order to take depositions, 26 $$ 702.5, 702.5a
Application for subpena, 26 $ 702.3
Approved collateral, 26 $ 702.8

In renegotiation cases, 26 $ 702.8b
Bond with corporate surety, 26 $ 702.7
Certificate on return of deposition, 26 $ 702.6
Petition, 26 $$ 702.2, 702.8a
Power of attorney and agreement:

By corporation, 26 702.8c

By individuals, 26 $ 702.8d
Subpena, 26 $$ 702.3, 702.4
Renegotiation of contracts:

Bond to stay execution of order of Renegotiation Board, 26 § 701.65
Procedure, 26 $ 701.64
Review of renegotiation procedure:

Under Renegotiation Act of 1948, 32 $ $ 1422.281–1422.281-3

Under Renegotiation Act of 1951, 32 Part 1476
Rules of practice; rules prescribed for proceedings of Court and its Divisions, in

income, excess profits, estate, gift, etc., tax cases, and contract renegotiation

cases, 26 Part 701
Tax-exempt organizations (charitable, religious, etc.); income and excess profits

taxes regulations. See Internal Revenue Service.
Tax liens, Federal, release of, etc. See Internal Revenue Service.
Tax moneys_(employment tax and income tax withheld on wages), deposit with

Federal Reserve Banks and depositary banks, 26 $ 402.607a, 406.606, 411.606a;

31 Part 213
Taxes, Federal, State, and local:

Armed services procurement regulations, 32 Parts 11, 600
Canal Zone, taxes on drugs or narcotics in, 35 $ 16.3
Customs regulations with respect to excise taxes. See Customs Bureau.
Deposit with Federal Reserve banks and depositary banks, of income taxes with-

held on wages, 31 Parts 212, 213
Employment taxes, regulations respecting. See Internal Revenue Service.
Estate and gift taxes, regulations respecting. See Internal Revenue Service.
Excise taxes on various articles (liquors, distilled spirits, playing cards, tobacco

and products, etc.). See Internal Revenue Service.
Federal agencies, exemption from excise and sales taxes, 4 Part 10
Foreign countries, treaties with, taxation under. See Treaties and tax conven-

Income taxes, regulations respecting. See Internal Revenue Service.
Inspection of tax returns, by certain Government agencies, Congressional com-

mittees, etc. See Internal Revenue Service.
Marihuana tax, application of, to Virgin Islands, 48 Part 10
Naval Reserve officers; taxability of certain pay and allowances, 32 $ 711.708
Railroad annuity or pension, exemption from income tax; regulations under

Railroad Retirement Act, 20 $ 262.5
Renegotiation of contracts, effect of, upon contractors' Federal income tax, 32

Parts 1424, 1462
Sales taxes, State and local, exemption of Federal agencies from; tax exemp-

tion certificates, 4 Part 10
Treaties and tax conventions with foreign countries, taxes pursuant to. See

Internal Revenue Service.
Unemployment insurance, tax credit for contributions to, by employers; certifi-

cation of State laws for tax credit purposes, 20 88 601.2, 601.4
United States securities, Federal, State, and local taxation of, provisions respect-

ing, in offering; regulations of Public Debt Bureau. See Treasury Department.
Vessels, taxes in connection with:
Income tax liability of citizens who have established construction reserve

funds for vessels under subsidy agreements, 46 $$ 287.16–287.27
Tonnage taxes, 19 $$ 4.20–4.24
Special tonnage taxes, exemptions for vessels of Germany, Israel,

Japan, Korea, Morocco, Pakistan, and Union of South Africa; cus-
toms regulations, 19 $ 4.22


See also Motor vehicles and motor carriers.
Drivers, employees of motor carriers, exemption from wages and hours provi-

sions of Fair Labor Standards Act, 29 $ 782,3
Operators; enforcement policy concerning performance of non-exempt work

under Fair Labor Standards Act, 29 $ 786.200
Radio service, taxicab, 47 $$ 16.401-16.404

Foreign trade statistics respecting, 15 § 30.23
Government contracts for; regular dealers in tea, definition, 41 g 201.101 (b) (9)
Importation of:
Customs entry:

Examination for customs purpose, 19 $ 12.33
In baggage, for personal use, 19 $ 10.21 (k)

Invoices, 19 $ 8.15
Enforcement of Tea Importation Act; regulations respecting standards,

tests and samples, customs custody and examination, etc., 21 Part 281
Technical- and cultural-cooperation program, between United States and other

American Republics, for training and education of students and leaders:
See also Fellowships and training grants.

Regulations respecting, 22 Parts 65, 66
Technical data or information:
Export control, 15 Part 385

Arms, etc., data respecting, 22 $$ 75.110–75.160
Exportations by mail, 39 Parts 172, 173

Safeguarding of technical military information. See Information.
Technical observers accompanying United States Army forces in field; regulations

respecting, 32 Part 515
Technical, professional, or scientific positions:
Appointment of technical and professional specialists in Air Force Reserve,

32 SS 861.701-861.730
In Federal service, formal education requirements for; various positions listed,

5 Part 24
Teeth, artificial. See Dentures.
Telecommunications Planning Committee, reestablishment, 32A Chapter I, DMO

Telephone and telegraph communications, carriers, facilities, etc.:

Accounts, tariffs, reports, etc. See Federal Communications Commission.
Aircraft operations, international or overseas, telegraph messages pertaining

to; types of messages acceptable for transmission by Civil Aeronautics

Administration communications stations, 14 Part 612
Alaska, telephone and telegraph lines in, operation of; authority of Secretary of

Interior respecting, 48 $ 5.1
Army Department; payments for telephone and telegraph service, 32 $ $ 535.18-

Employees of telephone and telegraph companies:

Classification of employees, 47 Parts 51, 52
Merged telegraph carriers, employees of; enforcement of rights, privileges,

and immunities under section 222 (f) of Communications Act of 1934
(Telegraph Merger Act), regulations of National Labor Relations

Board, 29 $ $ 101.2–101.15, 102.91
Wages and hours:
Contract telegraph agencies; exemption from minimum wage provi-

sions of Fair Labor Standards Act, 29 8 779.26
Learners, in independent telephone industry; employment at below

minimum wages, 29 $$ 522.70-522.74
Minimum wage orders:

For workers in Puerto Rico, 29 Part 671

For workers in Virgin Islands, 29 Part 694
Switchboard operators; exemption from wages and hours provisions of

Fair Labor Standards Act, 29 $ 786.100
Excise tax on telephone and telegraph communications services; excise tax

regulations, 26 $$ 130.30–130.47, 130.70-130.79
Franks, telephone and telegraph; communications common carrier regulations

respecting, 47 Part 41

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